Telugu Typing Using English Keyboard

BarahaUnicode 10 5 Baraha Software 

Baraha breaks the keyboard barrier for Indian languages by using a phonetic keyboard in which any Indian language word may be typed using the standard English keyboard. Baraha user doesn't feel any discomfort when he switches between typing Indian language text and English. In fact, writing in Baraha is as simple and easy as writing our names. Free download of BarahaUnicode 10 5, size 7.44 Mb.


Typing Assistant (English) 6.0 Sumit Software 

Typing Assistant (English) provides a helpful assistant that can recognize and automatically complete our most frequently used words, thus saving us much precious time. This utility can also complete long sentences. We can enter full phrases by pressing a predefined hotkey or by entering some first characters.. Free download of Typing Assistant (English) 6.0, size 3.68 Mb.

WinTranslit 1.0 Wintranslit 

Windows application as transliteration tool. Type in Russian, Ukrainian, Greek, Hebrew and Hindi using English keyboard.

WinTranslit 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of WinTranslit 1.0, size 0 b.

Sinhala Unicode Typing Master 1.0 Siunicodejs 

A tool for typing Sinhala text using standard QWERTY English keyboard. It allows typing Sinhala in "Singlish", Could be extended to other languages.

Sinhala Unicode Typing Master 1.0 License - Apache License V2.0; GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Sinhala Unicode Typing Master 1.0, size 0 b.

Adaptive Typing Tutor 1.0 

Program enables the user to study touch typing in English (QWERTY keyboard) and Bulgarian (BDS keyboard). It can be expanded with training materials for touch typing in different languages and keyboards.. Freeware download of Adaptive Typing Tutor 1.0, size 13.11 Mb.

Persian (Phonetic) jahanshiri 

Persian phonetic keyboard is for those interested to profit from their skill in typing with the English keyboard (or similar keyboards such as French and German) to type in Persian much faster.Regarding sounds having several characters in the Persian script (e.g. S's, Z's), the most frequent character is available on the normal state of. Freeware download of Persian (Phonetic), size 24.89 Mb.

Logos Transliteration Keyboard Logos Bible Software 

Logos Transliteration Keyboard is a handy tool designed to help you replace the default English keyboard layout and to have access to additional characters. This keyboard supports diacritical marks that are used for transliterating biblical languages.

The layout is intuitive and will be easily accessible by the users of Logos Biblical. Free download of Logos Transliteration Keyboard, size 0 b.

Bill Scale and Balance Wedge Keyboard 6.0B Bill Production 

Inputs scale and balance data directly into any Windows programs as if it was typed in using the keyboard. No programming or additional hardware required ! Features included: Debugger System Tray running, Mouse control, Support RS232 serial scales, Control multiple Scales, See the weight in real-time on a virtual button, Support mode continuous. Free download of Bill Scale and Balance Wedge Keyboard 6.0B, size 4.31 Mb.

Key Mouse Genie 4.1 

Key Mouse Genie lets you control your mouse using your keyboard. Enables you to move the mouse, send left clicks, right clicks and double clicks. Also has Mouse Wrap Functions Key Mouse - . Free download of Key Mouse Genie 4.1, size 1.54 Mb.

HotKeyz Skynergy 

You can work faster and more efficiently by using your keyboard instead of your mouse. HotKeyz is a keyboard utility that will boost your productivity and it is really fun to use!

HotKeyz lets you easily create and maintain a categorized list of your hotkeys. Each hotkey, a key combination on your keyboard, will launch a command. You. Free download of HotKeyz, size 1.41 Mb.

OzupadKey 3.0 BlueMouse Technology 

This program is a software package that allows a user to assign key presses to
ozupad buttons instead of using the keyboard.
It automatically assigns keys for the following applications: Google Maps,
Google Earth, Windows Media Player, Windows Media Center, Yahoo Maps and the
classic games Tetris and Space Invaders. The user. Freeware download of OzupadKey 3.0, size 1.10 Mb.

MouseFIGHTER 5 6 Phonepilot 

MouseFIGHTER is a small program that give's you complete control of the screen pointer, using the keyboard instead of a mouse. The pointer accelerates and moves diagonally as well. MouseFIGHTER wants to build a bridge to the future, which holds no computer mice, that much we know to be true.. Freeware download of MouseFIGHTER 5 6, size 1.82 Mb.

Open Paste 1 2 Russian New Logic 

Open Paste is a powerful and efficient way to save time by speed typing using text templates to avoid constantly cutting and pasting texts from a large number of different sources.

Now, user can store frequently used addresses, websites, words, phrases, info, etc and paste them at anytime by one mouse click.
Open Paste may be. Free download of Open Paste 1 2, size 18.24 Mb.

Right Click File Selector 1 1 Majiastic Computer 

Right Click File Selector is designed for HTPC using a keyboard with track ball or joystick. In this situation, it is difficult to select multiple files with the same extension name such as selecting all .mp3 files in order to play in a queue.

This program also benefits the users with traditional keyboard and mouse setup for quick. Freeware download of Right Click File Selector 1 1, size 40.98 Mb.

Touchpad Locker 1.0 Paradisoft 

Touchpad Locker prevents accidental mouse clicks when typing on laptop keyboard. When you type on a laptop keyboard you sometimes touch the touchpad which cause the cursor to move from the location you're typing in. Touchpad Locker comes to prevent this: when typing the touchpad is disabled for a short time, so if you touch the touchpad. Freeware download of Touchpad Locker 1.0, size 4.18 Mb.

Home Library Information Manager 0.3.0 

The Home Library Information Manager (HLIM) will be a front-end for keeping track of an individual's books, magazines, videos, CDs, and other trackable materials, using both keyboard and bar-code scanner input.. Freeware download of Home Library Information Manager 0.3.0, size 38.05 Kb.

JavaMicroWeb b.0.2 

Light weight java classes used to create HTML pages in static and server environment, with an emphasis on strong typing using generics.. Freeware download of JavaMicroWeb b.0.2, size 226.44 Kb.

Write Dari and Farsi with Naveesinda 1.0 Naveesinda2-0 

Write other languages (Farsi, Dari, Arabic, Pashtu, Russian, Cyrillic and more) with your english keyboard, It maps the keys to the alphabets. OS: Windows 2000+ Libraries: MFC Usage: you can use it on Notepad, Wordpad, MSN, Webbrowser, excel, Access but

Write Dari and Farsi with Naveesinda 1.0 License - Open Software License 3.0. Freeware download of Write Dari and Farsi with Naveesinda 1.0, size 0 b.

ThaniThamizh 1.0 Yuvaraj 

This Software is designed for tamil text typing with Tamil99 keyboard settings. Main thing of this software is it only accept pure tamil letters and not support grantha letters. but suggest alternate tamil letter for that.

ThaniThamizh 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL); Mozilla Public License 1.0 (MPL). Freeware download of ThaniThamizh 1.0, size 0 b.

xjiss 2012.03.19 Xjiss 

Simple software synthesizer that lets you play music in just intonation using computer keyboard. There is a possibilbility to save sound files in raw format. Only X and ALSA libraries needed.

xjiss 2012.03.19 License - Public Domain. Freeware download of xjiss 2012.03.19, size 6.96 Kb.