Text Spech You Own Voice

Anthromorphic Scribe New vignesh c 

Anthromorphic Scribe is a simple, yet useful text-to-speech application that uses Sphinx 4 and enables you to use pre-recorded audio files or record your own voice.

With the help of Anthromorphic Scribe you have the possibility to convert incompatible audio or video files to be compatible with Sphinx 4.

. Freeware download of Anthromorphic Scribe New, size 0 b.


Text Recorder Spare Time Gizmos 

Text Recorder is a tiny application that was developed for converting text fragments into voice. You can also record such voice blocks and save them as MP3 or WAV files for further usage. The program has very simple and easy-to-use interface. Its main window consists of a toolbar which contains all main functional elements and large text box. You. Freeware download of Text Recorder, size 3.33 Mb.

Voice Shield Programmer 3 SpikenzieLabs 

Voice Shield Programmer is a useful tool for the users that own a Voice Shield and need to configure their Arduino device to play audio sound bytes. The program allows you to connect to the Voice Shield and to record sounds into a selected slot.

You can use the program to view the connection status and to play the recorder files. It can. Free download of Voice Shield Programmer 3, size 0 b.

Blaze Audio VoiceSFX 1.3 Blaze Audio 

VoiceSFX is an innovative program designed to let you record sounds from your own voice, then apply special effects like Helium Breath, Slow Monster, Fade, and Echo to create crazy sound effects. You can also capture sound from any source your computer supports (microphone, line-in, CD, etc.) and then distort it into something wildly weird and. Free download of Blaze Audio VoiceSFX 1.3, size 2.70 Mb.

Typle Protexis Inc. 

Typle enables you to access any program, document or internet page using your own voice.

It allows you to speak in any language you like, and choose how you want to say the commands.

In three simple steps you can configure your computer to start listening to your voice:

- First, you have to choose a keyword. Free download of Typle, size 63.59 Mb.

Fast Text to MP3 1 18 Yarrow Soft 

The Fast Text to MP3 uses voice synthesis to convert text into
spoken audio.Can convert one text into the several MP3 files. This
feature is very convenient if you use portable music player for
listening books: You can easily listen to any part of the book.
Similar navigation is not available If the book is in just one. Free download of Fast Text to MP3 1 18, size 1.87 Mb.

CD text source 1.0 Hans Nelisse 

When I included CD TEXT support in HACP, many people asked for help with implementing CD TEXT in their own programs. For this reason I've written a small demo program which reads the CD TEXT info from the CD. The source code (in Visual C++) is available for anyone who wants to learn more about it. Good luck!
PS, the Unofficial CD Text FAQ has. Free download of CD text source 1.0, size 10.48 Kb.

SpeakAnywhere 1.2 YpgSoft 

SpeakAnywhere can speak and convert text file into voice and save them to MP3 formats., it can automatically speak quickly and easily from anywhere, such as an e-mail or web page or text file. SpeakAnywhere stays at your PC's system service while you work, As soon as you need it ,it is available at a single key-press. . Free download of SpeakAnywhere 1.2, size 8.09 Mb.

Crystal Video Dubber 1.00 Crystal Software 

Do you want to add your own voice into video files? Crystal Video Dubber is an easy-using tool for dubbing video files. You can add your voice into one certain segment of the video file by the microphone or add an audio files into a video file. Its easy usage enables you to dub without learning. Use it, your work will be much easier!. Free download of Crystal Video Dubber 1.00, size 9.26 Mb.

Dialektos 1.0 Dialektos 

A machine translation program designed to accept verbal or text input and provide text or speech synthesized voice translation as output. Makes use of 3 current open-source projects. The source is currently C/C++ and embedded perl.

Dialektos 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Dialektos 1.0, size 0 b.

Text-To-VoIP Plug-In for MorphVOX Pro 4.0.0 Screaming Bee LLC 

The Text-To-VoIP Plug-In for MorphVOX Pro allows you to speak over the Internet or soft-phone using customizable text-to-speech voices. This plug-in is helpful for people who cannot speak with their own voice or who would like a text alternative to communicating with voice.This plug-in allows you to type text messages to your friends over voice. Free download of Text-To-VoIP Plug-In for MorphVOX Pro 4.0.0, size 1.05 Mb.

Text to mp3 Software Split Merge 

Text to mp3 WAV voice software turns words into audio format with natural speaking voices. Word to speak speaker utility can read your documents loudly, or you can convert them into sound files for listening, anywhere and anytime just open a document and click the speak button to hear it, understandable human sounding clear voice or just click save. Free download of Text to mp3 Software, size 314.57 Kb.

ScriptVOX Studio 1.8.2 Screaming Bee LLC 

ScriptVOX Studio is easy to use text-to-speech software for writers that can open up a new window on your creativity. Writers can import a screenplay, movie script, documentary or even a children’s story. ScriptVOX will allow you to quickly add voices and images to your text. You can even save your multimedia presentation and share it with. Free download of ScriptVOX Studio 1.8.2, size 4.67 Mb.

Okdo Word Excel PowerPoint To Text Converter 4.2 Okdo Software 

Okdo Word Excel PowerPoint To Text Converter is the most powerful and easiest text converter. Own the most powerful conversion function. you can batch convert word/excel/powerpoint/rtf to text with ease. It supports doc,docx,docm,xls,xlsx,xlsm,ppt,pptx,pptm,rtf etc popular formats. The program can convert with high output quality and very fast. Free download of Okdo Word Excel PowerPoint To Text Converter 4.2, size 3.24 Mb.

Okdo Website Html to Text Converter 4.2 Okdo Software 

Okdo Website Html to Text Converter is a professional text converter. Own the most powerful conversion function. you can batch convert htm/html/url to text with ease. The program can convert with high output quality.The conversion speed is very fast. It is easy to use whether you are a veteran or a beginner.

Advanced Features:

Text to Speech VBScript Generator 1.0 2xDSoft 

To do so, you can use 2 text boxes to test your voice message. The left box is the final text, which will be saved to the VBScript file. The right box is a test box, in which you can test single words, phrases or sentences and, later, add them to the final text.. Free download of Text to Speech VBScript Generator 1.0, size 524.29 Kb.

Reallusion CrazyTalk Web Edition 3.5 Reallusion Inc. 

Make animated, speaking photos in minutes with CrazyTalk. Images are brought to life by displaying emotions and lip-synching with your own voice, imported audio or text messages. You can even apply different facial expressions to single words, sentences or the entire message to add more realism. Send your animated images as talking electronic. Free download of Reallusion CrazyTalk Web Edition 3.5, size 27.28 Mb.

Okdo Html to Txt Converter 4.6 Okdo Software 

Okdo Html to Txt Converter is an easy to use text converter. Own the most powerful conversion function. you can batch convert htm/html to text with ease. The program can convert with high output quality and very fast speed. It is easy to use whether you are a veteran or a beginner. The conversion result retains all the original text.

Robosound 1.0 robosound.sourceforge.net 

This is a small Mac OS X app, that gives you the possibility to convert typed text to an .aiff robot voice.. Freeware download of Robosound 1.0, size 293.77 Kb.

Talk N' Email 1 Talk N' Email, LLC 

Why type, when you can just talk? With Talk N' Email, you can send Email messages in your own voice. Simple to use Wizard-style interface.Allows you to save messages for future (re)use, and works with any MAPI-compliant email client. Contains full help documentation. . Free download of Talk N' Email 1, size 2.23 Mb.

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