Three Bar Net Line Indicator Freeware

VS.NET Deployment Project Updater 1.1.3 Beta dkackman 

VDProjectUpdater is a command line utility that will update a VS.NET setup project (vdproj) version and product/package/upgrade/module identifiers.. Freeware download of VS.NET Deployment Project Updater 1.1.3 Beta, size 29.36 Kb.


Portable Sent Vladimir Malcev 

Sent is a small and useful console utility designed for sending net send messages over local area networks using command line prompt. The utility can be used as a 'net send' command replacement on versions of Windows, that do not support this command (7, Vista, 98, 95) or just as an improved 'net send' command with additional features.

Free .NET Barcode Forms Control DLL 6.03, Inc. 

The Free .NET Forms Control and DLL is really freeware - it is not a demo. It creates bar-codes in Visual Studio and the .NET Framework. Includes Visual Basic .NET example and a manual with code for VB and C# for printing or saving images to a file. Supports Code 39 and Extended Code 39. It may be used by individuals and organizations that have a. Freeware download of Free .NET Barcode Forms Control DLL 6.03, size 398.46 Kb.

Absurd Aquarium Ridiculous Fish-Tanked Match 3 Puzzle Game 1.2 Hotel Romeo Media LLC 

Return the fish to their tank! The game is simple. Line up three or more identical animals vertically or horizontally. Earn tons of tokens along the way and use them to buy fun Powerups.

3 Way to Play:

Levels Test your skills and become the best.
Timed Match as many fish as you can as the clock winds. Freeware download of Absurd Aquarium Ridiculous Fish-Tanked Match 3 Puzzle Game 1.2, size 66.37 Mb.

Bar Crowd 1.1 

Checking the bar is how crowded.

You can check the bar is how crowded with three conditions.
- Comfortable
- Crowded
- Panic!

- a message from the bar
- updated time
are displayed also.

"It is comfortable now, so drop in."
"The bar is crowded, but counter seats. Freeware download of Bar Crowd 1.1, size 3.36 Mb.

Halloween Match Three 1.5 Maxim Burdiean 

Halloween Match Three is a simple "match three" puzzle game dressed up in Halloween colours and music.

The gameplay is simple as always: switch two elements to get a line of three or more items. Don't let the spider-web grow over your game field. And the faster you play - the higher are the scores.

Apply your. Freeware download of Halloween Match Three 1.5, size 50.02 Mb.

Hop the Number Line 3.5 Steve Rhine 

Drag the Bunny across the number line of carrots to answer addition and subtraction problems in this fun race against the clock math game.

Levels 1-4: Two term integer equations
Levels 4-8: Three term integer equations
Levels 9-11: Three term decimal and fraction equations

Created for the Center for Algebraic. Freeware download of Hop the Number Line 3.5, size 23.49 Mb.

Radio Clube Net Ribas do Rio Pardo 1.0 Cadena Sistemas 

Aplicativo Oficial da Radio Clube Net - Ribas do Rio Pardo/MS

Ouca sua radio preferida agora tambem no seu iPhone, iPad, iPod!
Aqui voce ouve o melhor do universo sertanejo ao vivo e on-line 24 Horas por dia!

Ta na Clube, Ta muiiito bom!!!. Freeware download of Radio Clube Net Ribas do Rio Pardo 1.0, size 5.98 Mb.

ASP pure file upload with progress 2 Pstruh Software 

Easy to use, hi-performance pure asp include - multiple files upload script with HTML progress bar indicator. ASP upload to server disk, database or email attachment, upload with image preview and email notification, secure (https) file upload. Upload up to 10MB for free, 200MB in licensed version (still pure asp). Custom upload limit per. Freeware download of ASP pure file upload with progress 2, size 697.34 Kb.

Freeware .NET Obfuscator Skater Light 2.6.00 RustemSoft 

RustemSoft presents Freeware Light Edition of well-known Skater .NET Obfuscator, an obfuscation tool for .NET code protection. The Light Edition is the Free version of Skater .NET Obfuscator. You may use Skater .NET Obfuscator Light Edition, free of charge, to protect your .NET applications for both personal and commercial purposes.Obfuscation. Freeware download of Freeware .NET Obfuscator Skater Light 2.6.00, size 1.13 Mb. 2.2 Level 7 Systems Ltd. allows your website visitors to connect to a company support team and have their questions answered instantly by clicking on a live chat button embedded on your web page. All this in a three simple steps... Why
* Ease of use
* Improve customer satisfaction
* Instant Sales Leads
* Better. Freeware download of 2.2, size 17.93 Mb.

Keyboard Indicator Roi Dayan 

Keyboard Indicator is a small utility for showing desktop notification messages for the Caps Lock, Num Lock, Scroll Lock and Insert key presses.
It is useful for those who do not have a keyboard with led indicators or wish to get desktop notifications for the status of the key presses.
The notifications are customizable by text, font,. Freeware download of Keyboard Indicator, size 63.49 Kb.

Jungle Bungle Slots 2.0 Slots Media Inc 

Jungle Bungle is a three reel, one pay line slot machine with one wild symbol and a maximum payout of 1600 coins.

Jungle Bungle is considered a classic game in the world of online slots. This slot machine has a wild jungle theme, including rich foliage and monkey images.

Jungle Bungle is a three reel, one pay line slot. Freeware download of Jungle Bungle Slots 2.0, size 1.83 Mb.

Printable Puzzles Tool Bar 1.0 Printable Puzzles 

Printable Puzzles Tool Bar Find Your Puzzle! We have all kinds for Puzzles. You will get thousands of puzzles of various types. Fan of the age old crossword puzzles that people have been familiar with almost centuries you can get hundreds of these here and all you will have to do is simply choose the crossword puzzle that you like and right click. Freeware download of Printable Puzzles Tool Bar 1.0, size 1.31 Mb.

Kdiff3 1.0 Joachim Eibl 

KDiff3 is a program that:
-compares or merges two or three text input files or directories,
-shows the differences line by line and character by character (!),
-provides an automatic merge-facility and
-an integrated editor for comfortable solving of merge-conflicts,
-supports Unicode, UTF-8 and other codecs,. Freeware download of Kdiff3 1.0, size 7.54 Mb.

Teroid Windows Forms Graph 1 1 Teroid Software 

Teroid Windows Forms Graph is a .NET Windows Forms control which draws a column, line or bar graph from an array of numerical data. Minimum and maximum values can be set to any value. Index marks and values can be shown on each axis. All colors, fonts and line thicknesses can be set. Header and footer text can be set. The graph can be retrieved as. Freeware download of Teroid Windows Forms Graph 1 1, size 0 b.

IPChange 3. 2. 2004 by Hugh Sparks 

IPChange is command line utility that will change the IP number, net mask, gateway and name servers for any network adapter instantly without a reboot.

This is particularly valuable for portable owners who move between LANs.

With no parameters, ipchange displays usage instructions and a numbered list of adapter names.. Freeware download of IPChange 3. 2. 2004, size 45.06 Kb.

WiNRADiO G303 1 92 WiNRADiO Communications 

In addition to the usual conventional displays and controls, the WiNRADiO G303 Receiver Front Panel contains some innovations, such as a multitude of tuning options (the control bar on the right above the clocks), three scanning modes, automatic step size selection, a truly remarkable S-meter which can show values in S-units, dBm or microvolts, and. Freeware download of WiNRADiO G303 1 92, size 2.90 Mb.

Sushi Chain 

Sushi Chain is a relaxing puzzle game about helping the master sushi chef to line up three or more identical sushi and serve them to customers. You should not let the sushi line get full. You must eliminate as much sushi as you can before they fall down.. Freeware download of Sushi Chain, size 92.85 Mb. 2.0.6 Geoscanners AB is a basic GPR time domain simulation tool. It is partially based in the transmission line model and allows up to ten layers to be simulated with frequencies ranging from 200 to 2000 MHz. It can be used to try out different real world survey scenarios and understand how different center frequency antennas could perform, as well as. Freeware download of 2.0.6, size 54.69 Mb.