To Tether From Android Phone To Laptop Freeware

qAndroidNotifier 28.01.2012 Fulgorit 

qAndroidNotifier is a lightweight and handy application designed to notify you about received notifications or a SMS messages on your Android device.

In order to use it, you need to install the mobile application on your Android phone. qAndroidNotifier can then alert you when receiving SMS messages and notifications by playing a custom. Freeware download of qAndroidNotifier 28.01.2012, size 0 b.


Quetim 1.02 Tibo Software 

Quick and easy text input for mobile phones. Write and send messages (SMS) from your mobile phone very quickly (in 10 seconds). With help of Quetim you can write messages much more quickly than with other text input methods (predictive text). You do not need any special communication software installed on each computer you use. You need only any. Freeware download of Quetim 1.02, size 41.94 Kb.

SyncDroid 1.1.2 SyncDroid 

SyncDroid is an easy-to-use yet powerful backup and restore tool for Android, which is well-designed for users who want to make a secure backup of all your contacts, SMS, call history, photos, videos, music and other files in the device, so you can easily restore them to any Android device whenever you like.
Free SyncDroid is an easy way to. Freeware download of SyncDroid 1.1.2, size 22 b.

vPhone 1.0.2109 Cell Wireless Corporation 

You can call from a PC to another PC absolutely free of charge. For a small fee, you can activate the option to allow calls from a PC to phone and obtain a compact mobile phone program to decrease the cost of calls. Help: . Freeware download of vPhone 1.0.2109, size 1.02 Kb.

Ekahau Positioning Client 4.0 Ekahau 

Ekahau Positioning Client allows tracking of mobile devices with Wi-Fi radios. EClient is a software service that runs on the background in a phone, laptop, or a PDA.

Now also supports Windows Mobile 6.0 OS
Supports Client maintenance from Ekahau RTLS Controller

Adjust scan settings for multiple devices at once

Rebtel Rebtel 

The Rebtel PC app is just like a phone on your computer, so you can call other Rebtel users for free and make super cheap international calls to any mobile or landline. You can even send cheap international SMS, just like from a regular phone.
With Rebtel for PC, you can:

- Make Free Calls to other Rebtel application users
. Freeware download of Rebtel, size 43.45 Mb.

PhoneRa Paul McLain 

PhoneRa is a simple tool that does a simple job: it gives you the level of the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) of your (next) cell phone/mobile phone.
The latest scientific research seems to indicate that radiation from your cell phone/mobile phone could have a possible negative impact on your health. The amount of radiation varies per phone. Freeware download of PhoneRa, size 398.34 Kb.

AndroidRTS 1.0 Androidrisk 

Android RTS is a Real-Time-Strategy MMO using google maps. The game server is implemented in python and the client in java for the Android phone.

AndroidRTS 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Freeware download of AndroidRTS 1.0, size 0 b.

MobileOwser 1.0 Mobileowser 

This project is started to develop an Linux/Unix Desktop application, which will be used as a Mobile Phone File Manager. Application must have ability to copy files from mobile phone and to mobile phone.

MobileOwser 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of MobileOwser 1.0, size 0 b.

X-Lite SIP VoIP Softphone 4.0.58832 CounterPath Corporation 

Combining voice calls, video calls and Instant Messaging in a simple interface, CounterPath's X-Lite helps you seamlessly transition from a traditional phone environment into the world of Voice over IP.

The latest release of X-Lite provides a completely redesigned interface that allows for a contact-centric or dialpad-centric user. Freeware download of X-Lite SIP VoIP Softphone 4.0.58832, size 40.17 Mb.

VMCPlayer 1.0 VideoMobileConverter 

VMCPlayer is a free player for watching video from mobile phone and iPod on your PC.
Supports all mobile phone video formats including *.3GP, *.3G2 and *.MP4, most of the video and audio codecs are supported. It is fast, powerful and easy-to-use. You and your friends will leave satisfied, but pleasant moment you will enjoy for a long time.. Freeware download of VMCPlayer 1.0, size 8.45 Mb.

Colligo Reader 4. 3. 2022 Colligo Networks 

Colligo Reader is free for individual use. It enables you to easily download content from SharePoint sites to your laptop so you can access the content offline, rather than having to copy files one by one through a browser.

Colligo Reader is completely free for personal (non-commercial) installation and very simple to use.. Freeware download of Colligo Reader 4. 3. 2022, size 2.26 Mb.

DVD to DROID 1.0.1 DoTheWeb 

Copy your favorite DVD to your DROID with ease, for free!

The DVD to DROID remains the best, easiest way to convert a DVD to your Android Phone!

Updated to support many high-end Android Phones, and now stretches the Video to fit full-screen regardless of aspect ratio!. Freeware download of DVD to DROID 1.0.1, size 9.87 Mb.

ACSerial2Web 1 5 Jerry Sy 

ACSerial2Web, short for AquaController Jr. serial interface to web, is a small application that can monitor and control AC jr. controller from anywhere on the internet, specifically from mobile phone. The main objective of the application is to keep things simple, and make it cross platform.. Freeware download of ACSerial2Web 1 5, size 7.80 Mb.

Cool Remote Server Cool Remote 

Cool Remote is a computer remote access solution.
You can remote control your PC from Windows Phone 7; from iPhone/iPod touch; from another PC; from Mac; from Linux; from any web browser. Download and run the Cool Remote Server from the PC you wish to control. Download and install the Windows Phone 7 Client or iPhone Remote Client from your. Freeware download of Cool Remote Server, size 14.11 Mb.

MTG Draft Timer rc 

MTG Draft Timer is a specific timer to play booster draft with the card game "Magic: The Gathering". The application is developed for the platform "Android". Please, install from the Android Market. Do not forget to evaluate my application.. Freeware download of MTG Draft Timer rc, size 763.49 Kb.

RemoteTracker 1.0 

This is an Antitheft software with a SIM card change detection feature to track your device if it was lost or stolen. It works catching a formated SMS sent from any phone and send useful informations back. There's others goals, use your imagination!. Freeware download of RemoteTracker 1.0, size 944.60 Kb.

CLWeather 1.5 clutl, Incs 

CLWeather is a free software that provides weather forecast for international cities on your pc and android phone. It is smart and easy to use.

City Operation :

1, Add City: Pop up menu options and select the Add City menu item
2, Select temperature unit: Pop up menu options and select the Settings menu item, then select. Freeware download of CLWeather 1.5, size 814.92 Kb.

gpgpass 1.0 Gpgpass 

Yet an other password protector. This is pure text terminal based, so all you need is a shell account, with a little file space and gpg. I use putty (ssh client) from my cell phone when I'm not in front of a PC.

gpgpass 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of gpgpass 1.0, size 0 b.

Stepping Stone 1.0 Steppingstone 

A remote control which enables you to communicate with your computers shell, and other programs and services. Data is currently sent via the MSN Messenger network. There is an emphasis on ease of use for a remote user connecting from a cell phone.

Stepping Stone 1.0 License - Artistic License. Freeware download of Stepping Stone 1.0, size 0 b.

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