Track Of Nepali Song Sanskriti

Songwriter Submission Assistant 4.0 NH Software 

Keep track of your song lyrics and publisher submissions. SongWriter Submission Assistant has a publisher address book where you can build your own database of publishers and their submission policies. Print out your lyrics whenever you need to submit them. Keeps track of publishers you have submitted to and dates.. Free download of Songwriter Submission Assistant 4.0, size 3.60 Mb.


SongGame Creacle Studio 

Game and music information in one app. The game is about guessing song title or artist name from sample track of a song. All data taken from Nokia Music API. There are some trophies after completing the quiz. You can change country setting in option menu.
Please Read : The Songs Genre List Now Depend on Your Phone Country Setting !

Music MP3 Get 5. 8. 2006 Music MP3 Get 

Music MP3 Get is a tool for downloading songs.
Music MP3 Get offers to track down a song by scouring social networking sites. With an incredibly easy layout and impressive results, this is a great way to find favorite tunes.
-compatible with iPod and all other MP3 playable devices
-stable on Windows 2000/XP/VISTA. Freeware download of Music MP3 Get 5. 8. 2006, size 5.64 Mb.

iTunes Tagger 2.1 Beta Skylar Van Kruistum 

iTunes Tagger is a utility that detects ID3 tags for iTunes songs through the Last.FM XML service. Therefore, it allows users to update track-related details such as artist, genre and song title.

In order to add new tags, you simply have to select a track in iTunes and choose the preferred search and saving options. Moreover, you are. Free download of iTunes Tagger 2.1 Beta, size 0 b.

ChordComposer 6.11 Shanghai Advance Info.& Tech.Co.,Ltd. 

Chord Composer is a composer software with automactic accompaniment function, with Built-in 100 accompaniment styles make it easy for the user to quickly design a perfection song. 1.There are 100 styles in software, you can select more then one style on one song for accompany. can select one of "Inte, Normal, Bridge, Fillin1, Fillin2,. Free download of ChordComposer 6.11, size 2.26 Mb.

Transposer 2.01 GenTek Solutions 

Transposer 2.0 allows you to raise or lower the pitch of any MP3 song without changing the tempo. You can also change the tempo of an MP3 song without changing the pitch. The quality of the recording remains the same, within reasonable limits (pitch changes of 4-5 semitones higher or lower, and tempo changes of less than 25%).This program can be. Free download of Transposer 2.01, size 11.34 Mb.

KMedia Player 1.0 Kalosoft Systems Technologies 

KMedia Player is an easy to use application that was created to serve a single purpose, namely that of opening audio files.

The program has a very simple GUI that only has a volume slider, a button for activating the 'Play' and 'Pause' functions, a Mute' switch and two other buttons for moving to the next or previous track.

. Free download of KMedia Player 1.0, size 0 b.

Audio Songs Composition Tool 6.12 Best Software Help 

Music creator software edit music in computer and changes sound files into MIDI file formation easily. Sheet music composer application allows user to select one of inte, normal, bridge, fillin1, fillin2, endinf section for each style to edit melody track for any song. Download free music composing program to create, import and export midi file.. Free download of Audio Songs Composition Tool 6.12, size 128.00 Kb.

LuJoSoft MP3Renamer 1.0.0 LuJoSoft 

Introduction: This program lets you browse to a specified directory, and rename any MP3s you want there to match their ID3 tags. It does error checking for invalid characters in the filenames, duplicate filenames, and MP3s where the entire tag is missing. Features: You can rename your MP3 in a variety of format: ........[Track Number]. Freeware download of LuJoSoft MP3Renamer 1.0.0, size 945.15 Kb.

iTunesKeys 1 63 Matt Berube 

iTunesKeys is a little plugin for iTunes Player which allows you to control iTunes with global hotkeys or from the tray icon's menu. You can control playback - previous, play, pause, stop, next, rewind, fast foward & volume. It displays track info on song change, including artwork (jpg, png and bmp).. Freeware download of iTunesKeys 1 63, size 38.64 Mb.

50+ Romantic Ways 1.0 Edward Choi 

<50+ Romantic Ways>

Over 50 Romantic Ways for couples

1.Buy a packet of glow in the dark stars and stick the stars on the roof above your bed to spell out a message such as "I Love You" When the lights go down, your message will be revealed!

2.Buy the domain name of your partner's name. Create a web. Free download of 50+ Romantic Ways 1.0, size 314.57 Kb.

JAMiTripHop Lankerspoon Technologies 

Trip Hop Music
Part of the J.A.M.I. series of musical instruments.
Turns your phone into a complex musical instrument.
Hit the buttons to JAMI, If things don't sound right
press the Ezee Button, it fixes everything.
Remember some buttons are more symbiotic to others!
If something does not sound right unselect the. Freeware download of JAMiTripHop, size 16.78 Mb.

JAMi Trip Hop Panorama Lankerspoon Technologies 

J.AM.i - Just A Music Intstrument TRIP HOP Stylee
JAMi is a musical instrument, it allows you to create a cacOphony of music. Hit the buttons to JAMI, If things don't sound right
press the Ezee Button, it fixes everything.
Remember some buttons are more symbiotic to others!
If something does not sound right unselect the. Freeware download of JAMi Trip Hop Panorama, size 23.07 Mb.

Anytrac 9.0.0473 Pegasoft 

This is the real Professional Song, Tape, Session, Lyrics, Track Sheet and recording devices - Database Solution for ANY KIND OF ANALOG OR DIGITAL MULTITRACKS and EQUIPMENT of your Music Studio. By up to 96 tracks for 10 Recording Devices Anytrac 9 lets you store all the important information of your recording sessions, songs and print track sheets. Free download of Anytrac 9.0.0473, size 19.20 Mb.

Bandm8 - Song, Band & Gig Manager 3.1 Doug Currie 

Bandm8 - Song, Band & Gig Manager is the essential all-in-one band, gig, song, set and rehearsal organiser for professional musicians.

Do you have trouble keeping track of what gigs you have lined up? Who's playing each gig? The sets you are going to play? How that tricky middle-8 goes? Have the other members learnt that new. Free download of Bandm8 - Song, Band & Gig Manager 3.1, size 8.70 Mb.

The Molly Song WirelessDeveloper Inc 

The Molly Song (feat. Problem) - Single

J. Stalin

The Molly Song by J. Stalin

If you've never downloaded a Mobile Deluxe Album App before, you're in for a treat!!
* Get every track in this complete digital album
* Edit the song list, listen to them in any order you want or just one again and again
*. Free download of The Molly Song, size 9.44 Mb.

The MusicManager 6.1 

A shareware program that will help you keep track of your music collection : quickly find all the albums you have of a specific artist quickly find all the songs of a particular artist quickly find all the version you have of a song get up-to-date statistics about your music collection add albums manually or automatically (registered users only -. Free download of The MusicManager 6.1, size 0 b.

Easy Audio Cutter 2.0 Koyote Soft 

Certainly, more than once you wanted to cut a part of a song, chorus, or any other audio clip from a too long track, and you have not found how to do it. If that idea still remains in your head, it is time for you to try Easy MP3 Cutter, a simple program designed for this purpose and to meet all needs in the simplest way. Easy MP3 Cutter is based. Free download of Easy Audio Cutter 2.0, size 45.32 Mb.

SPC Karaoke 1 1 Steve Copper 

Made for karaoke kj`s, who need their song sheets in a neat order to make finding a track quick and simple for the singing public.

The karaoke creator enables you to add music and lyrics to a video, and synchronize them to quickly create a karaoke video.

So now you have a new application that will definitely improve the. Freeware download of SPC Karaoke 1 1, size 33.78 Mb.

TabTrax 1 9 2112design Inc 

Drummers can learn grooves, fills or whole songs from their favorite songs and artists by listening to drum tracks in isolation from the rest of the song, playing them back at any speed, looping on a measure, or overlaying an animated drum track synchronized to the original song (karaoke for drummers).

Guitarists and bassists can. Free download of TabTrax 1 9, size 1.98 Mb.