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uC/51 1.20.06 Batronix Elektronik 

uC/51 is a powerful application pack designed to help professionals create code for all the micro controllers from the 8051 family. The pack includes more tools that enable you to edit the code and to find errors in software.

uC/51 is based on a universal modelling system designed to deal with "non linear" architectures.


UC BrowserHD 1.4 UCWeb Inc. 

UC BrowserHD can help you enjoy your favorite webpages in full-screen mode, while also adding the one you like best to the Speed Dial section.

In addition, you can explore the browsing history and access any pages you previously visited. You can watch videos and download images without leaving the browser.

In terms of. Free download of UC BrowserHD 1.4, size 0 b.

UC-AutoCam Beausoft Ltd 

UC-AutoCam is a versatile utility for USB digital camera users. It's designed to replace the manufacturer's software that comes with your camera, giving you a powerful tool to fetch, view, organize, edit and print your pictures.
- Fetch and Save all your pictures with a single click.
- Browse your pictures once you've. Free download of UC-AutoCam, size 1.05 Mb.

F8 UC-win/Road Ver.0.03 5.0 Forum 8 

UC-win/Road is state-of-the-art 3D urban visualization and transport modeling software. Users can manipulate dynamic 3D space, import and edit CAD data, build and texture simple block models, automatically build roads, tunnels & bridges, view multiple design alternatives in real-time, both offline and online, as well as being able to visualize. Free download of F8 UC-win/Road Ver.0.03 5.0, size 91.18 Mb.

Weight Diary 6 15 A&D Company Limited, Tokyo, 

The Weight Diary is designed to enhance usage of the UC-322, UC-321 and UC-321P Precision Personal Scales.

It accepts not only your weight data to show trend and BMI, but also your daily diet and activity in order to build a record of your eating and exercise habits.

This software is downloadable from A&D's. Freeware download of Weight Diary 6 15, size 2.96 Mb.

Live Islam Toolbar Live Islam 

Enjoy the Live Islam Toolbar and brows through your islamic pages more easily. Now you can find all the information you need about islam religion with the help of this toolbar . Watch islamic TV , listen to islamic radio and read lectures while logged into your facebook account. Recieve and send emails , play some relaxing games and enjoy the. Freeware download of Live Islam Toolbar, size 2.15 Mb.

University of Cincinnati Browser Theme 9.0 Brand Thunder 

University of Cincinnati Browser Theme

Make your Internet more UC, for free, and keep up with the latest in Bearcats athletics.
With the university of cincinnati browser theme you get instant access to the most recent news , you'll know when the team knows. You will also have direct access to the best of the athletics web. Freeware download of University of Cincinnati Browser Theme 9.0, size 69.09 Mb.

BerkeleyRVM 1.0 berkeleyrvm.sourceforge.net 

Berkeley RVM is a project at UC Berkeley on Recoverable Virtual Memory.. Freeware download of BerkeleyRVM 1.0, size 609.52 Kb.

CrazyCar fuzzyControl 0.0.4rc2 crazycar.sourceforge.net 

Embedded uC software for a CrazyCar (see crazycar.fhbb.ch). This project generates code for various microcontrollers e.g. 8051, AVR, Fujitsu.. Freeware download of CrazyCar fuzzyControl 0.0.4rc2, size 37.71 Kb.

Open Unified Communications Framework 1.0 openucf.sourceforge.net 

Open UC Framework (openucf) is a unified communication server which supports telephony, presence, instant messaging and contact management.. Freeware download of Open Unified Communications Framework 1.0, size 1.36 Mb.

UnidenCommander 0.3.3 unidencommander.sourceforge.net 

With UnidenCommander (UC) you can remote control Uniden Bearcat radio scanners through a RS-232 connection. UC currently supports the Uniden UBC785XLT scanner, and support for the UBC780XLT is in an experimental state.. Freeware download of UnidenCommander 0.3.3, size 2.48 Mb.

Center of Mass 1.0 Centerofmass 

Center of Mass is the name of a top-down 2D puzzle game made by the CS Club Software Group at UC DavisWe plan to create a fully functional game using the Qt graphics library for visuals and are currently researching possible C++ libraries for sound

Center of Mass 1.0 License - Academic Free License (AFL). Freeware download of Center of Mass 1.0, size 0 b.

UCI CS113 Game - 2008 Fall 1.0 Cs113-game-f08 

Repository for a game which being developed during the Fall 2008 Quarter at UC Irvine (UCI) for class CS 113: Video Game Development.

UCI CS113 Game - 2008 Fall 1.0 License - MIT License. Freeware download of UCI CS113 Game - 2008 Fall 1.0, size 0 b.

jGallery 1.3 - PHP based image gallery 1.0 Php-jgallery 

jGallery provides you with a menu with which you can brows your photos online. The menu shows you your current position and you can always switch back home.

jGallery 1.3 - PHP based image gallery 1.0 License - Public Domain. Freeware download of jGallery 1.3 - PHP based image gallery 1.0, size 0 b.

IT Manager: Platform Solution Blueprint d-deOCt Unified Communications 1.0 Microsoft Corporation. 

This printable color poster illustrates where UC technologies fit in the IT managerd-deOaos environment. With this poster IT managers can easily see the relative relationships of the critical solution patterns for UC and how they fit together. IT managers also learn about the stages of UC adoption as well as how a platform aligned solution. Freeware download of IT Manager: Platform Solution Blueprint d-deOCt Unified Communications 1.0, size 9.57 Mb.

IconEdit Pro 7 4 Hagen Wieshofer 

If you are into creating icons (Linux, windows, Unix) cursors, bitmaps, animated cursors and wireless bitmaps (WBMP) FOR WAP-Phone with 256 colors and up to 96x96 pixel, then you need Icon Edit Pro as it is a very easy to use strong icon editor-browser for Windows NT/98/95.

When you see the current icon displayed and magnified, by. Free download of IconEdit Pro 7 4, size 0 b.

Sothink HTML Editor 2 5 SourceTec Software Co., Ltd 

Sothink HTML Editor, previously called 'CutePage', is an HTML Editor that displays the html document in three different ways: HTML code, design graphical view and a true preview of the document in a built-in browser style or on a true browser.

It offers three add-ons tools, divided in categories and displayed on tags, to. Free download of Sothink HTML Editor 2 5, size 4.47 Mb.

LabRAD Experimenter 1.0 lrexp.sourceforge.net 

A python package that allows scientists to easily create configurable and reusable experiments. Intended for use with the LabRAD framework. Developed by the Haeffner group studying quantum simulation at UC Berkeley. Wiki at lrexp.wikispaces.com. Freeware download of LabRAD Experimenter 1.0, size 28.28 Kb.

qseq2fastq 1.0 qseq2fastq.sourceforge.net 

A perl script that converts Illumina qseq files into Phred fastq files for use in Maq. Originally written by Tyler Bachman from UC Riverside, adapted by Eugene Goltsman. Freely available under the terms of GNU GPLv3.. Freeware download of qseq2fastq 1.0, size 970 b.

Ultra Commander 1.1.0 uc1.sourceforge.net 

UltraCommander is a multi-user remote file manager you can use through your web browser. It is designed for Linux/UNIX based servers, although it should work on M$ Windows. UC allows you to upload, download, manage, view, run remote files.. Freeware download of Ultra Commander 1.1.0, size 110.28 Kb.

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