Unlimited Load Generator

DB Load Generator 1.0 Andreas Frost AB 

With this tool you can generate load on a sql server and a server platform to measure and tune your queries and hardware configuration. There is no installation needed. Just download and run the exe-file. The free version is limited to one sql query and one running thread. With the licenced version you can enter up to 8 sql queries and run ten. Free download of DB Load Generator 1.0, size 812.03 Kb.


Hammerhead 2.1.4 Hammerhead 

Hammerhead is a web site coverage, HTTP load generator, HTTP benchmarking, and stress testing tool. It has been designed to emulate multiple users from multiple IP addresses at maximum speed (unlike it's interpreted counterparts).

Hammerhead 2.1.4 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Hammerhead 2.1.4, size 120.97 Kb.

BAP33 Juntunen Bridge Systems 

BAP (Beam Analysis Program). BAP is a continuous beam analysis program that solves for reactions, shear, moment, deflection, and rotation at points along the length of the beam.

BAP offers the following enhancements:

solves for a series of truck loads. Up to 30 different trucks. Free download of BAP33, size 2.73 Mb.

Bristlecone Performance Test Tools 0.6 bristlecone.sourceforge.net 

Bristlecone provides Java-based utilities for benchmarking database clusters and replication. It includes a load generator as well as a micro-benchmarking tool. Standard tests are provided and users can write new ones easily.. Freeware download of Bristlecone Performance Test Tools 0.6, size 2.89 Mb.

Mat3D 3 2 Dimensional Solutions 

Mat3D is a general purpose yet comprehensive mat foundation design software. It completes both soil and pile supported, multi-load point mat foundations quickly and accurately. Because it designs pedestals, soil-supported mats or pile-supported pile caps in minutes, you will experience significant productivity gains in completing mat foundation. Free download of Mat3D 3 2, size 37.28 Mb.

Active Directory Performance Test 5.2.3790.1064 Microsoft 

Active Directory Performance Test allows you to simulate client transactions on the host server. By varying client load, you can relate the transaction rate to resource utilization on the server and get some idea about the requirements for your environment.

Because ADTest can perform generic Active Directory requests, it can also create. Free download of Active Directory Performance Test 5.2.3790.1064, size 0 b.

Millions Email Generator Platinum Encrypt4all Software 

Million Email Generator Platinum used to generate unlimited email addresses in minutes (up to 20 millions emails) to bulid a consumer mailing list for e-mail marketing and advertising campaigns. You just need to select an email template and click generate to start generation process. You can export results to text file, you can verify email. Free download of Millions Email Generator Platinum, size 840.70 Kb.

ASD Cash Generator - Ad Surf Daily 3.0 ASD Cash Generator Ad Surf Daily 

ASD Cash Generator - Ad Surf Daily free music, radio, video, game media player and World Wide Wealth creator. Unlimited free music, radio, video, game media player. Free download share music, radio, video and games. The easiest way to make money. With ASD Cash Generator - Ad Surf Daily media player you learn how to create wealth from home with no. Free download of ASD Cash Generator - Ad Surf Daily 3.0, size 3.65 Mb.

Soundscape Generator 1.3 Bruce McArthur 

Soundscape Generator uses collections of sounds that create an ambient scene. Soundscapes can be used for many purposes, including relaxation, meditation, yoga, theatrical performances, events, soundtracks, and commercial spaces. Unlimited possibilities! An ideal tool for for bird lovers, yoga teachers, massage therapists, meditation. Freeware download of Soundscape Generator 1.3, size 6.27 Mb.

smart report maker (MySQL Report Generator) 1.2 starsoft 

Smart Report Maker is a very easy-to-use PHP / MySQL report generator, it allows you to create and manage unlimited number of MySQL Reports based on a table or query, it?s friendly wizard style interface allows you to select only the fields you like to view on your report , Set Multiple grouping levels ,sort the data ascending or descending and you. Free download of smart report maker (MySQL Report Generator) 1.2, size 512.00 Kb.

smart report maker (MySQL reports generator) 1.4 starsoft 

Smart Report Maker is an easy-to-use PHP / MySQL report generator, it allows you to create and manage unlimited number of MySQL Reports based on tables or queries, it?s friendly wizard style interface allows you to select only the fields you like to view on your report, Set Multiple grouping levels, sort the data ascending or descending , define. Free download of smart report maker (MySQL reports generator) 1.4, size 512.00 Kb.

PHP Form Generator 2.0 MegaScripts 

PHP Form Generator is a highly advanced application that you can install in your own PC for building unlimited number of PHP Dynamic forms which can be used on any web server, containing all types of information field (text boxes, lists, upload fields, countries of the world, email box, etc.). The PHP Form Builder includes numerous amazing. Free download of PHP Form Generator 2.0, size 2.37 Mb.

NW's RO ClientInfo Generator 2..rc1 nwrocig.sourceforge.net 

NW's RO ClientInfo Generator allows someone to load and generate sclientinfo.xml files on the fly, It is designed with minimal hands-on editing required.... Freeware download of NW's RO ClientInfo Generator 2..rc1, size 689.52 Kb.

Procedural Generator 1.3.1 Proceduralgene 

Procedural Generator is an application that can load various image processing pluggins.
The main application loads the pluggins, allows pluggin selection, displays computation results.
The pluggins' job is made in 2 steps :
- 1st step : CPU step : image computing using CPU computations.
- 2nd step : GPU step : image. Freeware download of Procedural Generator 1.3.1, size 464.65 Kb.

JMandelbrotViewer 0.21 Laszlo Zsolt Kustra 

Created as an accessible software, JMandelbrotViewer is a Mandelbrot fractal viewer and generator that allows you to save and load points of interest.

JMandelbrotViewer is a Java-based tool that allows you to modify the worker type, iteration limit as well as viewpoint width.

JMandelbrotViewer is written in the Java. Free download of JMandelbrotViewer 0.21, size 0 b.

People Data Generator 1.0 ggalbo 

People Data Generator is a handy and reliable utility designed to generate random names and addresses.

Need to load a bunch of test data to represent people (e.g. name, address, phone, etc.)? Wish it looked realistic? People Data Generator is what you need.

. Free download of People Data Generator 1.0, size 0 b.

AUH1 Generator Alexander Ulmer 

AUH1 Generator was created as a simple and easy-to-use Command Line-based application that can calculate the hash of your strings.

All you have to do is load the application and input the string you want. Now, you can quickly calculate the hash of a file.

. Freeware download of AUH1 Generator, size 0 b.

BlueBoxPHP 1.0.0 BlueBox Sales Company Ltd 

The Easy Way to Create Professional Quality Websites 100% Free MySQL & PHP Code Generator.

Unlimited number of applications,
Unlimited number of projects,
Unlimited number of pages.

Easy to use with No programming required, Includes View, Add, Edit, Delete and Export modes, just simply Drag & Drop content. Freeware download of BlueBoxPHP 1.0.0, size 5.86 Mb.

Ohio Website Design 1.0 Ohio Website Design 

Ohio website designer gives a free squeeze page generator for unlimited use. Download this software from one of the leading website designers in Columbus, Cleveland and all of Ohio. You can create as many website designs you want.. Freeware download of Ohio Website Design 1.0, size 1.46 Mb.

Free Coupon Generator Software 1.01 iSeoTools.com 

Free Coupon Generator Software. * Produce unlimited coupon codes and discounted order pages merely by following a few step-by-step instructions. * Fix your promo codes to be self-expiring by a certain specific date (this creates a feel of urgency and scarcity for your prospects to take action at once!) * Power to produce "one-time-use". Freeware download of Free Coupon Generator Software 1.01, size 1.36 Mb.