Usb Command Prompt

Command22 ActiveX Touch22 Software & Consulting 

All COM objects included into the Command22 package are used for running the console application or MS DOS commands from inside your application without bringing up the command prompt (MS DOS) window and providing your application with methods to control the child process input and output.Command22 COM objects work with Visual Basic, Visual C++ and. Free download of Command22 ActiveX, size 626.69 Kb.


PromptExplore 1 3 South Bay Software 

PromptExplore is a program that quickly can open a command prompt.
PromptExplore lets you quickly open an MS-DOS (Windows 9x/Me) or Command Prompt (Windows NT/2000) from any directory within Windows Explorer.It has an easy user interface and it is very simple to use.. Freeware download of PromptExplore 1 3, size 510.98 Kb.

CloneVDI 2 5 phpBB Group 

Many Windows users dislike the fact that you currently have to use the Command Prompt to clone VDI files. Also, questions often arise related to VDI files such as "how do I increase the maximum size of a VDI?" or "how can I make my dynamic VDI file small again?". CloneVDI is a nice simple tool that provided a good answer to all. Freeware download of CloneVDI 2 5, size 0 b.

ContextConsole Shell Extension Kai Liu 

The ContextConsole Shell Extension adds an "Open Command Prompt" menu item to the context menus (right-click menus) in Windows Explorer so that you can open a command prompt in the selected directory (or directories) or in the current directory that you are viewing.

Main features:
*Open a command prompt in the current. Freeware download of ContextConsole Shell Extension, size 47.10 Kb.

CRM Configuration Manager 1.55.404 Daniel Halan 

CRM Configuration Manager is a Windows application to create an Export / Import selection that can later be exported as a command prompt string for later use, or execute directly inside the application. The main features of CRM Configuration Manager are, Easy access to the features of CRM Customization Manager. Possible to select a CRM server as. Freeware download of CRM Configuration Manager 1.55.404, size 99.04 Mb.

TCC/LE 13. 3. 1938 JP Software 

If you are frustrated by the limitations of the Windows command prompt, TCC/LE is the one tool you truly need. By adding thousands of features that Microsoft omitted, TCC/LE makes the command line easy to use, giving you more power and flexibility than you ever imagined.
TCC/LE replaces CMD.EXE, the Windows command processor, and adds. Freeware download of TCC/LE 13. 3. 1938, size 3.25 Mb.

PoissonMax 2 8 Norman Iscove 

PoissonMax is a handy, small, command prompt based application specially designed to compute Poisson maximum likelihood mean frequency from limiting dilution data, with 95% confidence limits and Chi-square value.. Freeware download of PoissonMax 2 8, size 73.73 Kb.

SetACL Helge Klein 

SetACL is a small, command prompt based application specially designed to help you manage permissions (ACLs) on Windows systems from the command line or your programs/scripts. FEATURES: A· Manage permissions on local or remote systems in trusted or untrusted domains or workgroups A· Edit permission and/or auditing entries (DACL and/or SACL) A·. Freeware download of SetACL, size 860.16 Kb.

Advanced Makefile Generator 0.0.1 

Advanced Makefile Generator (AMakeGen) is a tool allowing Dev-C++ users to compile C++ projects using Qt without the use of the command prompt.. Freeware download of Advanced Makefile Generator 0.0.1, size 11.26 Kb.

Bookkeeping OS 0.5 

Bookkeeping OS is a bookkeeping software in command prompt mode. Commands to use the program look like console commands. This method allows for the user simple, fast and quick entries. Written in VB.NET.. Freeware download of Bookkeeping OS 0.5, size 18.94 Kb.

calculla 1.0 

Command-Prompt vector Calculator (Vector Product, Dot Product, Cross product) with Adaption for Geology (Borehole-Plane Intersection Angle, and Plane-Plane Intersection Orientation). *.csv File Input Supported. (Described in Help (/?)). Freeware download of calculla 1.0, size 303.72 Kb.

C-Cmd 2b 

Its Command prompt that runs trought C programming. By Joe DF. Freeware download of C-Cmd 2b, size 35.78 Kb.

COMRedirSVC 1.0 

Redirects incoming commands from COM1 to the command prompt and returns results from command prompt back out COM1. This is primarily useful for automation of Windows servers via console in Linux virtualization environments(ex: KVM, XEN, etc.). Freeware download of COMRedirSVC 1.0, size 23.19 Kb.

Discuz Command Prompt 40 

Discuz! Command Prompt is a plugin for Discuz! forum system that emulates the famous DOS environment, written using AJAX and PHP.. Freeware download of Discuz Command Prompt 40, size 59.28 Kb.

FPSConsole 32 

FPSConsole is an command prompt replacement for Windows 2000/XP operating systems. It can be extended with almost any scripting language and it aims to very configurable. NOTE: THIS PROJECT IS DEAD AND NO LONGER UPDATED!. Freeware download of FPSConsole 32, size 730.17 Kb.

PyCmd 0.8 

PyCmd is a 'smart' command prompt extension for Windows' cmd.exe; its purpose is to emulate a few power features of UNIX shells (decent Tab-completion, persistent history, etc.). Freeware download of PyCmd 0.8, size 3.42 Mb.

Windows Alias Generator 1.0 

Windows Alias Generator is a simple program used to generate aliases for windows command prompt commands.. Freeware download of Windows Alias Generator 1.0, size 5.17 Mb.

Woo Shell rc 

Woo Shell is an alternative to the normal Windows command prompt (cmd.exe). It is inspired by linux shells such as bash, csh and by the xterm terminal. It supports filename completion, stdio piping and redirection, copy/paste.. Freeware download of Woo Shell rc, size 58.53 Kb.

Master's Quiz Game 1.0  

A basic game made with notepad++ and uses command prompt.It's a quiz game and you have to answer the questions.Please browse all files and download every file.

Virus Scan:

-Two. Freeware download of Master's Quiz Game 1.0, size 0 b.

HardlinkGUI 1.0 

If you don't know how command line works or too lazy to open command prompt and want to create a hard link, use this tool. This only work on Windows 2000 and later with NTFS file system

HardlinkGUI 1.0 License - GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3). Freeware download of HardlinkGUI 1.0, size 0 b.