Vbnet Reallife Project Defination And Code

ScriptCase 5.0 NetMake 

ScriptCase is a revolutionary PHP code generator, this almost 10 years old project has helped hundreds of developpers around the world since its first release in 2003.

Scriptcase PHP Generator is a powerful tool to increase web development productivity. Scriptcase PHP Generator runs directly in the browser enabling web application. Free download of ScriptCase 5.0, size 0 b.


LintProject Professional 2 5 Riverblade 

Command line code analysis - ideal for use with build servers
Produces graphical HTML reports describing which lint issues are present in your codebase, and where
Comprehensive handling of C project files - even those making extensive use of internal IDE environment variables and inherited properties or property sheet files
. Free download of LintProject Professional 2 5, size 5.63 Mb.

TWOL-PM Lite-Basic 11. 2. 2010 The World On-Line, Inc. 

PM Lite is no more than adding a project code to a transaction entered into Microsoft Dynamics - GP via the normal GP transaction windows. With PM Lite as a part of PM Lite-Complete, you have the ability to quickly add invoices to a project as well as continue running the regular time and billing through PM Lite-Complete.. Freeware download of TWOL-PM Lite-Basic 11. 2. 2010, size 17.66 Mb.

AjaxFS - Project Open Integration 1.0 po-ajaxfs.sourceforge.net 

This project is an integration of the AjaxFS code to ]project-open[. It will be soon available as part of the Project Open application. Meanwhile, this can be used to bridge the gap.. Freeware download of AjaxFS - Project Open Integration 1.0, size 11.07 Mb.

Artemus Project 32.64 artemus.sourceforge.net 

The Artemus Project aims to create tools for the analysis of C# and PowerPC assembly code on the Xbox 360 using XNA Game Studio. These tools will allow XNA Game Studio developers to identify sections of code that may negatively impact performance.. Freeware download of Artemus Project 32.64, size 2.59 Mb.

Basic To Nasm source code converter 8.6.2004 b2nasm.sourceforge.net 

Basic 2 Nasm, This project converts BASIC source code into NASM compatable assembly language.. Freeware download of Basic To Nasm source code converter 8.6.2004, size 1.72 Mb.

Code Analysis Plugin 1.2.0 cap.xore.de 

CAP (code analysis plugin) is an eclipse plugin (written in Java) that analysis your java project. It checks dependencies between the classes and packages and gives you a hint about the architecture, reusability and maintainability. ("JDepend 2"). Freeware download of Code Analysis Plugin 1.2.0, size 1.91 Mb.

Creator of Turbo Pascal Code 1.0 ctpc.sourceforge.net 

"Creator of Turbo Pascal Code" is a cool project allowing to create normal length programs in Turbo Pascal knowing only the basics of TP. It has a set of creators (for example: procedure creator using database of TP procedures). It is only in Polish!. Freeware download of Creator of Turbo Pascal Code 1.0, size 3.80 Mb.

CRuL - Code Revision Library 0.1.2 CRuL.sourceforge.net 

An openSource Code Revision Library and Software Project Management system for MulitValue Database Systems.. Freeware download of CRuL - Code Revision Library 0.1.2, size 42.93 Kb.

GameMonkey Community Project rc.1.1.0 somedude.net 

This project aims to support the existing GameMonkey Script project by providing ready to build and pre-built packages, as well as adding extra features in the form of binding libraries, documentation and source code enhancement. Freeware download of GameMonkey Community Project rc.1.1.0, size 189.25 Kb.

FXL Code Generation and Transformation 1.3.0.beta ulrich-dinger.de 

The FXL Project Eclipse Plugin leverages the integration of DSLs, (meta-) modeling approaches, code generation and the development of software configuration tools (sw-component-configuration).. Freeware download of FXL Code Generation and Transformation 1.3.0.beta, size 34.03 Mb.

G-code for RepRap 0.3 gcodeforreprap.sourceforge.net 

An interpreter for the G-code language, which can control a 3-axis Cartesian positioning system (ie for a CNC milling machine) which has electronics compatible with the RepRap project.. Freeware download of G-code for RepRap 0.3, size 37.56 Kb.

JGup Code Generator for Web applications 1.0 jdonohue.com 

JGUP is a code generation tool for getting a head start on a new J2EE web application project. You supply a XML file describing the web application and JGup creates your database tables and outputs a project source tree and Ant script for compiling it.. Freeware download of JGup Code Generator for Web applications 1.0, size 1.58 Mb.

Project Steam Weasel 01 steamweasel.sourceforge.net 

Project Steam Weasel is the "code name" for a MacOSX only turn based strategy game in development. The game is intended to be multiplayer by email. By design it is modular, most of the games features are provided by modules.One default module is an Open. Freeware download of Project Steam Weasel 01, size 538.26 Kb.

Rapid Code Generator using NesC syntax 0.1 racogen.sourceforge.net 

The "Rapid Code Generator" will reduce the amount of tedious and repeatitive code one would have to write for a large software project with well defines modules and interfaces. A module exposes (provides) zero or more interfaces and may uses zero or mo. Freeware download of Rapid Code Generator using NesC syntax 0.1, size 12.53 Kb.

SPARTANS Project rc.28102007.1 spartans.sourceforge.net 

Sound Propagation and Acoustic Radiation of Turbomachines - Aeroacoustic Noise Suppression Project : A CFD-like CAA code for predicting turbomachines noise.. Freeware download of SPARTANS Project rc.28102007.1, size 773.33 Kb.

The Chromium Project 1.9 chromium.sourceforge.net 

Chromium is a flexible framework for scalable real-time rendering on clusters of workstations, derived from the Stanford WireGL project code base.. Freeware download of The Chromium Project 1.9, size 8.10 Mb.

The Pliant project 93 fullpliant.org 

Project for a coherent minimal set of tools, in a source code of small size using Pliant language (that focuses on pertinent indications, although allowing programmer's intervention at any level of abstraction and any general rule explicit breaking). Freeware download of The Pliant project 93, size 2.07 Mb.

Unified Code Generation 1.1.3 unifiedcodegeneration.net 

This project provides an open-source framework for the generation of high quality source code which is suitable for safety-critical applications and certification (e.g DO-178B). Currently a Simulink and Stateflow front-end and a C-language back-end are included.Some of the strengths of UCGN:- Clearly readable source-code- Separation of. Freeware download of Unified Code Generation 1.1.3, size 2.22 Mb.

VB 6 Pure Code Lines Calculator 1.2 TriSun Software Inc. 

Do you still use Visual Basic 6? If so, you can try VB 6 Pure Code Lines Calculator! It is a 100% FREE CASE tool for VB6. It is used to calculate the PURE code lines (writing manually) for VB6 project (group). It can record the version history of code lines for each calculated project automatically also. Of course, calculating in other viewpoints. Freeware download of VB 6 Pure Code Lines Calculator 1.2, size 832.90 Kb.

Vbnet Reallife Project Defination And Code Web Results

Pencil Code

High-order finite-difference Fortran 90 code for compressible hydrodynamic flows with magnetic fields. It is highly modular and can easily be adapted to different types of problems. The code runs...

Demo Fortran90 Multilayer Perceptron Backprop Code

By Phil Brierley. A genetic algorithm code is at http://www.philbrierley.com/main.html&code/gafortran.html&code/codeleft.html .

ITtoolbox JavaScript Code Exchange

A free service of ITtoolbox that allows to publish source code for other IT professionals to download and use, and to access source code submitted by other code authors.

Planet Source Code

Delphi,source code, programs, routines and files. Thousands of free files from this huge database. Includes tutorials, discussion group, and coding contest.

Planet Source Code

Lets OOP programmers submit code for review by other programmers; many source code samples to help educate beginners on many concepts; contests where programmers vote for the most efficient, useful...

ITToolbox - PL/SQL code exchange

Public forum where programmers can submit, retrieve, and rate PL/SQL code fragments


Stores and colorize code snippets and its error message, if any. To be used for showcasing code snippets in forums, newsgroups or any other media where code coloring is not possible.