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Royal Kings 1.0 Top Game 

Royal Kings Casino features an exciting selection of superb casino games in an extraordinary crisp 3D graphics and fresh design. Play popular table games, classic video poker games, and an exquisite range of slot machines and video slots with lucrative bonus features and huge progressive jackpots.. Freeware download of Royal Kings 1.0, size 17.24 Mb.


EventMetric 3.3 BrandBeau 

MyEventMetrics is a mobile app that lets you manage and measure the effectiveness of your brand ambassador and experiential campaigns in real-time.


Real-time GPS tracking of all event staff
Digital picture overlays
Data capturing
Social media posting / tracking
Event recap generator
. Freeware download of EventMetric 3.3, size 2.62 Mb.

Euro Star 1.0 Daisy Black 

Tauchen Sie ein in die Welt der Casinounterhaltung mit der kostenlosen EuroStar App.

Installieren Sie heute noch die EuroStar App und erleben Sie das feinste Mobile Casino Spiel!

EuroStar bietet eine qualitative hochwertige gratis mobile Casino App zum Spielen. Diese App ist kostenlos zu installieren und notigt. Freeware download of Euro Star 1.0, size 30.62 Mb.

LDS Scriptures Library 2.16 LDS Scriptures 

#1 Best-Selling LDS Scriptures app, used by hundreds of thousands of users! Money-back guarantee! Known as THE Scriptures app to get! Exclusive features you won't find in any other app! Includes 2014 Curriculum! continues to be the leading innovator in Scripture study tools. Thanks to everyone for making this the. Free download of LDS Scriptures Library 2.16, size 166.72 Mb.

AppDesigner: Making Menus 

Learn how to make a basic AppDesigner project in these menu design tutorials by Bruce Nazarian!

AppDesigner is a software application that lets you quickly create rich-media iOS Apps, even if you have no software programming experience. Using an intuitive drag & drop interface, you can use AppDesigner to snap together an app. Freeware download of AppDesigner: Making Menus, size 145.75 Mb.

Cubase 6.5: New Features 

64 bit Cubase 6.5 is here with its new synths: Retrologue and Padshop. There's also a new Comping tool and some very cool new effects plugins. So join Cubase “Commander” Matthew Loel T. Hepworth, your captain on flight Cubase 6.5, to learn what's new...
Steinberg has done it again with this new and improved version of their awesome. Free download of Cubase 6.5: New Features, size 381.68 Mb.

Digital Performer 8: Midi 

Wow! Composer Alexander Adhami shows you the powerful MIDI capabilities of MOTU's DP8 (hint: it's absolutely awesome!!).

So whether you're on a Mac or a PC, new to DP8, or simply want to see what DP is all about, this course will take you there!

Table of Contents:
1. Creating a MIDI Track
2. MIDI Events
3.. Free download of Digital Performer 8: Midi, size 148.90 Mb.

Final Cut Pro X 107 - Color Correction Techniques 

Final Cut Pro X comes with many new, intuitive and very cool color correction tools. Our in-house FCP X Guru, the “colorful” Michael Wohl, shows you FCP X's virtual rainbow of new tools and techniques that you can use right outta-the-box!

*** Updated for FCP X 10.0.6 ***

Table of Contents

1.. Free download of Final Cut Pro X 107 - Color Correction Techniques, size 196.08 Mb.

Game Audio: Demystifying Game Audio 

Calling all composers and audio experts! If you're looking to have a career in Game Audio, this course is required viewing!

In Demystifying Game Audio you'll get a real world education on everything you need to know AND everything you need to do to jumpstart your career creating sound and music for games!

So put your game. Free download of Game Audio: Demystifying Game Audio, size 330.30 Mb.

Game Audio: Implementing Audio in Unity 

Game Audio is surround sound on steroids! Learn Unity with Scott Looney as you get injected into the exciting world of 3D audio for games!

This course, by Unity master Scott Looney, gives you a great introduction to how Unity manipulates audio and, BTW, it's pretty deep!

Scott starts off this course by showing you Unity in. Free download of Game Audio: Implementing Audio in Unity, size 364.90 Mb.

HTML5 & CSS: Styling With CSS 

Eric Freeman and Elisabeth Robson, our WickedlySmart duo, are back with a in-depth look at styling your HTML5 pages using CSS, to make them work smart and look beautiful...

Table of Contents:
1. Introduction
2. Remembering What CSS Is All About
3. An Example Music Site
4. Using Simple Selectors
5. Understanding. Free download of HTML5 & CSS: Styling With CSS, size 209.72 Mb.

InDesign CS6: Images 

Nothing is more powerful than a strong, clear, well-placed image. Join Adobe Certified Expert trainer and Graphic Design Pro Mark Gatter as he shows you how to give your images maximum impact in Adobe's InDesign CS6...

By the end of this course, you'll not only have the knowledge and confidence to work effectively with images, you'll add. Free download of InDesign CS6: Images, size 117.44 Mb.

iZotope Iris: Iris Explored 

See how iZotope's Iris lets us explore sound design and sampling by using both our ears and our eyes in this 41-tutorial course by the aural genius G.W. Childs.

So get out your audio hammer and chisel and learn how to do some sonic sculpting in this awesome course by G.W. Childs!

Table of Contents:
1. Introduction
2.. Free download of iZotope Iris: Iris Explored, size 320.86 Mb.

Lightroom 4: Wedding Photography 

Here comes the bride!… Watch as internationally-acclaimed Adobe expert and photographer Martin Perhiniak teaches you how to squeeze every last drop of gorgeousness from every photo in this Adobe Lightroom 4 Wedding Photography course!

Martin also teaches you how to assemble your collected wedding photos into the ultimate. Free download of Lightroom 4: Wedding Photography, size 236.98 Mb.

Live 8: The Sampler Explored 

Ableton Live's Sampler is extremely powerful. In this hands-on tutorial Dance music performer and sound design expert Olav Basoski shows you how he uses Sampler to create the original sounds that elevate and enhance his productions...

So join Olav Basoski in this informative Sampler sound design tutorial and see how you can release the. Free download of Live 8: The Sampler Explored, size 232.78 Mb.

Logic 209: EVD6 and EFM1 User Guide 

The EFM1 and the EVD6 are two of the coolest Software Instruments in the Logic collection. Get beyond the presets in this awesome 2-for-1 tutorial by Logic master and SFLogicNinja David Earl...

The EFM1: Ever make something out of nothing? Well, that's kind of how you generate sounds using frequency modulation, or FM. You can start out. Free download of Logic 209: EVD6 and EFM1 User Guide, size 242.22 Mb.

Mixing Pop in Pro Tools 10 

Have you heard Sarah McLachlan's music? Then you've heard Chris Potter's skills—he's Sarah McLachlan's Engineer!

In this 4-hour tutorial by Sarah McLachlan's Lead Engineer Chris Potter, you'll learn how pop music is mixed to get that Big, Pro Sound. In this tutorials Chris reveals the secrets he uses to make Sarah's chart-topping. Free download of Mixing Pop in Pro Tools 10, size 346.03 Mb.

Native Instruments FM8: Synthesis and Sound Design 

Join Synth Expert David Earl (a.k.a. SFLogicNinja) and discover how incredibly powerful and rich FM synthesis can be when using the amazing FM8 synth from Native Instruments.

In this tutorial, FM Synthesis and Sound Design, MPV expert trainer David Earl takes you on a wild, carrier wave ride showing you all you need to know about FM. Free download of Native Instruments FM8: Synthesis and Sound Design, size 236.98 Mb.

Music Theory: Harmony 

Chords infuse music with color and emotion. Learn the theory and magic behind creating chords in this Harmony tutorial by Master Composer and Arranger Gregg Fine.
If melody is the story of a song, then harmony is the feeling behind the story. To create songwriting magic, you need to know both. In this Harmony tutorial by chordiologist Gregg. Free download of Music Theory: Harmony, size 246.42 Mb.

Music Theory: Song Form 

Understanding song form is essential to songwriting. Learn all how to enhance the power of your songs with macProVideo's music theory expert, Gregg Fine...

Think about it: You can't design a successful building without understanding architecture. So, it makes sense that if you trying to write a hit song, you've got to understand the. Free download of Music Theory: Song Form, size 210.76 Mb.