Vidio Semi

MusicGenie 1.0 

A hierarchical representation language for music, which can be used as a human algorithmic composition tool or as a semi-automated composition tool using a genetic algorithm with human listeners as the fitness function.. Freeware download of MusicGenie 1.0, size 22.44 Mb.


PacMan2 1.0 

PacMan2 - The Family - Network Edition - Arcade game - opensourceware version of Pacman with NEW DESIGN and LOTS OF DEVICES (program's engine has got script executer - Squirrel(R)), in 2D version, semi-3D version and under development fully 3DIt can be played by 2 players at the same PC or in multiplayer modeover the LAN-network (TCP/IP. Freeware download of PacMan2 1.0, size 14.71 Mb.

parabola 1.0.5 

This program manipulates representations of compact semi-simple Lie algebras. It can compute tensor products, (anti-)symmetric parts and the branching rules into maximal subalgebras.. Freeware download of parabola 1.0.5, size 585.57 Kb.

PIHM Model 2.0 

PIHM is a multiprocess, multi-scale hydrologic model where the major hydrological processes are fully coupled using the semi-discrete finite volume method.. Freeware download of PIHM Model 2.0, size 195.74 Kb.

polycasso 1.4.0 

A java webstart application that attempts to create cubism style artwork through the layering of semi-transparent polygons via a training feedback loop. Produces increasingly realistic work though hill climbing.. Freeware download of polycasso 1.4.0, size 266.05 Kb.

Prometheus Digi Pres Workbench 1.2.1 

The Prometheus Project is a semi-automated process for transferring data from physical carriers to preservation digital mass storage. It provides a number of web services which allows users on Windows based machines to image the physical media.. Freeware download of Prometheus Digi Pres Workbench 1.2.1, size 7.42 Mb.

Real Time Controls Laboratory b0.7.1 

RTiC-Lab is a semi-detached, open source software designed to run on both Linux and RTLinux. It is an easy to use controls prototyping tool for hard real time applications. Users get real time access to controller parameters and data through a GUI.. Freeware download of Real Time Controls Laboratory b0.7.1, size 156.68 Kb.

Semtinel 1.0 

Semtinel is an application framework for the semi-automatic creation, maintenance and analysis of hierarchical concept schemes (thesaurus, classification or ontology). Semtinel supports the development of new analysis methods and visualization techniques. Freeware download of Semtinel 1.0, size 33.79 Mb.

Site Hopper 0.1.3 

Semi-automated exploration of all page links inside a web application. Produces a map (i.e. a graph) of all links between pages, including relationships on HTTP request parameters and form input fields.. Freeware download of Site Hopper 0.1.3, size 278.15 Kb.

Sopwith 3 32 

Sopwith 3 is a semi-official sequel to/remake of the two original versions of the classic arcade game Sopwith made by David L. Clark as an employee of BMB Compuscience. New features include working multiplayer.. Freeware download of Sopwith 3 32, size 526.39 Kb.

ssSVMToolbox 1.0 

ssSVMToolbox is a Java application capable of performing supervised and semi-supervised learning tasks with Support Vector Machines. It is based on Spring (, RapidMiner ( and Eclipse RCP (http://eclip. Freeware download of ssSVMToolbox 1.0, size 108.93 Mb.

Syrinx 0.9 

A semi-intelligent controller for mpg123 and xmms, allows to searching of id3 tags, weighted random song selection and the ability to figure out what song the user if likely to want to hear next.. Freeware download of Syrinx 0.9, size 134.49 Kb.

tinyos8051wg 4 

TinyOS for 8051 based platforms such as Texas Instruments CC2430, Nordic Semi nRF24e1 and SiLab c8051F34x.. Freeware download of tinyos8051wg 4, size 6.36 Mb.

Tryptic Protein Cleaver 1.0 

TrypC was developed for digesting protein sequences into peptides using fully, semi, and nontryptic cleavage conditions. Associated libraries allow direct loading of data from FASTA files.. Freeware download of Tryptic Protein Cleaver 1.0, size 18.25 Kb.

Varro 1.0 

The Varro toolkit is a system for identifying and frequently recurring unordered subtrees in semi-structured data. It is mostly for linguistics but has applications in semi-structured data mining too.. Freeware download of Varro 1.0, size 393.40 Kb.

VST Preset Generator 1.0 

VST Preset Generator is a software to create randomly (or semi-randomly) generated presets for your favorite VST instruments and effects. (VST = Steinberg Virtual Sound Technology).. Freeware download of VST Preset Generator 1.0, size 5.22 Mb.

Woda, the Web Oriented Database 4.620 

WODA is a Perl program that manages web-oriented, semi-relational, multimedia databases. It allows them to be defined, maintained, added-to, modified, and queried entirely through the WWW, httpd and Web Services interfaces and without (much) programming.. Freeware download of Woda, the Web Oriented Database 4.620, size 872.90 Kb.

Yail 0.3.0 

Yail is a semi-interpreted programming language which runs under a virtual machine.. Freeware download of Yail 0.3.0, size 184.88 Kb.

thewebmind 1.0 Thewebmind 

Give information and requirements of your project to webmind using the semi-natural language. It will give you the documentation, ER Diagram, SQL queries for multiple databases, classes for many languages, forms, etc.For annalists and programmers.

thewebmind 1.0 License - Apache License V2.0. Freeware download of thewebmind 1.0, size 0 b.

MashWriter 001 Mashwriter 

A text editor for the PSP using a semi-chordal ('keymashing') text entry scheme, allowing relatively rapid input with just the built-in controls.

MashWriter 001 License - BSD License. Freeware download of MashWriter 001, size 335.30 Kb.