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Virgin Mobile Balance David Hall 

Displays the remaining credit or used quota on your Australian Virgin Mobile Account. See for full details.. Free download of Virgin Mobile Balance, size 20.97 Kb.

VMPR (Virgin Mobile PIN Randomizer) 1.0 Mason Malone 

Doing this mitigates the risks posed by Virgin Mobile's extremely insecure password system in a few ways:

Any attempt to brute force your PIN won't get far before it changes.
If Virgin Mobile's support or e-mail system gets compromised somehow, your PIN will probably have changed before it can be used. This is a concern because. Freeware download of VMPR (Virgin Mobile PIN Randomizer) 1.0, size 6.70 Mb.

Medjugorje Messages 2012 Computer Club 2000+ 

Apparitions of the Virgin Mary in Medjugorje and her Messages to the World. Since 1981, the Virgin Mary has been appearing to 6 witnesses giving them heavenly messages. Includes Search, Save, Bookmarks, and Notes. No Setup & No Registration required. Mirror Download Link Freeware download of Medjugorje Messages 2012, size 266.24 Kb.

Virgin Radio Turkey 1.0 Virginradio 

Virgin Radio app for Windows Mobile with facebook, twitter and google.

Radyo dinlerken aynA zamanda facebook, twitter ve google ile internete baAYlA kalmanAza olanak tanAr.. Freeware download of Virgin Radio Turkey 1.0, size 0 b.

Virgin Mountains Screensaver 1.0 Freesavers2k 

Plunge into the world of the virgin nature of mountains, during the moment when your eyes have got tired of hard work behind the computer. Lean back in an armchair, relax and spend some minutes to the companies with spirit of the mountain nature which will carry by you over rocky breakages of the granite sculptures which have been wrapped up with. Free download of Virgin Mountains Screensaver 1.0, size 2.78 Mb.

Monkeys' Tower 1.0 Gambana 

Over the centuries there were harmony and piece in virgin jungles of Monkenya. Man has never trod in those places, and all animals lived like a big friendly family. But one day a steel magnate Jack Iron came to that place. He wanted to expand his business and decided to found his next factory exactly on this territory. With the help of an axe and. Free download of Monkeys' Tower 1.0, size 7.13 Mb.

Monkey's Tower 9.0.16 Gambana 

The game is based in the virgin jungles of Monkenya where harmony and peace have dwelled over the centuries. But one day Jack Iron decided to expand his business and build his next factory in these places. You have to prevent him from deforesting the territory by restoring the habitat of the animals.

The game screen is split up in two. Free download of Monkey's Tower 9.0.16, size 7.28 Mb.

Sanctus Screensaver 1.0 Anon. 

Sanctus Screensaver is a screensaver for PC's running the Windows operating system. It contains high quality Catholic religious images. Images include Jesus, The Crucifixion, The Virgin Mary, Our Lady Of Guadalupe, St. Michael The Archangel, St. George and St. Padre Pio. The software is easy to install and uninstall.. Freeware download of Sanctus Screensaver 1.0, size 6.12 Mb.

JTAG-O-MAT 1.2.5 

JTAG-O-MAT is a simple but highly configurable command line tool for Win32 and Linux based PCs, mainly used to upload initial software to virgin embedded system via a JTAG interface.. Freeware download of JTAG-O-MAT 1.2.5, size 105.14 Kb.

Crescimento 1.0 Crescimento 

This software is intended to store pediatric information about child growth data, as birthdate, sex, height and weight for evaluating the correct development in comparison to World Health Organization Standards. As well for generating medical databases and graphical interpretation of the data.. Freeware download of Crescimento 1.0, size 0 b.

Virgin Waterfall Screensaver 1.0 Freesavers2k 

It is a piece of nature you are able to have at home. Someone choose clock online free, someone prefer free fish download, but major part of people would like to enjoy such small pictures of virgin beauty. From the first sight it looks like people worked here a bit to make this bridge from a tree, however it is not so. Everything here is created by. Free download of Virgin Waterfall Screensaver 1.0, size 2.37 Mb.

FireRocker For Mac 1.03 Chiaro Software 

FireRocker lets you listen to over 390 stations including ESPN, BBC, Virgin Radio, and many others on your Mac! You can also search and filter stations by genre. FireRocker lets you add more stations if you want to.

FireRocker can also record the audio that is being played. It will also insert metadata(A.K.A. song info) on the recording. Free download of FireRocker For Mac 1.03, size 5.19 Mb.

Sandy Island 3D Screensaver 1.0 Screen-Splash 

Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean there is a nature lover's paradise, isolated from the mainland for thousand years. Take a trip to a tropical island with Sandy Island 3D screensaver and enjoy virgin nature and relaxing sounds of ocean waves. Screensaver has a colorful photorealistic graphics and also offers you a built-in clock and FPS counter.. Free download of Sandy Island 3D Screensaver 1.0, size 6.86 Mb.

Bombstrike 1.03 Tomcat Games 

"Bombstrike: arcade shoot'em up on steroids. If you want intense shoot'em up action--did I say intense?--look no further: Tomcat Interactive has sprung their virgin release, Bombstrike: "The ultimate 3D helicopter action game." The graphics are gorgeous, the bass is headache-inducing, and the action is fast and furious. If that. Free download of Bombstrike 1.03, size 16.00 Mb.

Lies and Seductions 1.0.1 TAIK Media Lab 

Lies and Seductions is a single player game about seduction, lies, and betrayal.

Are you able to guide Abby to seduce a rock star, Chris, who has promised to stay virgin until marriage? In order to success you need to gather dirty little secrets, use those secrets to your advantage, and make an impression on Chris.

Main. Freeware download of Lies and Seductions 1.0.1, size 45.14 Mb.

Philipp Winterberg - Mexico Premium 2.0 Philipp Winterberg 

This screensaver runs on Windows PCs. It shows 50 wonderful photos of Mexico! The Mexico Premium Screensaver shows photos of San Christobal, Oaxaca, México, D.F., Tulum, Chichen Itza, Virgin of Guadalupe, Merida, Sumidero Canyon etc. - watch the preview video:. Freeware download of Philipp Winterberg - Mexico Premium 2.0, size 7.64 Mb.

Catamarans Screensaver 1 16 CATAMARANS.COM 

These catamarans are beautiful two hulled yachts photographed and filmed in beautiful locations around the world. If you love boats, the Caribbean, sailing, or just tropical scenery this screensaver is for you. Many soothing photos and videos to dream over as you consider your next catamaran sailing vacation or outing. Includes over 30 photos,. Freeware download of Catamarans Screensaver 1 16, size 6.69 Mb.

KoyamaPbl2011 1.3.0 Koyamapbl 

HealFu allows you to easily record health and fitness data and make your life better.

-Your ideal body weight will be calculated according to your height and sex(your Body Mass Index).

-After recording your body weight, a message will encourage you.

-This application will be enhanced to upload images to twitter. Freeware download of KoyamaPbl2011 1.3.0, size 22.06 Mb.

Rodovid 1.0 Rodovid 

Rodovid is a drag-n-drop genealogic program for Linux or Windows based on Tk, Perl. You can edit info (name, sex, dates of birth, death, marriage, etc...) for individuals, add/remove photos, import and export GEDCOM data, creating sites like

Rodovid 1.0 License - GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2). Freeware download of Rodovid 1.0, size 78.88 Mb.

Arbol 3D 1.0 Arbol3d 

Arbol3D is a very simple genealogic program writeen in Java (Spanish). You can edit info (name, sex, dates of birth, death, marriage, etc...) for individuals, add/remove photo, import and export GEDCOM data and more... The program uses a text file as database!

Arbol 3D 1.0 License - GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3). Freeware download of Arbol 3D 1.0, size 145.79 Kb.

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