Virtual Gun

Virtual Gun Loco Rodriguez 

Virtual Gun is an exciting six-shot revolver simulator which gives you an opportunity to feel like playing with a real weapon. To be even more realistic, Virtual Gun uses cool gestures like ‘shake' to open/close the chamber, ‘tap' to insert a bullet and ‘swipe' to spin the barrel, pull the hammer back and fire.

Virtual. Free download of Virtual Gun, size 3.15 Mb.


Gun Fiend 1.5 Naquatic LLC 

"Throw away your old gun collecting app. This is the last one you will ever need." - Free Apps Arcade

Don't just tap on it... USE it. Gun Fiend transforms your device into a virtual reality weapon.

Pocket pistols, handguns, military. Freeware download of Gun Fiend 1.5, size 49.28 Mb.

Pocket Arsenal (Free) Herm's Software 

Pocket Arsenal is a Virtual Gun app with plenty of guns to keep you entertained. Don't let stress get to you, simply fire up your favorite gun and have a blast.

Featuring 15 Beautiful Weapons

Gold Desert Eagle
Walther P99
Mini Desert Eagle
Beretta 92
Ruger Mark III

Virtual Airsoft Gun Growling Software 

Recreate days of excitement with your very own Virtual Airsoft Gun. Amazing life-like looks and functionality of a classic Airsoft gun are provided in this Airsoft gun simulator. New and old Airsoft fun-seekers will thrill to the sound of their very own Airsoft gun simulator.
Excellent stress reliever!
Features. Freeware download of Virtual Airsoft Gun, size 1.05 Mb.

Virtual Nerf Gun Growling Software 

Imagine it, you are stuck at school or work and you long for the thrill of a good old-fashioned Nerf gun match. Why not pull out the Virtual Nerf Gun? This nerf gun simulator provides all the thrill of the duel along with excellent graphics as you fire away.
Great stress reliever and best of all - FREE!
For Entertainment. Freeware download of Virtual Nerf Gun, size 1.05 Mb.

Gun Sounds Ultra 1.0 Randy Levine 

Download Gun Sounds Now!

Feel the force of a powerful virtual weapon in your hand like never before!

Take a huge selection of the world's most popular gun's down the the shooting range and listen to
over 40 authentic Gun Sounds.

Feel the recoil as you blast bullet holes in 2 different target designs.

Gun Rampage 1.0 

Go berserk using an arsenal of weapons to wreak virtual havoc! Have plenty of explosions, fire power and screams at the ready with Gun Rampage.

Assault Rifle
Machine Gun
Karate Chop
Woman's Shriek
Man. Free download of Gun Rampage 1.0, size 8.18 Mb.

Virtual Paintball Boga 

Enter the virtual world of paintball. With the augmented reality of your WP7 and HD paitball gun sounds, you will be able to fell like you are really playing Paintball.

- 3 guns to choose from, including a Frostbite Sniper!
- Tap the gun to shoot
- High Fidelity paintball gun. Freeware download of Virtual Paintball, size 1.05 Mb.

Guncrafter Christmas 1.0 Naquatic LLC 

A festive sequel to Guncrafter, the #2 Free App featured around the world by Apple!

Craft your own gun and compete against your friends, your enemies, or anyone in the world in a virtual reality shooting competition!

With our exclusive Quick Match system,. Freeware download of Guncrafter Christmas 1.0, size 65.64 Mb.

Guncrafter Pro 1.4 Naquatic LLC 


Craft your own gun and compete against your friends, your enemies, or anyone in the world in a virtual reality shooting competition!

With our exclusive Quick Match system, get. Free download of Guncrafter Pro 1.4, size 49.18 Mb.

Super X Desktop virtual Manager 3.4.60310 AjivaSoft Computing, Inc. 

Get 100 reliable virtual desktop,custom caption and wallpaper,switch them with wallpaper by hot keys.Are there too many application running at the same time to fill up the measure of your desktop? Do you want to runnming programs as more as you can in order to make your computer more effectivety?Do you want to manager multiple desktops as you can. Free download of Super X Desktop virtual Manager 3.4.60310, size 675.84 Kb.

enable Virtual Desktop 2.2.8 Enable Software Pty Ltd 

enable Virtual Desktop is the next generation virtual desktop from Enable Software. Features include: customizable desktop size, hotkey desktop switching, mouse and window selectors, fully customizable appearance (including different wallpaper/patterns/colors for each desktop). Customise the mini-window via semi-transparent display, titlebar. Free download of enable Virtual Desktop 2.2.8, size 3.66 Mb.

Realistic Virtual Piano VSTi 2.1 Syntheway 

Realistic Virtual Piano is a acoustic grand piano emulation with a breathtakingly rich and realistic sound. Particular care has been taken in the reproduction of the original realism and touch response of a Kawai Grand Piano. The result is a delicacy of tone and expression that emulates the experience of playing a real acoustic grand.Features:-. Free download of Realistic Virtual Piano VSTi 2.1, size 3.36 Mb.

Virtual Room Emulator VST 1.3 Syntheway 

Virtual Room Emulator is a VST reverb plug-in for native PC platforms. Used to create psycho-acoustic models in the DSP environment. It simulates the reverberation of a sound in a rectangular type room, allowing separate control of the room's width, depth and height. It also allows you to control the distance between the listener and the sound. Free download of Virtual Room Emulator VST 1.3, size 933.89 Kb.

Virtual Serial Ports Driver CE 3.2 ELTIMA Software GmbH 

Virtual Serial Ports Driver CE creates up to 20 pure virtual serial ports in your mobile system, this results in up to 10 virtual serial ports pairs. Each pair has 2 ports that are virtually connected to each other. For other applications, virtual serial ports will be seen exactly as two real serial ports connected via virtual null-modem cable. You. Free download of Virtual Serial Ports Driver CE 3.2, size 442.37 Kb.

Virtual Serial Port Kit 5.2.1 FabulaTech 

Virtual Serial Port Kit creates pairs of virtual serial ports in your system which are virtually connected to each other. Physical null modem cables are not required. You can connect any number of virtual port pairs. Virtual serial port pairs will look and work exactly like real hardware serial ports connected via null modem cables.Virtual Serial. Free download of Virtual Serial Port Kit 5.2.1, size 3.51 Mb.

Advanced Virtual COM Port 2.3 KernelPro Software 

Advanced Virtual COM Port is the first software of its kind which includes both local and networkvirtual COM port functions.It can share your real COM ports or it can create virtual COM ports and connect them with avirtual null-modem cable locally or through a TCP/IP network or the Internet.You can connect to a shared port and use it just like it. Free download of Advanced Virtual COM Port 2.3, size 1.45 Mb.

Virtual Serial Port ActiveX CE 3.1 ELTIMA GmbH 

Virtual Serial Port ActiveX CE is a powerful ActiveX Control for Embedded platforms that allows your software to create custom additional virtual serial ports in Windows CE system and fully control them from within your own program. Virtual serial ports you will create look and work absolutely like real serial ports for other Windows CE. Free download of Virtual Serial Port ActiveX CE 3.1, size 848.90 Kb.

Virtual Serial Port ActiveX 8.0 Eltima Software 

Virtual Serial Port ActiveX Control is an advanced component which enables your application with the ability to create and unlimited number of virtual serial port pairs. Your application will be able to crate, delete and fully control virtual serial ports. As virtual ports look and behave like real ones, other applications will not be able to see. Free download of Virtual Serial Port ActiveX 8.0, size 3.98 Mb.

Virtual Serial Port ActiveX Control 3.0.1 ELTIMA Software GmbH 

Virtual Serial Port ActiveX Control is a powerful tool for professional developers that allows your application to create custom additional virtual serial port in system and fully control it. You can view parameters information of a virtual serial port, set by other application. From your application you can view and control data sent to virtual. Free download of Virtual Serial Port ActiveX Control 3.0.1, size 1.72 Mb.