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DBX into PST Converter 3.4 DBX into PST Converter 

Are you searching a reliable, trustworthy, competent DBX into PST Converter that is capable to move Outlook Express DBX files into Outlook PST file successfully with 100% results? If yes, then your search stops here as SoftSpire has launched its DBX into PST Converter that helps its users to convert DBX into PST in instant clicks. DBX into PST. Free download of DBX into PST Converter 3.4, size 2.51 Mb.


numberator Alejandro Comes 

Convert integers and currencies into words: 17 languages, 93 countries.Integers and currencies from clipboard: Copy any text with numbers into the clipboard and load it "from clipboard" to get a full translated list.Can generate a sequential or random list of integers, between the limits you select.Languages: Catalan, Danish, Dutch,. Free download of numberator, size 573.44 Kb.

1888 Number to Word Converter 1 1888softwaredownloads.com 

Download free converter to convert number into words. Enter any number (that is up to fifteen digits before decimal and fifteen digits after decimal). Get the answers starting from zero and up to trillion. Be sure that you don t enter any characters other than number and point in the numeric value you want to be converted. This conversion tool is. Free download of 1888 Number to Word Converter 1, size 41.94 Kb.

TIFF into PDF Split Merge 

TIFF into PDF Converter utility software tool Supports Multi-page tiff file to PDF conversion, merge combine a number of multipage TIFs files to PDF. User can scan papers files directly to picture files and then simply modify them into PDF documents with Tiff 2 PDF converter creation. Converting TIFF Files to PDF Files can execute to convert TIFF. Free download of TIFF into PDF, size 641.02 Kb.

Blaze Audio Voice Cloak 1.1 Blaze Audio 

Wouldn't it be fun if you could change your on-line voice into something completely different- change male to female and vice-versa, or even have a voice straight out of the latest science fiction movie?Now you can disguise, morph, and improve your online voice. Change gender, add sound effects, robot voice, pitch shift, echo, EQ in real time!. Free download of Blaze Audio Voice Cloak 1.1, size 2.25 Mb.

DC Num2Text 1 EgyFirst Software , inc 

Num2Text convert numerical values into words in 4 languages For example, the numerical value 7431285.46 would be translated into Seven millions , four hundreds and thirty one thousands , two hundreds and eighty five dollars . . Free download of DC Num2Text 1, size 492.54 Kb.

Check-kit - Check number to word converter 1.6 Chun Kai Lau 

Fear of filling in wrong amount on checks?
Hopeless at writing check number in foreign languages?
Having difficulty counting large numbers?

Why not use Check-kit?

How it helps?

o It converts number into words immediately and accurately.
o It supports multiple currencies and languages.

Halloween Voice Transformer 1.2 Better Day Wireless, Inc. 

Trick your friends and give yourself a treat this halloween! Record yourself saying anything then morph your voice into an eerie alien, wicked witch, grim reaper, scary monster, spacey robot, or spooky ghost. Sure to provide hours of fun and endless practical joke possibilities. Save your recordings to listen to and laugh at later or share the. Freeware download of Halloween Voice Transformer 1.2, size 734.00 Kb.

Voice Mask Ian 

Voice mask gives you the best entertainment ever. It changes your voice into an Old man, robot, or even a duck's voice. What are you waiting for? Come and try it out !!!. Free download of Voice Mask, size 1.05 Mb.

nijaVoiceToText 1.0 nijaSmart Systems private limited 

nijaVoiceToText is a audio file (Voice) to text converter using Google Cloud Speech API. It takes WAV,RAW, FLAC, ALAC, AIFF, OGG and MP3 audio files as input and produces a Text file as output. About 110 input languages are supported which means you can convert an arabic or Hindi or urdu speech file into Text form
The program is a simple. Free download of nijaVoiceToText 1.0, size 17.63 Mb.

Crystal Video Dubber 1.00 Crystal Software 

Do you want to add your own voice into video files? Crystal Video Dubber is an easy-using tool for dubbing video files. You can add your voice into one certain segment of the video file by the microphone or add an audio files into a video file. Its easy usage enables you to dub without learning. Use it, your work will be much easier!. Free download of Crystal Video Dubber 1.00, size 9.26 Mb.

jalada Zen Writer 1.0.1 jalada GmbH 

PUTTING THOUGHTS INTO WORDS Writing is a state of mind. All that you see, feel and experience is a reflection of the state of mind that you are currently in. The Zen approach to write is to pay attention to details without becoming so absorbed in them that you forget the point. The point is to put your thoughts into words and to deal impeccably and. Free download of jalada Zen Writer 1.0.1, size 41.56 Mb.

Subliminal Wealth Tool 1.0 How 2 Of Wealth 

By filling in the blanks, you will put into words and commands, written in the proper format, the affirmations that you need to start creating wealth. Your brain will do what it is told, and as these affirmations are literally burned into your eyeballs for a short period of time, due to the colors and methods used, you can actually begin training. Freeware download of Subliminal Wealth Tool 1.0, size 165.89 Kb.

uToolbox Tokenizer 1.0 uToolbox 

uToolbox Tokenizer allows users to tokenize any string of text given into words.

In addition, this application can also capitalize the text and convert it to lowercase or uppercase.

To spice things up, one can even reverse the words from their source texts.

. Free download of uToolbox Tokenizer 1.0, size 0 b.

1 wub wub delux 1.0.0 GloboCom, LLC 

1 wub wub delux is the premium dubstep voice audio mixer app. Automatically transform your voice into a dubstep dream. Speak into the microphone and let wub wub take over!

Everything you know and love about wub wub with full features! Enjoy the new audio tracks and keep wubbin'!. Free download of 1 wub wub delux 1.0.0, size 1.68 Mb.

English Letter Writing 1.3 Vipin Nair 

The art of writing a letter takes practice, knowledge about proper form and the ability to put into words your feelings, thoughts, and/or
ideas. If you learn the basic parts of a letter, it will help you to create letters for a variety of occasions.Letter writing occurs in many
forms and formats, including notes, letters, and postcards.. Freeware download of English Letter Writing 1.3, size 4.19 Mb.

Human-to-Cat Translator Deluxe 1.3.1 Electric French Fries 

Disclaimer: This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true Human-to-Cat Translating functionality.

Cat playing hard to get? Instantly translate your voice into meows and get kitty's attention. With over 175 quality samples from more than 25 cats, Human-to-Cat Translator dares to impress even the most. Free download of Human-to-Cat Translator Deluxe 1.3.1, size 33.55 Mb.

Dutch Spanish Translator intouch softwares 

Dutch Spanish Translator is a cool app that was designed to help you translate your Dutch texts/ voice into Spanish or change the Spanish texts/voice into plain Dutch.

Using the application is a breeze because all you have to do is add the texts in the right box and then push 'Convert'.

You can even use Speak button to give. Freeware download of Dutch Spanish Translator, size 1.05 Mb.

Flashlight/Morse Alexander Sidorenko 

NEW: Morse decoder!
Simple flashlight with ability to share your thoughts using Morse code.
Free and without ads.
In the latest release added function of decoding Morse code. It uses your phone camera and translates flases into words. It works better in the darkness.

What's new:
1.1.5 - Say "Thank you!" to. Freeware download of Flashlight/Morse, size 1.05 Mb.

French SpanishTranslator intouch softwares 

French Spanish Translator is a cool app that was designed to help you translate your French texts/ voice into Spanish or change the Spanish texts/voice into French.

Using the application is a breeze because all you have to do is add the texts in the right box and then push 'Convert'.

You can even use Speak button to give the. Freeware download of French SpanishTranslator, size 1.05 Mb.