Voice Operated Home Appliances Control Windows Phone Software

Voice FlashLight WP7 MaG 

Mobile \ Productivity

finally , the first voice-operated flashlight on wp8. to use, after the first run of application you can hold start button and say (you must have installed speech module onyour phone)

"flashlight Run" or some other commands. Free download, simple interface, ads free, uses a built-

in LED flash from your phone. You. Freeware download of Voice FlashLight, size 1.05 Mb.


Pah - Voice Activated Labgoo 

Mobile \ Games

OVER 500,000 downloadson iPhone and 250,000 on Android and over 70,000,000 shouts of Pah

Use only your VOICE.
Say Ahhh to control the ship.
shout Pah to shoot.

**** WARNING ****
Extreme stomach aches due to laughter may be experienced during the. Free download of Pah - Voice Activated, size 2.10 Mb.

Snap Switch 6.4.702.2032 Snap Software 

Mobile \ Productivity

Snap Switch is a fast and easy-to-use home automation control app that can connect to:
1. Universal Devices ISY-99i/994i series Insteon controller
2. Philips Hue wireless lighting bridge
3. VeraLite / Vera3 Z-Wave controller
4. Blue Iris camera server
5. Most standalone IP cameras

Use this app to switch. Free download of Snap Switch 6.4.702.2032, size 1.05 Mb.

Dino Parade ORiGO GAMES 

Mobile \ Games

Dino Parade is the first Tower Defense game that allows player to use a variety of common home appliances based towers and a unique super weapon to protect your house from hundreds of mad Dinosaurs. Defend your home from the prehistoric stampede by arming yourself with unique weapons such as a toaster, TV, ice cooler, rice steamer, sub woofer, and. Free download of Dino Parade, size 24.12 Mb.


Mobile \ Lifestyle

Experience shopping at its best and most convenient with the Jumia app for FREE.

The Jumia app is your window to Africa's biggest online store where you can shop the widest selection of electronics, fashion, home appliances, kid's items and more and have them shipped directly to your home or office at your convenience!

Get. Freeware download of Jumia, size 1.05 Mb.


Mobile \ Business

Call Control for BroadWorks allows you to originate calls from your Windows Phone through your BroadSoft BroadWorks powered desk phone and enables easy control of Remote Office, BroadWorks Anywhere, DND and Call Forwarding settings while on the move. If used with an account that is a member of a Call Center, joining/unjoining and control of the. Free download of Call Control, size 1.05 Mb.

Flashcards - Professions KLAP Edutainment Pvt Ltd 

Mobile \ Games

Children learn about different professions with this wonderful app. Kids get to learn at their own pace with real life pictures of different professionals. A clear voice over teaches the child to associate the words to the pictures. Children will not only learn about community helpers like teacher, doctor, firefighter, etc, but also about other. Free download of Flashcards - Professions, size 12.58 Mb.

Oni: Light Control untitled network 

Mobile \ Productivity

Release notes

Walk into your living room, play some nice music, and simply say "Set lights to Dusk". Or, place your phone near one of your wall paintings and watch the lights fade to the colors of your artwork.

Oni: Light Control allows you to set the color of the lights in your home* from your phone. Create. Free download of Oni: Light Control, size 8.39 Mb.

Vocal commands for Microsoft Xbox One Brain-Sys Srl 

Mobile \ Entertainment

"Voice commands for Microsoft Xbox One" is a list of available voice commands for Microsoft Kinect Xbox One. The commands are grouped by genre for easy access. The application also use speech synthesizer for read selected command.
The list of commands is publicly available on the official website:

Learn and play US English (American) + DOMOsoft 

Mobile \ Education

This engaging game of skill is a mobile tutor for self-study of vocabulary and phonetics on the beginner's (elementary, basic) level. The word list includes words from various topics used in everyday life. This self-teaching game helps to learn productively correct pronunciation and spelling through visual and audio support.
The game consists. Free download of Learn and play US English (American) +, size 15.73 Mb.

DJ Master Drum n Bass Music Library 

Mobile \ Education

If you already have a lot of dj mixer software dj download and dj sound effects with turntable scratch free recording app and you still can't get enough – we have the solution! It's a perfect music application for a meloman and music maniac like you!
DJ Master - Drum N Bass maker studio music paradise free app includes two turntables and. Freeware download of DJ Master Drum n Bass, size 9.44 Mb.

DJ Master Trap Music Library 

Mobile \ Entertainment

If you already have a lot of dj mixer software dj download and dj sound effects with turntable scratch free recording app and you still can't get enough – we have the solution! We have got something for a music maniac like you!
DJ Master - Trap dj studio music paradise free app includes two turntables and simple music pads with Trap. Freeware download of DJ Master Trap, size 9.44 Mb.

Lazada (Official) Lazada Group 

Mobile \ Lifestyle

The No.1 Shopping App in Southeast Asia! Download now for FREE and shop over 100,000 products at the touch of your finger!

Download the Lazada App to get our latest deals and weekly discounts. You can browse various categories anytime on your mobile & tablet for the best discounted prices on products ranging from electronics,. Freeware download of Lazada (Official), size 5.24 Mb.

Trap Music Buttons Sound Mixer 

Mobile \ Entertainment

If you already have a lot of dj mixer software dj download and dj sound effects with turntable scratch free recording app and you still can't get enough – we have the solution! We have got something for a music maniac like you!
Trap Music Buttons dj studio includes two turntables and simple music pads with Trap music maker sounds. You. Freeware download of Trap Music Buttons, size 7.34 Mb.

InControl HA MoonLit Software 

Mobile \ Productivity

InControl Home Automation allows you to control your z-wave and clipsal lights and other appliances from your phone.

- NEW: Scene Control
- Check to see if your lights are currently turned on or off
- Turn lights and devices on and off
- Control light dim level
- Control Z-Wave Thermostats (fan on/off,. Free download of InControl HA, size 5.24 Mb.

Battery Monitor w/ Voice Control Greater Visions Technology Solutions, Inc. 

Mobile \ Productivity

A great battery monitor for Windows Phone 8 with a customizable live tile, usage graph, Voice control, and Desk Clock mode.

* Voice commands
- Show Status, Say Status,
Say Remaining Time
* Usage Graph
- See your battery History
- Charge Indicators at top of graph
- Customizable time frames
*. Free download of Battery Monitor w/ Voice Control, size 4.19 Mb.

The Home Depot The Home Depot, Inc. 

Mobile \ Lifestyle

Browse and shop for over 350,000 home improvement products: appliances, bathroom, decorating ideas, kitchen remodeling, patio furniture, power tools, BBQ grills, carpeting, lumber, concrete, lighting, ceiling fans and more!

The Home Depot's Pick Up In Store. Freeware download of The Home Depot, size 1.05 Mb.

Bingo Voice G Lab 

Mobile \ Productivity

About Bingo Voice

Bingo Voice(BV) is the intelligent personal assistant that helps you in get things done either you say it or type it.

BV can forecast weather in any city in the world, update your social status, control timer, call or text any contact and much more.

BV try to understand what you intent to do and. Freeware download of Bingo Voice, size 1.05 Mb.

Bravia Control etrosce 

Mobile \ Productivity

Unofficial remote control application for Sony Bravia devices (Smart TVs, Blu-ray Disc™ Players/Home Theater Systems, Streaming Player/Network Media Players, etc.).

A couple of things you should know:
- Your Windows Phone and your Bravia device have to be on the same network.
- This application cannot turn ON your Bravia. Free download of Bravia Control, size 1.05 Mb.

Vera Control babgvant 

Mobile \ Productivity

Control MiCasaverde Vera Z-Wave home automation devices, view cameras, and upload images to SkyDrive. Most devices function properly, but if something doesn't work please contact me (andyvt@babgvant.com) and I will add it. If you like the app please rate it and leave some feedback.

- Accent the most recently activated scene

Verisure Verisure Innovation AB 

Mobile \ Business

With the Verisure app you can control and monitor your connected smart home on the go.

Arm and disarm the alarm. Get notifications when your children come home and check the alarm status.

Read off the temperature and relative humidity through several of our products, to make sure that the climate conditions in your home are. Freeware download of Verisure, size 1.05 Mb.

Voice Alarm MichaelNashat 

Mobile \ Productivity

Ever imagined to talk to your alarm ? now it's possible with our app!
You can use your voice to control the application and we assure you, you will enjoy this.
The app is made specially to fit all users, with a very simple yet elegant design.
You can easily use it to fit your own needs, with a very modern alarm display just to treat. Freeware download of Voice Alarm, size 1.05 Mb.

Voice Music Player 2 Le Phi Hung 

Mobile \ Music

Speech Recognition Media Player .
With this application you can use voice to control music player.
Voice control is a great way to use your phone. it will work better if you are using microphone & headphone) .
Improvements in this version:
+Fixed some bugs with Speech Language.
+Interface changes.
+Add. Freeware download of Voice Music Player 2, size 1.05 Mb.

Voice Timer BTM Development 

Mobile \ Productivity

Voice Timer allows you to set timers using voice commands. Simply start the voice prompt by holding the Home button for a couple of seconds. Then, say something like "Start a timer for 15 minutes".

The app doesn't even need to be open to work! It uses the new Voice Commands features in Windows Phone 8. You'll get a notification. Free download of Voice Timer, size 1.05 Mb.

alarmy fady 

Mobile \ Productivity

are you tired to get out of the bed and turn off the alarm , do you want to control all your life with your voice commands
this is what we made
speech alarm app is an app that you can control every thing and every feature in it with your voice commands and without an internet connection
this app has many other features like. Free download of alarmy, size 1.05 Mb.

Apex Controller kenargo.com 

Mobile \ Productivity

Want to keep track of your aquarium controller while you are away from home? This application will allow you to access and control your Neptune Systems Aquacontroller and is compatible with the AC3 and Apex family of controllers. Use it to review status, control, update, examine programming (Apex only) and graph probe values and readings.

AV Remote HDW Production 

Mobile \ Music

With AV Remote you remotely control your UPnP / DLNA compatible home entertainment devices. Play music, video and images all over your home from network libraries or from the cloud to any player, such as TV sets, picture frames, set-top-boxes or your phone. All you need is a Wi-Fi network and some UPnP / DLNA compatible multimedia devices.

Caledos Letocrono Caledos LAB 

Mobile \ Productivity

Caledos Remote Letocrono allows to control, from your Windows Phone 7, your home/industrial automation system based on "Letocrono". Turn on your mobile phone, click on its icon and contol your system easily!

Main features:
* support for Letocrono V2.4.06F and V2.5 APIs
* allows to access to anonymous server
*. Free download of Caledos Letocrono, size 2.10 Mb.

Cloogy ISA - Intelligent Sensing Anywhere 

Mobile \ Productivity

Cloogy it's a household energy management solution that allows you to monitor your consumption and control your electrical appliances. Cloogy shows you which parts of your house are inefficient and where you can save energy. It also helps to optimize the use of your electrical appliances, in an easy way, eliminating waste and unnecessary costs.. Freeware download of Cloogy, size 5.24 Mb.

DVR Net Remote Webguild 

Mobile \ Entertainment

Control your TiVo DVR with this remote control app. The app uses your home network to control the TiVo DVR by sending commands to it via its IP address.

The keypad makes text entry of WishLists and Searches a breeze.

Since control is not Infra-red, no line-of-sight is needed to control the TiVo DVR; only the WiFi connection. Free download of DVR Net Remote, size 1.05 Mb.