Vpn To Open Facebook On Iran

RewardPort.com Toolbar RewardPort.com 

with this toolbar you can open any facebook page in a click and get notifications with your new messages and updates.
it can block any pop-ups an it comes with an cookie cleaner, cache cleaner and history cleaner.
it has shortcuts for some interesting websites. Freeware download of RewardPort.com Toolbar, size 2.14 Mb.


FaceBook DeskTop 3.1 Olcinium 

FaceBook @Desktop is a light-weight client that sits in your system tray, like any other messenger software, and will alert you as soon as some new activity happens in your Facebook stream. The alerts are presented as unobtrusive pop-ups on the desktop that automatically fade after some time.

You don't need to refresh your profile a. Freeware download of FaceBook DeskTop 3.1, size 725.75 Kb.

Flirt Facebook Friend Adder 1.0.21 Falkor Inc. 

Facebook friend adder bot application for Mac OS X that can send friend requests, messages, wall posts, event invites and more. Manage your pages with Flirt Facebook friend blaster pro. Get more page likes and fans!. Free download of Flirt Facebook Friend Adder 1.0.21, size 5.86 Mb.

Social Facebook e commerce cart 1.0 Muncom 

Why should I do open my business in Muncom? Muncom offers you the best online store in the world for free, which you can adapt to any kind of business, and it’s also unlimited, global, local and multilingual. It includes a whole bunch of exciting tools that if you had to pay for, would cost around U$S130.000 Some of those tools are: . Your. Freeware download of Social Facebook e commerce cart 1.0, size 0 b.

Facebook Account Creator 1.0.4 Mkssoft 

Facebook Account Creator is Application that Create Facebook accont easily and fast. It Avoid the copy paste method. Simply Add excel file (that give in application folder this standard file that read our application once you add data in this file in proper manner then you can use this file in this application). Data is automatically added in. Free download of Facebook Account Creator 1.0.4, size 4.61 Mb.

Book-A-Lyze 1.0 bookalyze.sourceforge.net 

Book-A-Lyze is an open source web application for analysis and visualization of social structures at Facebook. The project is part of the study course Media Management and Production at the University of Applied Sciences, Kaiserslautern.. Freeware download of Book-A-Lyze 1.0, size 5.05 Mb.

Campagnol VPN 0.3.4 campagnol.sourceforge.net 

Campagnol is a decentralized VPN over UDP tunneling. It uses UDP hole punching to open connections through NAT/firewall and OpenSSL's DTLSv1 implementation for mutual authentication and encryption.. Freeware download of Campagnol VPN 0.3.4, size 277.60 Kb.

SLAN (Secured LAN/Internet Link) 0.04 slan.sourceforge.net 

The SLAN project is a GPL open-source project providing a cross platform Virtual Private Networking (VPN) solution focused on providing secured and accountable links over insecure broadcast media such as 802.11 wireless LANs and public ethernets.. Freeware download of SLAN (Secured LAN/Internet Link) 0.04, size 179.05 Kb.

Free Antum Facebook Chat Inventus Software Belgium 

Facebook Chat is a free program so we can chat easily with our facebook friends without starting up Facebook. You can see all your friends in a user-friendly screen, where you can see if they are online or offline. So now we have a lot more chat pleasure with our friends. You can easily switch off The standard chat(box) on Facebook in the settings. Freeware download of Free Antum Facebook Chat, size 47.04 Mb.

Antum Secured Facebook Chat (Encryption) Inventus Software Belgium 

Secured Facebook Chat for Desktop. You can see all your friends in a user-friendly screen, where you can see if they are online or offline. So now we have a lot more chat pleasure with our friends. You can easily switch off The standard chat(box) on Facebook in the settings when you are starting up. So that there are no 2 chat boxes open. Encrypt. Free download of Antum Secured Facebook Chat (Encryption), size 7.51 Mb.

FRAP-os 1.0 frap-os.org 

FRAP-os is a Firewall, VPN Server and Wireless Access Point on a SBC router and is based on Open Source software. More info is available on the Web Site which will be up again on 21-22 July.

FRAP-os 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of FRAP-os 1.0, size 0 b.

Tsunami Framework 1.0 Tsunamiframewrk 

Social Tsunami Framework supports Facebook applications and Open Social applications. It is loosely modeled after the Spring Framework. The objectives are: reduce the learning curve, reduce development effort and support user interface consistency.

Tsunami Framework 1.0 License - Apache License V2.0. Freeware download of Tsunami Framework 1.0, size 0 b.

FlipToast 1.0.25 W3i, LLC 

FlipToast brings Facebook to your desktop! It is a desktop application that notifies users every time there is an update to their news feed+oOeCTZ essentially bringing Facebook directly to their desktop without the need to open a browser window. FlipToast also lets you upload photos to Facebook with the click of a button. Just drag photos into the. Free download of FlipToast 1.0.25, size 2.72 Mb.

FBLook Alpha TechHit.com 

If you are an Outlook user, you probably have it open all the time. Now you can update your Facebook status, see your friend statuses and see the number of new requests without having to open the browser or any other applications. FBLook is a handy addin designed to integrate Facebook into Outlook.

Usage: After you install FBLook, you. Free download of FBLook Alpha, size 0 b.

Personal VPN Messenger YouSAB Ltd. 

YouSAB Community Secured VoIP VPN Messenger with integrated Inter-Card Business account gives access to On-line Universal Secured Administrated Business Community platform that enables users to interact with each other in totally secured environment with the following abilities, Anonymous Internet browsing and access throught Anonymous TCP tunnels. Free download of Personal VPN Messenger, size 26.82 Mb.

Facebook4J 1.1.7 Ryuji Yamashita 

Facebook4J was created as a lightweight and accessible library that's been specially developed for the Facebook Graph API.

Facebook4J is a useful and open source Java library that comes with built-in OAuth support. All you have to do is add it to your classpath.

. Free download of Facebook4J 1.1.7, size 0 b.

Share Photo to Facebook for Windows 8 WinApp8 

Share Photo to Facebook helps users easily upload the pictures they are viewing right on their Facebook wall, along with a brief description.

Once the application is installed, users simply need to open their pictures using a tool that supports sharing, then open the Share Charm (pressing the Windows+H hotkeys) and start sharing.

IE Share My Status on Facebook 1.0.0 Rapid Sol Technologies 

IE Share My Status on Facebook provides users with a useful and easy to use Internet Explorer add-on which allows them to send any text from the current webpage to their Facebook wall.

The add-on can be easily accessed from the context menu so that you can quickly upload the selected text to your wall. You can use this Internet Explorer. Free download of IE Share My Status on Facebook 1.0.0, size 0 b.

Change MyProfile Cover Photo on Facebook 1.0 Rapid Sol Technologies 

Change MyProfile Cover Photo on Facebook is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to change the main image on your Facebook wall. The extension can be accessed from the context menu on any image from the current webpage.

You can use the extension to change the image with just one click, without having to open the Facebook in another. Free download of Change MyProfile Cover Photo on Facebook 1.0, size 0 b.

Facebook browser Beta Ivan Sostarko 

Facebook browser was developed as a small and fast browsing software that allows you to navigate on the Facebook website.

Now, you can use this simple software to always keep connected to your Facebook friends without having to open another Internet browser.

. Freeware download of Facebook browser Beta, size 0 b.