Vpn With Username And Password

Free Password Safe 2.5 Freepasswordsaf 

This is a website username and password database tool. It stores your website's username and password in an Access 2007 database for one click retrieval. Requires AccessDatabaseEngine.exe to be installed if Access 2007 is not present on the system. Vers

Free Password Safe 2.5 License - GNU General Public License (GPL); Public Domain. Freeware download of Free Password Safe 2.5, size 335.58 Kb.


myCloudKey USB Sign In 1 EasySecured Software & Services Ltd 

myCloudKey is a simple to use online service that offers to Save and Retrieve the username and password of your favorite websites, Encrypt files upto 1.5 MB and share it with other members and a personal Wall where you can Post messages on your wall The users data stored on myCloudkey server is fully encrypted that even people working with us. Free download of myCloudKey USB Sign In 1, size 2242.55 Mb.

MandelHash 1.0 Mandelhash 

I'm using an MD5 hash of a username and password field to generate some entropy which is used to generate color pallets and positions / scaling of two Mandelbrot sets. These two images are overlaid to create interesting pictures which represent the entered credentials. I'm interested in all things security, this is mostly just for fun, but. Freeware download of MandelHash 1.0, size 40.18 Kb.

PuttyMOD 1.0.1 Titi Studio 

PuttyMOD is a modified edition of PuTTY that brings enhancements to the original project, such as auto-login username and password.

For the most part, PuttyMOD features the same functionality as PuTTY, sporting the same purpose - to bring a reliable Telnet / SSH client to the wide public.

. Free download of PuttyMOD 1.0.1, size 0 b.

mFTP for Windows 8 New Roland Zimmermann 

mFTP is an intuitive application that can be used for connecting to a specified FTP server, as the users simply need to enter the address, the username and password, then login.

Users can easily upload or download files, as well as change the permissions for any folder on the accessed FTP server.

. Free download of mFTP for Windows 8 New, size 0 b.

Piigeon 1.5.0 Xiao Sophia Wang 

Piigeon is a Firefox extension that records whether websites protect your username and password when you sign in. For most sites, the cursor will change, telling you whether your login is encrypted or if it could instead be intercepted. Over time a report of your password safety is created.. Free download of Piigeon 1.5.0, size 178.26 Kb.

Dial-Up VPN Password Recovery A.S.A.P. Solutions Inc. 

Dial-Up VPN Password Recovery is designed for Dialup, VPN (Remote Access Connections) password recovery. It can recover lost or forgotten passwords for the saved RAS settings. It start working just after the startup. Just run the password recovery tool and you will get whole RAS settings and passwords. It is now able to save the recovered settings. Free download of Dial-Up VPN Password Recovery, size 524.29 Kb.

Atomic ICQ Password Recovery 1.10 AtomPark Software 

Atomic ICQ Password Recovery is a program to expose ICQ Messengers username and password information (stored locally) instantly and 100% correct regardless of password length. Atomic ICQ Password Recovery works in a fully automatic mode.. Free download of Atomic ICQ Password Recovery 1.10, size 1.31 Mb.

QuickLogin 3.0 ShaPlus Software 

Using QuickLogin you can login to one or more websites in one click. You can securely store the username and password of all your login sites in a password protected QuickLogin file. You can select multiple sites for login and QuickLogin will automatically open the sites,enter usename and password for you. QuickLogin can be used to check email or. Free download of QuickLogin 3.0, size 629.14 Kb.

Opera Password Recovery Tool 1.0 Igor Tolmachev 

This utility is designed to decrypt the passwords stored by Opera web browser. Opera records the login details such as username and password for every website authorized by the user and stores them in the sign-on database file 'wand.dat' in encrypted format.

Opera Password Recovery Tool can decrypt and display these passwords from this. Free download of Opera Password Recovery Tool 1.0, size 31.46 Kb.

BioTrust 3.0 3M Cogent, Inc. 

Cogent's BioTrust biometric logon software is the industry's fastest and easiest secure Windows logon replacement software available. Your face or fingerprint replaces the traditional username and password logon. Just sit down in front of your computer or swipe your finger across the fingerprint sensor and BioTrust will do the rest. Lighting. Free download of BioTrust 3.0, size 358.40 Mb.

xAccounts 1.0.0 Beta MacHouse 

A web account, the bank account, this account, that account... We are surrounded by accounts. The worst thing you can do is share the same username and password across different accounts.

xAccounts is a Windows application that helps the user manage and organize various types of accounts involving a username, a password and a web. Free download of xAccounts 1.0.0 Beta, size 0 b.

Access Denied 4.00 John Security 

Security program requests username and password or simple password upon boot-up and locks desktop by one mouse click. It can't be bypassed on Windows 95/98/ME. All unwanted people are kept out to your PC. Very flexible use: multi-user support(up to 450 users), password encryption, integration with your favorite screensaver, color's highlight log. Free download of Access Denied 4.00, size 534.77 Kb.

Access Denied XP 1.2 John Security 

Security program that request username and password on Windows load-up and fast lock your desktop by one mouse click or keyboard shortcut. All unwanted people are getting away from your computer. It is stronger what Windows XP security. You can see and manage easily user privileges within colored list of users. Empty password users now can be fast. Free download of Access Denied XP 1.2, size 492.83 Kb.

CyberVault 2.0 Cyber Operations, Inc. 

Cyber Vault securely manages your passwords. One password allows you to login to see all of your username and passwords. Also includes a field of the website or application for which you have a username and password.. Freeware download of CyberVault 2.0, size 482.34 Kb.

DST Address Book 1.0.1 DASH Software Technologies 

DASH Software Technologies Address Book allows you to store contact information of a Business, Individual or Website. Store the Username and Password of all those website you belong to. Now you no longer have depend on the 'Forgot your password' link. Features Uses filters to quickly locate addresses that meet a specified condition. Send Emails to. Free download of DST Address Book 1.0.1, size 524.29 Kb.

Intertops Poker Intertops Poker 

Intertops Poker is a software application specially designed for online poker players.It is very easy to install and use.You must only open the application and log in with your username and password on Intertops site.After that you can enjoy your poker online game with other players around the world.. Freeware download of Intertops Poker, size 14.99 Mb.

Hotmail Watcher 1.42 Sonthakit Leelahanon 

Watch for your new Hotmail and report to you in status-bar. Check Hotmail at specific interval. Neither username nor password is need. No seWatch for your new inbox Hotmail and report to you in status-bar. Check Hotmail at specific interval ( 5 min, 10 min, 15 min, 20 min, 30 min, 1 hour, 2 hour, 3 hour, 4 hour or manually). Can select to alert by. Freeware download of Hotmail Watcher 1.42, size 125.95 Kb.

FTP FileUploader ftpfileuploader.sourceforge.net 

This program allows to upload files to a file server via command line, context menu or logon dialog. All logon settings can be stored inside a configuration file. Logon credentials such as username and password are stored encrypted.. Freeware download of FTP FileUploader, size 188.50 Kb.

pMule (proxified) 1.0 pmule-proxified.sourceforge.net 

A port 80 proxy between a client browser and the eMule webserver. Implements multiple user support with a proper login (username and password) with hash/file ownership; and permission-based security for specific eMule webserver features.. Freeware download of pMule (proxified) 1.0, size 36.20 Kb.