Vu Meter Per Pc

Windows VU Meter 1. 2. 2001 Burnsy Enterprises 

Windows VU Meter is a standalone application that mimics an old stereo's VU or audio level meters. Designed for Microsoft ® Windows Vista ® and up (even tested on Windows 7 ®), the program has no intervening toolbars or window frames to allow the program to allow a clean interface and make it easy to overlay on top of a. Freeware download of Windows VU Meter 1. 2. 2001, size 48.33 Mb.


Parallel LED VU Meter - LEDVUM 1.0 Ledvum 

A solution (including circuit diagrams) to allow an 8-LED module attached to a parallel port to act as a volume meter (VU meter) for various Unix audio streams. It is in the pre-alpha stage as of right now, with basic stream status polling working in con

Parallel LED VU Meter - LEDVUM 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Parallel LED VU Meter - LEDVUM 1.0, size 0 b.

DXVU Meter 3.0.3 xFX JumpStart 

DXVU Meter provides a graphical representation of any audio input using VU meter bars, an oscilloscope, or both. The control is fully re-sizable so that it can fit into any form design, and the VU mode supports vertical and horizontal bar placement. The VU meter bars calculate the RMS value of the monitored audio and display the peak value. The. Free download of DXVU Meter 3.0.3, size 2.29 Mb.

SimScenery X - Sydney - Update 1 1 SIMSCENERY PTY LTD 

High resolution 1 meter-per-pixel photographic day time scenery textures (from 1 meter-per-pixel aerial photographic source).
Computer generated night time scenery (1 meter-per-pixel).
High resolution 25 meters terrain mesh (upsampled to 19 meters).
Extensive water body definition including inland lakes and rivers for water. Freeware download of SimScenery X - Sydney - Update 1 1, size 75.73 Mb.

stelib b.1.2.1 

Le stelib sono librerie php per costruire dinamicamente pagine web per PC, palmari, cellulari o telefoni IP; queste librerie sono un insieme di classi che ci aiutano a gestire database, PABX VoIP (Asterisk), mootools , phpPlot etc.. Freeware download of stelib b.1.2.1, size 336.64 Kb.

Volume Unit 1.0 Volumeunit 

A text mode VU meter for the JACK Audio Connection Kit.

Volume Unit 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Volume Unit 1.0, size 0 b.

FreeverbToo 1.6 Sinus 

- studio-qualitiy reverb
- freeze mode
- adjustable gate for gated reverb
- direct visualization of reverb parameters
- VU-meter
- 32 bit internal precision- visualization of parameter names and values in all VST Host applications
- preset sound optimization. Free download of FreeverbToo 1.6, size 241.17 Kb.

Disk Space Recovery Wizard 5.71 1.0 DiskSpace Recovery 

Clean your hard drive of Junk files and reclaim valuable disk space. Disk Space Recovery Wizard is a Garbage and Junk File Cleaning tool which can recover upto 500 Megabytes of wasted space. It is capable of scanning up to 26 Hard drives per PC. With it's advanced search and clean capability it can find over 71 types of thousands of junk files in. Free download of Disk Space Recovery Wizard 5.71 1.0, size 2093.95 Mb.

DSN Now! 2.2 SkySof Software Inc. 

Create ODBC Data Source Names (DSNs) on the fly with the simple click of a button saving your company both time and money! Imagine having to spend 3 minutes per PC to setup a DSN. Now imagine having to setup 100 PCs - that's 5 hours spent creating DSN files!!! At $25 per hour that's $125!!! So you can see how DSN Now can easily pay for itself the. Free download of DSN Now! 2.2, size 1.93 Mb.

Multi-Instrument Full Package 3.1 Virtins Technology 

Multi-Instrument is a powerful sound card based multi-function virtual instrument software. It supports sophisticated triggering method including pre-trigger and post-trigger,level trigger and differential trigger. It Supports 8, 16, 24 bits. A comprehensive range of functions are provided, including: (1) Oscilloscope: Dual-trace waveform, Waveform. Free download of Multi-Instrument Full Package 3.1, size 34.00 Mb.

PSP 2Meters 2.0.0 PSP Audioware 

PSP 2Meters bundle two distinct audio plugins suitable for audio metering. PSP VU2 features overload notifiers for VU metering, while PSP PPM2 are best used for European and BBC PPM metering.

Users can adjust all of their parameters to suit their necessities, including integration times or reference standards.

. Free download of PSP 2Meters 2.0.0, size 0 b.

Motown EQs 1.1 R1 Nomad Factory 


* Retro Film-Tone
* Retro Music-Tone

Designed to improve the quality of digital sound recordings. This plug-ins recreates the warm sound qualities of legendary analog hardware passive equalizers used by Motown engineers. The plug-ins provide a simple and functional d-deDUVintage/Retro-Styled-deDt. Free download of Motown EQs 1.1 R1, size 56.16 Mb.

Active DJ Studio 2.4 MultiMedia Soft 

Active DJ Studio (formerly called Active MP3 DJ Studio) is an ActiveX control developed by MultiMedia Soft that makes it easy adding sound playback and mixing capabilities to applications written with the most diffused development environments that accept ActiveX controls such as Visual Studio 6 and Visual Studio.NET. Thanks to a set of. Free download of Active DJ Studio 2.4, size 3.59 Mb.

Spectrum Analyzer pro Live 2009 PAS-Products 

This sophisticated piece of software turns your computer into a modern, State-of-The-Art spectrum analyzer giving you features that go far beyond the possibilities of any stand-alone hardware unit.An important advantage of your new analyzer software is the fact that your computer monitor is a far better means of displaying analyzer measurments than. Free download of Spectrum Analyzer pro Live 2009, size 8.68 Mb.

EMULive Active Theatre 3. 6. 1998 EMULive Imaging Corporation 

Picks up all the live or prerecorded action from EMULive Servers. 20 Channel 'surfable' remote control offers online and offline dialing directories, high-speed broadcast recording & playback with fast-forward/rewind, text chat, encryption, file transfer, HDTV style video aspect ratio, VU meter, volume controls and much more. Video. Freeware download of EMULive Active Theatre 3. 6. 1998, size 0 b.

PCDJ Karaoki 0.6.4031 Digital 1 Media, Inc. 

PCDJ KARAOKI (with an ‘I’ - KARAOKE INTEGRATED) is our new karaoke hosting software designed to work as a stand alone solution or in conjunction with PCDJ DEX and PCDJ RED MOBILE. When installed as a plug-in, an additional Karaoke player with secondary video output can be launched, allowing the user to switch and interact from DJ to. Free download of PCDJ Karaoki 0.6.4031, size 1.05 Mb.

Digital Lifeboat 2012.08.09.2 Digital Lifeboat, Inc. 

We are here to help you protect the most important data on your computer. Think about the documents or pictures you've created or which someone has sent you. You need to protect the music and videos you enjoy. If they get lost or damaged, there's no replacing them. As more of your life's memories are stored on your computer, it is critically. Free download of Digital Lifeboat 2012.08.09.2, size 4.39 Mb.

Audio DJ Studio for .NET 4 3 MultiMedia Soft 

Audio DJ Studio for .NET is a native .NET component that makes it easy adding sound playback and mixing capabilities to applications written with Visual Studio.NET
Audio DJ Studio for .NET comes with built-in decoding capabilities in order to decode most common sound formats like MP3, WAV, Ogg Vorbis and many others: it can load different. Free download of Audio DJ Studio for .NET 4 3, size 7.27 Mb.

collectd-wattsup 1.0 Collectdwattsup 

Collectd-wattsup is a plugin for the CollectD monitoring daemon. It reads data from a WattsUp? power meter through a serial interface and dispatches this data to collectd.

Collection of watts and watthours from the meter, Setting the device through configuration option, Only. Freeware download of collectd-wattsup 1.0, size 0 b.

Autocord 2.09 George W. Taylor 

Autocord stands for Automatic Recorder. What makes Autocord so special for recording is that it is voice triggered, not only by amplitude, but also by frequency. You can set it to trigger recording on, for example, when the sound level reaches 3 dB over the ambient noise level. You can go beyond that, and tell it to only trigger if the frequencies. Freeware download of Autocord 2.09, size 115.34 Kb.