Wet Pussy

apt-wet 1.0 apt-wet.sourceforge.net 

apt-wet is a repository-based sofware installition programis written in Visual Basic .net 2005 an is OPEN SOURCE. Freeware download of apt-wet 1.0, size 177.00 Kb.


Handwriting Without Tears: Wet-Dry-Try Suite for Capitals, Numbers & Lowercase 1.20.2 Handwriting Without Tears & Get Set for School 

Make handwriting practice fun! With our Wet-Dry-Try Suite App, children learn and practice correct formation habits for writing capitals, numbers, and lowercase letters. The app simulates our Slate Chalkboard and Blackboard with Double Lines and helps children learn handwriting skills in the easiest, most efficient way. The result truly is. Free download of Handwriting Without Tears: Wet-Dry-Try Suite for Capitals, Numbers & Lowercase 1.20.2, size 61.03 Mb.

Wet and Wild Waterpark MeeGenius 

"Wet and Wild Waterpark" by MeeGenius is a beautifully illustrated e-book with enhanced features such as professional narration and word highlighting that promote reading comprehension skills. The "Read it Myself" option also allows children to read "Wet and Wild Waterpark" as a traditional book. MeeGenius books add a. Free download of Wet and Wild Waterpark, size 9.44 Mb.

WET FEET PR RSS xdcracingincx 

This app displays the latest news and updates from WET FEET PR website's RSS feed.. Freeware download of WET FEET PR RSS, size 1.05 Mb.

GGU-Sieve 14.0 Civilserve GmbH 

Wet analysis, Sieve analysis, Combined wet and sieve analysis, with output as a protocol form or as a diagram. Capabilities: Presentation of grain size categories as %, Calculation of uniformity coefficients and coefficients of curvature, Filter criteria according to Terzaghi/USBR, Determination of transmission constant according to Hazen, Beyer,. Free download of GGU-Sieve 14.0, size 0 b.

Living 3D Sharks Full Screen Saver 1.0 Freeze.com, LLC 

Do you want to swim with sharks without getting wet? Do you want to experience the thrill of encountering these magnificent predators from the safety of your own desk? With Living 3D Sharks Full Screen Saver, you can! This stunningly realistic shark screen saver will make you feel like you're in the deep, dark ocean, slowly making your way. Free download of Living 3D Sharks Full Screen Saver 1.0, size 0 b.

The Digital Field Trip To The Wetlands 1 5 Digital Frog International 

This Digital Field Trip uses virtual reality technology to allow students to visit a bog in Ontario without getting their feet wet! It is a truly interactive CD-ROM incorporating animations, narration, games, text, full color photographs and a comprehensive workbook in one easy-to-use package.
The Digital Field Trip to The Wetlands makes. Free download of The Digital Field Trip To The Wetlands 1 5, size 42.55 Mb.

euphoriasdk 1.0 Euphoriasdk 

Euphoria is a 2 Game Engine
and Development kit for aspiring game designers who are interested in getting their feet
wet in the world of game design and programming. Some features of the engine are:
- 2D levels and basic rasterized rendering
- Simple animations and timer systems
- A complete embedded Lua 5.1 scripting. Freeware download of euphoriasdk 1.0, size 26.04 Mb.

WeGaFloC 1.0 Wegafloc 

WeGaFloC stands for Wet Gas Flow Computing.This is an algorithm for calculating the wet gas flow rates in production plant using Venturi flow meters.

WeGaFloC 1.0 License - BSD License; MIT License. Freeware download of WeGaFloC 1.0, size 0 b.

MdspDuckVerb 1.0 Mdsp Smartelectronix 

Itd-deOaos similar to DuckDelay but with a reverb.
The reverb output is compressed when there is a certain amount of signal present on its input. It allows to use a lot of wet signal on a voice without loosing too much intelligibility.. Free download of MdspDuckVerb 1.0, size 587.20 Kb.

Motud-deOaos Island Hop 1.0 Blockdot, Inc. 

Motu wants to visit his wonderfully wet friends in Aquaticad-deOaos water park. But crabs, sea urchins, and an ocean full of hazards could cut short his trip. Put on your wetsuit and help Motu swim through this splashy game!. Freeware download of Motud-deOaos Island Hop 1.0, size 6.22 Mb.

AWESOME Land 1.3 FreakZone 

"A 16 bit lover's wet dream an awesome platforming experience" - APPtitudes

"A heartfelt homage... beautiful 16-bit graphic design... Awesome Lands virtual controls are awesome, easily among the best of any game regardless of genre in the App Store" - AppTudes

"The controls are abso-****ing-lutely. Free download of AWESOME Land 1.3, size 17.51 Mb.

Baby Cloudy 1.2 Alejandro Quesada 

Catch falling sun's in the face of wet danger to save kidnapped papa cloudy!

simple "skillful" play
entertaining & quirky
play on the go
rewind timer power-ups
grant you the chance
to double your score

Note: Baby Cloudy has in-app purchases in the form of. Freeware download of Baby Cloudy 1.2, size 11.22 Mb.

Baby Schedule 2.3 Chong C Chan 

***Support iOS6 and Optimized for iPhone5***

Baby schedule replace you pen and paper to keep track of your babys daily activities. You can keep track and set custom alert on feeding, wet diaper, or sleeping habit. The model of this app is simple to use. All the activities logging can be recorded in as little as 1 tap.

Bakery Apps For Industry 1.0.1 Simon Fearby 

Bakery Apps for Industry is a calculation app designed to assist apprentice and qualified bakers correctly calculate, required wet dough weights, ingredient amounts for percentage based recipe formulas, required water temperatures based on finished dough temperatures of 27 degrees Celsius and converting Fahrenheit temperatures to Celsius. Freeware download of Bakery Apps For Industry 1.0.1, size 5.56 Mb.

ChatYES! 1.0.0 Explore Fun Inc 

- Chat with people all over the World
- Chat privately
- Throw rotten tomatoes, cream pies and wet toilet paper at anyone you like (!)
- Stick heart stickers on the most awesome people
- Play the Matching Game
- Have Fun :-)

ChatYES! includes lots of cartoon fun: Throw tomatoes, water balloons, wet toilet paper. Freeware download of ChatYES! 1.0.0, size 55.68 Mb.

Cheeky Caps 1.1 Red Sprite Studios 

Cheeky Caps is an outrageously funny photo captioning app that adds funny captions to your photos.

Laugh out loud then share them responsibly with friends via email or on Facebook.

WARNING: Captions can be cheeky. You may wet yourself from laughing so hard!

? Post your photos to Facebook
? Choose a photo from. Freeware download of Cheeky Caps 1.1, size 3.98 Mb.

Cheeky Caps Pro 1.1 Red Sprite Studios 

Cheeky Caps Pro is an outrageously funny photo captioning app that adds funny captions to your photos.

Laugh out loud then share them responsibly with friends via email or on Facebook.

WARNING: Captions can be cheeky. You may wet yourself from laughing so hard!

? Post your photos to Facebook
? Share your. Free download of Cheeky Caps Pro 1.1, size 3.98 Mb.

Elly Book 8 - rainy day 1.3 Dipali Vaidya 

In this latest adventure, Elly the Reindeer finds herself wondering what to do on a very rainy day. She decides to telephone her woodland friends but they are not at home. Where could they be on such a wet day? Join Elly as she braves the weather to go out and search for her friends.

Now with interactive sound buttons and optional. Free download of Elly Book 8 - rainy day 1.3, size 12.58 Mb.

Engadine Lions Senior Rugby Union Club 1.1 Kate Sloman 

Welcome to Engadine Lions Senior Rugby Club.

Our App creates an interactive experience for our members through iCalendar fixtures, GPS directions to venues, instant wet weather notifications and more.

Find out more by downloading our App today!

Our great features include:
Locations and GPS directions of sports. Freeware download of Engadine Lions Senior Rugby Union Club 1.1, size 17.62 Mb.