Wifi Detection

Apollo Loop Calculator 2.17.0002 Apollo Fire Detectors Ltd 

Modern fire-detection equipment can put a considerable load into electric circuits, so the calculation of such load is recommended and even mandatory in many countries. Apollo Fire Detectors is a British company that manufactures and distributes this type of equipment and, as a service for its customers, it also offers a free program that allows. Freeware download of Apollo Loop Calculator 2.17.0002, size 2.79 Mb.


Test Compliance with Benford's Law 1 99 EZ-R Stats, LLC 

Fraud detection tool to enable the analyst/researcher to determine if the distribution of a particular population of values, e.g. transaction amounts, comply with that which would be expected using Benfords Law. Six tests: Test first 1,2 or 3 digits, last 1 or 2 digits or second digit only. Unlimited file size (tab separated).. Freeware download of Test Compliance with Benford's Law 1 99, size 7.11 Mb.

MonitorCam 2. 1. 2000 Lightning Cube Software 

MonitorCam is a motion detection program from Lightning Cube Software that can be used to easily set up an inexpensive home security system. By simply connecting a web camera to your computer and running MonitorCam, you can start monitoring your home, work area or computer. Whether to catch any thief trying to run away with your computer or simply. Free download of MonitorCam 2. 1. 2000, size 7.55 Mb.

CDCheck 3. 1. 2014 Mitja Perko 

CDCheck is utility for prevention, detection and recovery of damaged files with emphasis on error detection. It can check each your CD/DVD (or any other media) and indicate which files are corrupted. CDCheck reporting features tell you exactly where the problems are. Files on CDs, zip drives, USB keys etc. can get damaged in a number of ways, so. Free download of CDCheck 3. 1. 2014, size 1.52 Mb.

FraudLabs Fraud Detection Application 2.0 FraudLabs.com 

FraudLabs Credit Card Fraud Detection Desktop is a free standalone Windows application that allows instant detection of fraudulent online credit card order transactions using Windows GUI. Users can perform 90 queries per month using Free account. Please visit homepage for more information.. Free download of FraudLabs Fraud Detection Application 2.0, size 642.05 Kb.

Snort Sourcefire, Inc. 

SnortA® is an open source network intrusion prevention and detection system (IDS/IPS) developed by Sourcefire. Combining the benefits of signature, protocol, and anomaly-based inspection, Snort is the most widely deployed IDS/IPS technology worldwide. With millions of downloads and nearly 400,000 registered users, Snort has become the de facto. Freeware download of Snort, size 3.67 Mb.

MSU TV Commercial Detector 0.2 Graphics&Media Lab Video Group 

Command-line tool for TV commercial detection and removal. Generates AviSynth script with marking showing what videoframes to exclude.. Freeware download of MSU TV Commercial Detector 0.2, size 102.40 Kb.

Ellipsoids(Quadrics) Collision Detection 1.0 cdquadrics.sourceforge.net 

The library currently consists of an implementation of collision detection of static/moving ellipsoids that exploits frame-coherence using separating planes. Please visit http://www.cs.hku.hk/GraphicsGroup/cd.html for paper references.. Freeware download of Ellipsoids(Quadrics) Collision Detection 1.0, size 5.21 Kb.

Face Detection in Color Images 1.0 facedetectionin.sourceforge.net 

This project covers an algorithm for face detection in color images. It was developed as a conclusion work in graduation of Computer Science at PontifA­cia Universidade CatAllica de Minas Gerais by Breno Santos AraAsjo (brenopuc@gmail.com).. Freeware download of Face Detection in Color Images 1.0, size 50.41 Kb.

HIDS (Host Intrusion Detection System) 1.0 hidsbyavinash.sourceforge.net 

This is a Host based Intrusion Detection system, it consists of 4 components viz.Port scan detector,Policy Enforcer,Network Statistics,and Vulnerability detector. The backend programs are written in C, the front end is made using Qt Designer and Glade.. Freeware download of HIDS (Host Intrusion Detection System) 1.0, size 1.26 Mb.

Intrusion Detection Exchange Arch. 1.2 idea-arch.sourceforge.net 

A Java-based client-server architecture for processing network intrusion detection data. The server receives XML alerts from Snort sensors buffers them for review by clients. The console provides a real-time view of IDS activity.. Freeware download of Intrusion Detection Exchange Arch. 1.2, size 2.60 Mb.

Linux Intrusion Detection System lids.org 

The Linux Intrusion Detection System is a patch which enhances the kernel's security. When it's in effect, many system administration operations can be made impossible even for root. You can turn the security protection on or off online and you can hide. Freeware download of Linux Intrusion Detection System, size 37.17 Kb.

Linux Kernel HardWare Detection tool hwd.sourceforge.net 

Linux Kernel HardWare Detection tool. Freeware download of Linux Kernel HardWare Detection tool, size 39.30 Kb.

Meta-data tools for anomaly detection 081211 admd.sourceforge.net 

This project aims to develop a meta-data and associated tools for anomaly detection algorithms. It will be useful to benchmark AD algorithms, annotate existing datasets with AD systems, and communicate their results via public data-set repositories.. Freeware download of Meta-data tools for anomaly detection 081211, size 171.40 Kb.

Multigrid Contact Detection (MGCD) 0.2 libmgcd.sourceforge.net 

libmgcd is a multigrid contact detection (MGCD) library.. Freeware download of Multigrid Contact Detection (MGCD) 0.2, size 328.08 Kb.

OnsetsDS - onset detection library 2011.02.10 onsetsds.sourceforge.net 

Onset detector for musical signals, with an emphasis on real-time onset detection for interactive music systems. Hence this aims to be a small, efficient, lightweight onset detection system that provides good-quality detection.. Freeware download of OnsetsDS - onset detection library 2011.02.10, size 4.07 Mb.

Who Is Using My WIFI 1.0 wiumwifi.sourceforge.net 

a small Win32 software to monitor who uses your WIFI. Freeware download of Who Is Using My WIFI 1.0, size 48.33 Kb.

WiFi Monster 1.0 wifimonster.sourceforge.net 

The best WiFi manger for Windows mobile out there. Freeware download of WiFi Monster 1.0, size 394.62 Kb.

Antamedia HotSpot Software 5.3.0 ANTAMEDIA 

HotSpot Software is a software for WiFi billing, which helps you control and bill your customers for the Internet usage. The software is suitable for all purposes where customers should be redirected to the login page to sign in or pay for the Internet access. Upon the successful login, customer will see remaining time and bandwidth, browse the. Free download of Antamedia HotSpot Software 5.3.0, size 138.30 Mb.

Virtual Router Simplicity 3.1 Virtual Router Simplicity 

Virtual Router Simplicity is a simple and stable virtual router software. It requires zero configuration to create a virtual WiFi spot.

Starting from Windows 7, Microsoft provided a capability of creating virtual WiFi hotspot. It is very handy when you want to share the internet access through wireless. However there is only a. Freeware download of Virtual Router Simplicity 3.1, size 343.04 Kb.