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Animals Photo Screensaver Volume 1 1.0 Photo Screensavers 

Photo Screensavers bring you a new dimension in presenting pictures. Enjoy the variety of animal species. In Animals Photo Screensaver Volume 1 you can see nice pictures of penquins, butterflies, bears, elephants, horses, white tigers and more. While your computer is idle, five full size pictures appearing on your screen will show you their beauty. Freeware download of Animals Photo Screensaver Volume 1 1.0, size 1.63 Mb.


Lovely Animals ScreenSaver 2.0 free-slideshow.com 

Horses, bears, zebras, wolves, tigers, monkeys, leos and other wild animals are waiting to enchant you in this stunning slideshow with amazing transition effects between colourful images. Let's enjoy them and get into their natural environment!. Freeware download of Lovely Animals ScreenSaver 2.0, size 2.44 Mb.

ABC Zeichenschule I - Tiere 1.11.0424 Jutta Behling, ABC-Ware 

Learn to draw animals step by step! ABC Drawing School I is a simple to use software providing lessons for drawing animals. Easy to follow visual instructions show how to connect simple forms like circles and rectangles with a few lines to complete drawings. One click selection from many colors and customizing of draw width is easy to use even for. Freeware download of ABC Zeichenschule I - Tiere 1.11.0424, size 4.06 Mb.

Cute Jigsaw Puzzle 1.0 CompliCat 

Cute Jigsaw Puzzle is a collection of 50+ nice crafted beautiful cutout shapes with Animals, Flowers, Cityscapes images. What makes Cute Jigsaw Puzzle unique is our beautifully crafted shapes added to the traditional jigsaw cutouts. Complete the jigsaw puzzles and achieve the best timings, beat your own scores or your family and friends. Jigsaw. Free download of Cute Jigsaw Puzzle 1.0, size 15.50 Mb.

Smaller Animals ThumbNailer Smaller Animals Software, Inc. 

Smaller Animals ThumbNailer is a Windows utility that allows you to create thumbnail images and image galleries. You can use it to convert between one graphics format and another, change image color depth, resize images, make image galleries for the web or CD and more.


+eTE Wizards to help you get up and running. Free download of Smaller Animals ThumbNailer, size 3.46 Mb.

Smaller Animals ThumbNailer x64 Smaller Animals Software, Inc. 

Smaller Animals ThumbNailer is a Windows utility that allows you to create thumbnail images and image galleries. You can use it to convert between one graphics format and another, change image color depth, resize images, make image galleries for the web or CD and more.


+eTE Wizards to help you get up and running. Free download of Smaller Animals ThumbNailer x64, size 3.46 Mb.

Met Art Free 1 Met Art Free 

Completely Free RSS Reader-Beautiful Women at Met Art. Affordable Giclee Prints and Fine Art Paintings of beautiful women. On exhibit are multiple galleries of beautiful women fine art. In www.eroticadigi.com you will find not only images of beautiful women. In www.eroticadigi.com you will also find fine art Limited Edition, Hand Signed Giclee. Freeware download of Met Art Free 1, size 2.30 Mb.

Animal Portraits 1 1.0 Albert Preisfeld - ayjayArt 

If you like animals, not only the spectacular like tiger, elephant, lion (which you find here also), but as well like to have a look at a cow, a sheep or a young pig, then you will really like this screensaver. Mainly there are portraits, very close, that you will have the feeling not only you see the animals, but also the animals see. Free download of Animal Portraits 1 1.0, size 28.61 Mb.

Supercow 1.0 Big Fish Games, Inc. 

Professor Duriarti, a famous criminal, has seized the farm and captured the animals! He cloned them and made the clones work for him to successfully fulfill his diabolical plan of earth's destruction. Through her network of informants, Supercow heard about the situation, and dashed off to save the farm animals. Because after all, who knows how to. Free download of Supercow 1.0, size 31.81 Mb.

Zoo Vet: Endangered Animals 1.0 Legacy Interactive 

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a real-life veterinarian? Here's your chance! You're responsible for treating endangered animals, including elephants, lions, zebras, crocodiles, polar bears and many more!

You need a steady hand as you use realistic medical tools to treat broken bones, cuts, diseases and even perform. Free download of Zoo Vet: Endangered Animals 1.0, size 49.62 Mb.

Bob the Builder - Can Do Zoo 1.0 Big Fish Games, Inc. 

Bob and his Can-Do team have a big job ahead - to build a brand new Zoo where lots of exotic animals will live - but they need your help! There`s lots of work ahead, building pens, setting up fences, and don`t forget to paint what you just built! Join the Can-Do team now and help Bob finish his biggest job ever. Can we do it? Yes we can!

Pets Fun House 1.0 Big Fish Games, Inc. 

Breed baby animals and nurture their growth inside an amusing pet shop. As a boutique owner, you must work hard while maintaining a great sense of humor. Raise eight kinds of animals to make healthy, vivacious pets for loving owners. Buy appropriate items for particular breeds and work to unlock all items in the shop`s interior. Check the pet sales. Free download of Pets Fun House 1.0, size 56.68 Mb.

3 Days: Zoo Mystery 1.0 Big Fish Games, Inc. 

3 Days: Zoo Mystery finds five of the world`s most unique animals stolen! Help Anna track down and return these rare animals to her uncle`s zoo. The ultra-picky zoo inspectors are on their way, so you will only have three days to solve this mystery and save the zoo. This Hidden Object Adventure game is full of challenging minigames and dark. Free download of 3 Days: Zoo Mystery 1.0, size 45.93 Mb.

Pet Pals: New Leash on Life 1.0 Big Fish Games, Inc. 

As a new vet at the Pet Pals Animal Shelter, it`s your job to make sure that the animals are not only healthy, but also happy. In this sequel to the award-winning Pet Pals: Animal Doctor game, you can treat and diagnose 35 new cases that were written by real vets! Take part in each animal`s story by playing, caring, and preparing them for adoption. Free download of Pet Pals: New Leash on Life 1.0, size 1.05 Mb.

Jane's Zoo 1.0 Big Fish Games, Inc. 

Help Jane save some of the most endangered wild animals and feel the spirit of freedom as you plunge into the world of wild nature! Save the world from an upcoming catastrophe and take care of our planet by using your fantastic Time Management skills. Travel around the world while playing fascinating minigames, take on changing weather conditions,. Free download of Jane's Zoo 1.0, size 28.37 Mb.

Project Rescue: Africa Oberon Media Inc. 

Rescue and raise wild African animals! Manage the feeding, protecting from poachers, and ordering of new animals. Collect the coins they produce to upgrade your theme-park and earn bonuses - then set the animals free!. Freeware download of Project Rescue: Africa, size 435.16 Kb.

Zoo Vet 2: Endangered Animals 1.0 Big Fish Games, Inc. 

Ever wondered what it`s like to be a real-life veterinarian? Hold the stethoscope and hear the heartbeat of endangered animals like: elephants, zebras, polar bears, and more. You`ll need a steady hand to perform surgeries while treating broken bones and diseases. Animal info in Zoo Vet 2 is provided by The African Wildlife Foundation, and a portion. Free download of Zoo Vet 2: Endangered Animals 1.0, size 49.98 Mb.

Homesteader Oberon Media 

Match three touching items, not necessarily in a row, to clear farm animals! Move eight directions instead of four with diagonal swapping. Expand your typical match-3 strategies and teach this old know-it-all farmer a few new tricks!. Free download of Homesteader, size 43.79 Mb.

Great Migrations for Windows WildTangent 

Help migrating animals make their way safely through the migration path! Great Migrations is a reverse-tower defense game based on the television event from National Geographic. Select a leader, collect your followers, and lead them to the safe area. Use helpers to speed animals up, slow down predators, heal the wounded, or stun the predators who. Free download of Great Migrations for Windows, size 975.17 Kb.

Pick Up Interactive Manual 1.0 Pick Up 

Interactive manual on how to pick up women. Basic dating techniques are explained. Several chapters are related to attracting women and seducing them. With this e-course you'll become a real pick up artist. Attracting women is not an easy task, but it is possible to improve dating your skills.. Freeware download of Pick Up Interactive Manual 1.0, size 293.60 Kb.