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Cybernet Worlds 4 1 cybernetworlds 

The most incredible virtual reality experience is waiting for you! CyberNet Worlds is a 3d Chat Universe of multiple worlds that takes you inside the webs most extraordinary 3d environments.
This software is not a demo; it is the complete version of the 3d browser. When you first enter CyberNet worlds 3d chat you will begin as a Tourist.. Freeware download of Cybernet Worlds 4 1, size 6.23 Mb.


Wacky Worlds 1.0 segabandonware 

Wacky Worlds is a children's video game, released in the mid-1990s. In it, the player has a choice of six different Wacky Worlds in which they can place animated "stickers", creating a diorama using two-dimensional computer graphics. Among the Worlds are an underwater scene, a scene inside a house, a jungle, and the Moon. The user is. Freeware download of Wacky Worlds 1.0, size 9.01 Mb.

Mysterious Worlds The Secret of Oak 2 79 Cerebral Vortex Games 

Mysterious Worlds: The Secret of Oak Island is a hidden-objects game with a rich pirate atmosphere full of mysteries and clues.

In this game, based on an actual mystery, you must solve several puzzles in order to find a lost treasure. Your Grandma has passed away, and you have inherited her old house, full of debts. While checking if. Free download of Mysterious Worlds The Secret of Oak 2 79, size 33.73 Mb.

Thinking Worlds 3. 5. 2003 Caspian Learning 

Thinking Worlds is a globally unique 3D engine and authoring environment. Thinking Worlds enables designers to create and publish highly immersive simulations - fast.

It has been designed from the start around the needs of designers and enables them to carry their designs forward and quickly develop 3D simulations themselves. Thinking. Free download of Thinking Worlds 3. 5. 2003, size 189.70 Mb.

EON Coliseum 2 5 EON Reality 

EON Coliseum is an online multiuser technology platform where people can present their ideas, communicate complex concepts and collaborate in 3D using rich media such as 3D worlds, slideshows, videos, avatars, voice, chat and interactive 3D objects virtually from anywhere in the world. It is a Web conferencing tool that allows you to Virtually meet. Freeware download of EON Coliseum 2 5, size 72.72 Mb.

Super Proxy Helper 1 1 Igoodsoft 

Super Proxy Helper will help you to check proxy,find anonymous,free or fastest proxy,check of proxy status,response time,country,proxy type (Transparent, Anonymous or High anonymity),import and export proxy,download proxy lists from web.Change your proxy settings quickly.Protect your privacy while staying online.The application is easy to. Free download of Super Proxy Helper 1 1, size 1.92 Mb.


AQ WORLDS Community Toolbar — stay connected and get so much more.
Besides being easy to use it will connect you faster with your areas of interest with it fast build in search engine and other options.
The software is provided "AS-IS" without warranties of any kind.. Freeware download of AQ WORLDS Toolbar 6 3, size 2.15 Mb.

Multiverse Client 1.1.010808 Multiverse Inc. 

The Multiverse Client provides access to all the multiplayer games and 3D virtual worlds in the Multiverse Network.

The Multiverse Client runs on Windows XP (including XP 64) and Windows Vista systems. To provide high-performance 3D graphics, it requires a fast CPU, sufficient memory, and a DirectX 9-compatible graphics processor.. Freeware download of Multiverse Client 1.1.010808, size 473.09 Kb.

LightningChart Ultimate SDK v.3 .net2 3 3 Arction Ltd 

LightningChart Ultimate is the fastest 2D and 3D measurement, engineering and research data visualization SDK for .NET and Windows.

LightningChart Ultimate is entirely GPU accelerated (Direct3D) and performance optimized data visualization control for presenting masses of data in 2D XY graph, 3D XYZ, polar and 3D pie / donut views.. Free download of LightningChart Ultimate SDK v.3 .net2 3 3, size 185.55 Mb.

Fastest River Screensaver 1.0 

Fastest River Screensaver is a nice screensaver which shows a nice landscape with a river. The scene shows a river flowing in the middle of a forest with multiple trees and mountains behind. The movement of the water, together with the realistic sound of water flowing, helps create a very relaxing atmosphere. Unfortunately, the screensaver. Freeware download of Fastest River Screensaver 1.0, size 2.73 Mb.

CheapestSoft Fastest DVD Ripper 2.0.12 CheapestSoft Fastest DVD Ripper Team 

CheapestSoft Fast DVD Ripper is fastest DVD ripper, DVD ripping software to rip DVDs to VCD, SVCD, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, AVI, DivX4, DivX5 and XviD formats.Support portable device:iPod,PSP,iPhone,Blackberry,PS3,Zune.Back up your favorite DVD movies to various formats and extract soundtracks from DVDs.Easily and quickly in excellent DVD ripping. Free download of CheapestSoft Fastest DVD Ripper 2.0.12, size 6.87 Mb.

MovieShop Suite 1. 4. 2001 FameRing Co. Ltd 

Fastest Video Browser, All Formats Frame Accurate Video Editor and Converter. Browse, Edit, Convert movies in one integrated user interface, in few mouse clicks. Based on special video technology, our products are 20~30 times faster than DirectShow based softwares while taking thumbs of movies. Especially, they are all Frame Accurate! It has a. Free download of MovieShop Suite 1. 4. 2001, size 29.76 Mb.

MovieShop Browser 1. 4. 2001 FameRing Co. Ltd 

Fastest Video Browser. Browse, Play, Convert movies in one integrated user interface, in few mouse clicks. Based on special video technology, our products are 20~30 times faster than DirectShow based softwares while taking thumbs of movies. Especially, they are all Frame Accurate! Supporting All Popular Formats, including H.264/AVC, TS, AVCHD,. Free download of MovieShop Browser 1. 4. 2001, size 29.76 Mb.

Fantastic Worlds Free Screensaver 1.0.2 

Have you ever dreamed to be the starship commander? This screensaver will show you off the fantastic worlds from the farthermost corners of Universe! You will see alien skies with multiply moons over the horizon; colliding and exploding planets; black holes eating neighbour stars; huge pulsars throwing the huge gas streams and many other miracles. Freeware download of Fantastic Worlds Free Screensaver 1.0.2, size 4.84 Mb.

Connected Worlds 1.0 

Loosely based on "Stargate SG-1", "Connected Worlds" is intended to be an "different" realtime 3D strategy game, capable to enable massive ammounts of players to play in a (hybrid) persistent universe. All planets in this universe are interconnected. Freeware download of Connected Worlds 1.0, size 130.28 Kb.

Java Fastest String Utility 1.0 

Fastest string utility is java library (JAR ) for string operation . This library is very easy to use, very fast and very efficient in string operations such as split, toUpperCase, toLowerCase, replace, delete, regular expression and others.. Freeware download of Java Fastest String Utility 1.0, size 139.31 Kb.

Labyrinth of Worlds 32.0.4 

LoW is a rewrite of the first-person role-playing game Ultima Underworld II: Labyrinth of Worlds that came out in the early 1990s. One of the most celebrated game of its genre, this rewrite attemps to recapture the minutiae and spirit of the original.. Freeware download of Labyrinth of Worlds 32.0.4, size 312.19 Kb.

MACOW. Mandatory AC on Open Worlds 1.0 

MACOW is a formal and scalable mandatory access implementation suitable on open worlds such as the provided on Semantic Web, Autonomic Computing and Coaltions and Federations scenarios. It is able to access control on distributed systems.. Freeware download of MACOW. Mandatory AC on Open Worlds 1.0, size 503.58 Kb.

Open Worlds VR 3 

Open Worlds VR is a general, visual and interactive simulation platform, designed to support thousands of independent actors (objects). It also implements a strong peer-to-peer networking algorithm to allow multi-computer processing of a single large simu. Freeware download of Open Worlds VR 3, size 231.37 Kb.

py3d-worlds 0.07 

Create a server for 3D worlds similar to opensim with python and postgres, the goal ist to have a small and fast implemetation. Also to build a viewer working in a browser.. Freeware download of py3d-worlds 0.07, size 11.01 Mb.

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