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Jokers 1.0 jokers.sourceforge.net 

'Jokers' is a card game coded in Java. Many Dutch people know this game as 'Jokeren'. The OOP needs lot's improvements but the AI is kind of nice!. Freeware download of Jokers 1.0, size 153.95 Kb.


JPlanarity 1.0 getgeeks.blogspot.com 

JPlanarity is a puzzle computer game written in Java Language, a clon of flash Planarity game written by John Tantalo. The player starts out with a tangled series of connected dots, and has to untangle the net until no edges intersect.. Freeware download of JPlanarity 1.0, size 24.16 Kb.

JScrabble Professional 0.1 java2-scrabble.sourceforge.net 

JScrabble is a customizable Scrabble game written in Java. You can play local against the computer using build-in five skill levels or against other players.. Freeware download of JScrabble Professional 0.1, size 2.16 Mb.

JSkat 0.10.1 jskat.org 

JSkat is an implementation of the German card game Skat in Java. You can play over the internet on the International Skat Server against the strongest Skat AI players known today or against other human players.. Freeware download of JSkat 0.10.1, size 3.09 Mb.

Juzzle 1.0 juzzle.sourceforge.net 

Juzzle is an puzzle game, written in Java.. Freeware download of Juzzle 1.0, size 3.62 Mb.

jxarcade beta1 jxarcade.sourceforge.net 

JXArcade is a 2D Game Editor for JAVA.It allows you to produce Arcade java games using a graphic Interface to define sprites , paths , scene, etc.. Freeware download of jxarcade beta1, size 10.14 Mb.

LWNoid 0.0.1 lwnoid.sourceforge.net 

LWNoid is a simple breakout game, written in Java & OpenGL, using lwjgl library.. Freeware download of LWNoid 0.0.1, size 130.60 Kb.

Memories of Mordor 1.0 mordore.sourceforge.net 

A light multi-level role-play game written in Java, built upon its own easy-to-use OOP game library, with no dependencies.. Freeware download of Memories of Mordor 1.0, size 103.28 Kb.

namelessGame 0.01 namelessgame.sourceforge.net 

A small round based Multi player game based on java JOGL.. Freeware download of namelessGame 0.01, size 25.59 Mb.

PIMPS Is My Piano Superstar 1.0 pimpsismypianos.sourceforge.net 

PIMPS Is My Piano Superstar is a game developped in Java for learning Piano with a MIDI keyboard connected to your pc or mac.Any Midi file can be used with it, allowing you to learn et to play each track separately or together.. Freeware download of PIMPS Is My Piano Superstar 1.0, size 1.57 Mb.

Pix TD 1.7 pixtd.sourceforge.net 

A tower defense game developed in Java. Based on the famous concept from Warcraft 3 and inspired by VectorTD. Unlike other tower defense games out there here the players have the ability to build their own maze of towers and even create their own maps. T. Freeware download of Pix TD 1.7, size 1.59 Mb.

rmiBlackJack rc rmiblackjack.sourceforge.net 

The rmiBlackJack is a client/server game developed in java, using RMI as the comunication layer. The game suports at most 7 players, the clients are updated every time someone takes an action by the use of RMI callbacks.. Freeware download of rmiBlackJack rc, size 35.05 Kb.

Shogi 1.0 shogi.sourceforge.net 

It is a Shogi - Japanese Chess - game made in Java, where you can play against one of 3 AI's of your choice. Or against a friend.. Freeware download of Shogi 1.0, size 892.94 Kb.

SimplyTrain alpha.3 apps.sourceforge.net 

A train simulation (aka game) written in Java. It allows building of tracks, driving trains, time tables for trains, complex train driving rules. UI is in german!. Freeware download of SimplyTrain alpha.3, size 1.08 Mb.

Solitaire Settlers of Catan ComputerGame 1.9.6 solitairecatan.wiki.sourceforge.net 

Solitaire Settlers of Catan computer game is a Java rendition of the popular board game "The Settlers of Catan" or "Die Siedler Von Catan" by Klaus Teuber. This project allows you to play the board game against a computer AI.. Freeware download of Solitaire Settlers of Catan ComputerGame 1.9.6, size 3.36 Mb.

Stick Figure Karate (SFKarate) 1.0 sfkarate.sourceforge.net 

Stick Figure Karate (SFKarate) is a 2D Karate fighting game written in Java. The inspiration for the game comes from the famous animated stick figure fights.. Freeware download of Stick Figure Karate (SFKarate) 1.0, size 160.94 Kb.

Strategia 0.3.13 strategia.sourceforge.net 

Strategia is a heroic-fantasy role playing game developped in Java. It is in 2D and the subtlety is that the player must create a class to make his character moving or attack.. Freeware download of Strategia 0.3.13, size 541.28 Kb.

The Adventures of Jason 1.0.1 javagame.sourceforge.net 

A multi-player platform game written in Java.. Freeware download of The Adventures of Jason 1.0.1, size 775.11 Kb.

TheseusRL 1.0 theseusrl.sourceforge.net 

This is a game developed in Java. it was developed using the libjcsi library. It's premise is that you are Theseus and you have to find your way through the Labyrinth, kill the Minotaur, and return to the exit with his head.. Freeware download of TheseusRL 1.0, size 488.10 Kb.

The Golden Hasweg: A Dwarven Tale 0.0.1 thegoldenhasweg.sourceforge.net 

The Golden Hasweg: A Dwarven Tale is a little strategy or city-building game written in Java. In the game the player constructs and manages a dwarven settlement. The Golden Hasweg: A Dwarven Tale uses a roguelike theme.. Freeware download of The Golden Hasweg: A Dwarven Tale 0.0.1, size 608.30 Kb.

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