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PAK Explorer 1 3 Leinen Software Development 

The PAK Explorer allows you to create, browse and modify *.PAK files (compressed archives).
The program features the following: export files/folders/archive, import files/folders, drag'n'drop (import from Explorer/Desktop), view files (only works with files that have registered viewers) and support for ZWP archives (Dark Reign).


2D Vector Pak 1.0 ACD Systems Ltd 

2D Vector Pak is a set of vector graphics plug-ins that lets engineers, architects and other professionals manage DWF, HPGL and CGM graphics quickly using ACDSee or ACD mPower Tools. Save time and money with a streamlined image-management environment where you won't have to switch between multiple vector graphics applications.. Free download of 2D Vector Pak 1.0, size 1.47 Mb.

ECOC PAK 0.90 ecocpak.sourceforge.net 

ECOC PAK is a C++ Library for the Error Correcting Output Codes classification framework. It supports several coding and decoding strategies as well as several classifiers.. Freeware download of ECOC PAK 0.90, size 451.39 Kb.

Cipher Temple Demo 2.0 MBC Entertainment 

Cipher is a 3D game engine offering everything from fast and visually stunning graphics to support for compressed pak files.

It allows programmers to create state of the art games using a simple but powerful SDK.

Its range of powerful data driven tools also to help improve artist workflow.. Free download of Cipher Temple Demo 2.0, size 6.04 Mb.

Dragon UnPACKer 5.6.2 B268 1.0 Dragon Software 

Dragon UnPACKer is a game archive (Quake PAK, etc..) unpacking tool. It is plugin based making easier to add new archive file formats. Dragon UnPACKer has a convert ability and raw search function for known material (audio, video and pictures). Dragon UnPACKer gives you the possibility to see into the big files in games like Quake, Unreal ...etc. Freeware download of Dragon UnPACKer 5.6.2 B268 1.0, size 2.83 Mb.

Portable GCFScape 1.8.2002 Ryan Gregg 

GCFScape is an explorer like utility that enables users to browse Half-Life packages and extract their contents. GCFScape supports .gcf, .bsp, .ncf, .vpk, .pak, .wad and .xzp formats and works independently of Steam. Features: * Supports .bsp, .gcf, .ncf, .pak, .vpk, .wad and .xzp packages. * Explorer like interface for viewing package contents.. Freeware download of Portable GCFScape 1.8.2002, size 377.86 Kb.

Open Quartz 2004.08.01 openquartz.sourceforge.net 

Open Quartz is a project to supply GPL'ed artwork in the form of PAK and WAD files to create a fully GPL game based around the GPL'ed quake sourcecode.This includes models, maps, soundfx and textures.. Freeware download of Open Quartz 2004.08.01, size 8.88 Mb.

Quake Package (.PAK) Tool 1.0 Paktool 

Creates, views, opens and refreshes Quake Packages (.PAK). Very simple.

Quake Package (.PAK) Tool 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Quake Package (.PAK) Tool 1.0, size 0 b.

Imatey Electronics Screen Scraper 1.0 Iescreenscraper 

All current and perspective software projects for Visual Pak - Atlanta. The current project consists of finding away to scrape information from a client IMS and have it populate our native database.

Imatey Electronics Screen Scraper 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Imatey Electronics Screen Scraper 1.0, size 0 b.

ZipZag 1.80 Cristescu Gabriel Valentin 

Archiver that can handle compressed files of most formats: Windows/DOS archives (Zip, Rar, 7-Zip, Aar, Ace, Alz, Arc, Arg, Arj, Asd, Bel, Blz, Bza, Cab, Czip, Dz, Ear, Gca, Gza, Imp, Iso, Jak, Jam, Jar, Lha, Lzh, Lzs, Piz, Rez, Spl, Sqx, War, Yz1, Zac, Zoo), Mac archives (Bin, Pit), Linux/Unix archives (Bz2 (Bzip2), C, Cpio, Deb, Devpak, F, Gz. Free download of ZipZag 1.80, size 4.19 Mb.

Pak Urdu Installer 3.1 M Bilal M 

Windows facilitates us to read and write Urdu already. To activate Urdu language support in windows XP, we need the Windows CD. To make Urdu installation easier, d-de?Pak Urdu Installerd-deOao has been developed. Pak Urdu Installer will automatically install and configure your computer to support Urdu without the Windows CD i.e. activates Urdu. Free download of Pak Urdu Installer 3.1, size 15.20 Mb.

RaycastingGameMaker 16.0 Bithandler 

The Raycasting Game Maker is a free game editor that creates simple raycasting games in the style of wolf3D. The finished game needs only two files to run, an executable and a pak file with the game data. The game runs in a window or fullscreen mode and supports 16 and 32 bit color.. Freeware download of RaycastingGameMaker 16.0, size 5.97 Mb.

Pangya Unpaker Shad'o Soft 

The objective of this project is to learn about bones animations, OpenGL rendering and get more c skills. Models are loaded using drag n drop and I thought about load them directly from pak files. The navigation is a freefly mode using keyboard and mouse.. Freeware download of Pangya Unpaker, size 0 b.

GPExpert Troubleshooting Pak 1.1.005 Group Policy Troubleshooting 

You rely on Group Policy to configure key security and lockdown settings on your Windows systems. Why leave that to chance? The Troubleshooting Pak is designed to give you visibility into your Group Policy infrastructure and speed Group Policy Troubleshooting when issues do arise. Group Policy is complex infrastructure, with lots of moving parts.. Freeware download of GPExpert Troubleshooting Pak 1.1.005, size 901.77 Kb.

Football gamespak 1.0 Games Pak 

Play Classic Football games on your PC or notebook desktop for FREE with the fabulous Football games Gamespak software download. You can play footy games either online or offline! Instant loading of games and great for all football loving guys n gals. Many more gamespaks available.Play many games including Hotshots Penalty Shootout Super Free Kicks. Freeware download of Football gamespak 1.0, size 5.64 Mb.

CD Collection 2.15 Nicomsoft, Ltd. 

CD Collection is designed to help you maintain and organize a collection of your CD-ROMs, hard disks, removable and network drives etc. The program catalogs contents of your media and makes it available for offline browsing and searching. With CD Collection, you are able to organize volumes, folders and files into groups; analyse ZIP, RAR, CAB,. Free download of CD Collection 2.15, size 1.13 Mb.

AutoExtract 2 2.8.031005 AlternativeRealities 

AutoExtract 2 is the easiest way to decompress files you have downloaded from the internet. AutoExtract sits in your system tray watching your desktop for new archives which are then decompressed it into a folder of the same nameFeatures:Automatic internal hands-free decompression of ZIP and RAR filesAutomatic deompression of 7z, ace, arc, arj,. Free download of AutoExtract 2 2.8.031005, size 2.74 Mb.

Zipsearch 1.2.5 Filehunter Software 

Zipsearch finds files, search zip archives, locate text view files, display search strings, match text , uses files extensions, replace text in zip archives. Search Excel and word documents. It searches subfolders & uses file dates, files size, text, case sensitive search strings. Search up to 90 multiple search strings. You can explorer zip. Free download of Zipsearch 1.2.5, size 4.90 Mb.

Dr. Lunatic 2 Hamumu Software 

The evil Dr. Lunatic is taking the brains out of zombies and putting them into other zombies to create a race of Super Zombies! Can you stop him? Collect the mighty Red Hammers and Pants Of Power to defeat him and his minions in 5 huge worlds with over 70 levels. Fifty different monsters oppose you, but you have a variety of special weapons and. Free download of Dr. Lunatic 2, size 7.94 Mb.

22 Strategy Games 2.4 MG Software 

From mazes to mahjongg to tetris and more. 22 challenging kidsafe games for all ages. This award winning game pak will keep you thinking and has something for everyone, test your brain on our strategy games or just waste some time with our matching block games.You get: two maze games, 2 tetris-like games, a mahjongg game, strategy games, 4 puzzle. Free download of 22 Strategy Games 2.4, size 12.51 Mb.

Xnxx Pak Web Results

Pak Rak

Motorcycle loading accessory for pickups that makes loading a full size motorcycle a one person operation.

Exakt-Pak Medical Packaging

Exakt-Pak produces packaging that protects tissue samples during transportation.

Igor Pak

Assistant Professor, MIT. Probability and Computations on Groups and Enumerative Combinatorics.


Food processing ovens.


Makes bicycle cargo trailers that folds for transport. USA.

Polar Pak

Offering hydration bags, the Polar Pak, keeps water cool, bicycle as well as sports accessories.

C-Pak Industries

Manufactures custom rotationally modular molded plastic products from polyethleyne, EVA, PVC, and Nylon. Design and mold making capability.