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Cha-Cha-Chat 1 6 Cha-Cha-Chat 

Free private video chat service - create your own video chat and invite people by email. No installation or registration required. Video call with as many people as you want, whenever you want. CHA-CHA-CHAT offers the ability to video chat face to face with family and friends, anytime and anywhere. No installation needed. CHA-CHA-CHAT provides. Freeware download of Cha-Cha-Chat 1 6, size 3.07 Kb.


Fomine LAN Chat 1 2 Fomine Software 

Fomine LAN Chat is tiny and easy-to-use instant messaging software. LAN Chat creates only one chat room, that is why it has very clear interface. The LAN Chat's interface is one window with list of chat participants, chat messages and outgoing message. And you can also set to your status online, away or disconnected in this window. The LAN Chat. Freeware download of Fomine LAN Chat 1 2, size 274.43 Kb.

Microsoft Lync 2010 Group Chat 4.0.7577.4051 Microsoft 

The Microsoft Lync 2010 Group Chat package provides a client for users to join and subscribe to chat rooms, view and post messages and set filters and notifications.

This package currently comes with integrated search and chat room management capabilities.

. Free download of Microsoft Lync 2010 Group Chat 4.0.7577.4051, size 0 b.

Garaxi Chat 2.2 Garaxi 

Java server/client software. The GUI is highly customizable with user avartars, emoticons, user defined fonts & color, robot support, ban ip, chat room background support, wall message etc. . Free download of Garaxi Chat 2.2, size 1.94 Mb.

ooVoo Web Video Chat Room API 1.0 Oovoowebvideoch 

The video call room API will enable developers to easily embed the ooVoo video rooms inside their own web sites.

ooVoo Web Video Chat Room API 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of ooVoo Web Video Chat Room API 1.0, size 0 b.

WinMX Link Handler 1.0 WinMX Unlimited 

An application that allows you to join WinMX chat rooms using the brand new WinMX magnet links.Features:
- Easily join chat rooms in WinMX from the chat room list page with one click.
- No need to copy and paste room names.
- No need to make sure the app is running. It runs automatically when a mxlnk is clicked.
Using this. Freeware download of WinMX Link Handler 1.0, size 38.16 Mb.

Chatfyre 1.0 Chatfyre 

Chatfyre is simple, open-source chat software, that is able to be integrated into an already existing database. Chatfyre makes it simple to seamlessly integrate a user to user, or even chat-room feature, that you can control exactly how it fits in.

Chatfyre 1.0 License - Public Domain. Freeware download of Chatfyre 1.0, size 0 b.

Home Chatter 1.0.4873 Revision 38092 Ala Hadid 

Home Chatter is a lightweight and easy to use application that enables users of the same LAN to communicate with each other using text messages.

Any user can create a new chat room and be its admin, who can kick out or ban other users. To join a chat room, you have to specify the server IP address, room name and port number.

ImTalk Messenger imtalk 

ImTalk Messenger is a useful program that allows you to keep in touch with friends and to organize group discussions. You can also use the program to create private chat rooms for you and your buddies.

The application is designed as a lightweight instant messaging client that provides all the basic features required to help you. Free download of ImTalk Messenger, size 0 b.

bia2clip Toolbar 6 5 bia2clip 

With bia2clip Toolbar you can explore the bia2clip blog faster and easier than ever. You can enter the chat room to discuss various subject areas such like : News,Technology,Video Games, Sports ,Health , Travel, Music or Entertainment. You can also send and recieve email messages from bia2clip, listen to radio or enter the Facebook community.. Freeware download of bia2clip Toolbar 6 5, size 0 b.

Radio Player UK Toolbar 6 8 Radio Player UK 

Radio Player UK and Conduit have been approved with the TRUSTe stamp, meaning this toolbar does not have nasty viruses or spy ware. You're safe!
The chat room is the best. Do private chats, change fonts and colours, all whilst you browse the net!
Live weather updates built-in to the toolbar. Wherever you live or wherever you want. Freeware download of Radio Player UK Toolbar 6 8, size 2.15 Mb.

skyuserradio Toolbar 6 5 skyuserradio 

With the skyuserradio Toolbar you can find out information about your favorite online radio stations with ease. Find out about SkyUser's news, enter their forums for discussions, join a chat room for instant chat or send and recieve email. Also you can listen to radio,login on facebook or see what's the weather like.. Freeware download of skyuserradio Toolbar 6 5, size 0 b.

CivicFDThailand Toolbar 6 4 CivicFDThailand 

This toolbar was created for the people of Thailand that love Honda cars.The toolbar has a link to a chat room where you can talk with your fellow car lovers and a forum to discuss everything that is related to Honda cars. The toolbar is free and is easy to install.. Freeware download of CivicFDThailand Toolbar 6 4, size 0 b.

MillersMAD Toolbar 6 3 MillersMAD 

MillersMAD Toolbar is a toolbar special designed for the funs of Rotherham United football team. Is a place where the funs can easily find shortcuts to the chat room or the most important and freshest news about there favourite team. It is also a powerful search engine.. Freeware download of MillersMAD Toolbar 6 3, size 2.15 Mb.

ChatRoomSeek Toolbar 6 3 ChatRoomSeek 

ChatRoomSeek Community Toolbar - stay connected and get so much more. This toolbar is designet for chat room seek. Whit this toolbar you can stay in touch with your friend, and you can check out all of your favorites places on the web. This toolbar have a application marketplace. Freeware download of ChatRoomSeek Toolbar 6 3, size 2.75 Mb.

Quest3D Virtual Club 1 1 quest3d 

Quest3D Virtual Club shows the network synchronization in Quest3D. Essentially it is a 3D chat room. Runs on a LAN.
Use Quest3D for professional real-time applications. Create software, 3D web pages and simulators. Quest3D is the perfect solution for architecture visualization, product visualization, digital entertainment, computer aided. Freeware download of Quest3D Virtual Club 1 1, size 17.57 Mb.

Family Connections 3.0 

Family Connections is a private social networking website designed specifically for families to be as easy to use as possible. Key features are: message board, photo gallery, family tree, calendar, blog, chat room, address book and more.. Freeware download of Family Connections 3.0, size 3.23 Mb.

FeedBot 0.3 

RSS to XMPP Bot. Want a real time /.? Feed /. into your multi user chat room (XMPP) and have fun! Works with any other RSS feeds too.. Freeware download of FeedBot 0.3, size 868.51 Kb.

Zigapos 0.6.0 

Purchase and Sales Applications. Java swing based and use MySQL as database environment. with Zigapos chat room design for Jabber IM network. and translation languange pack.. Freeware download of Zigapos 0.6.0, size 3.95 Mb.

Virtual MLC 1.0 Virtmlc 

The Virtual MLC (Math Learning Center) is a program designed to meet the distance education needs of the modern community college math student. The Virtual MLC will be an enhanced chat room, which will support drawing and basic math symbols.

Virtual MLC 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Virtual MLC 1.0, size 0 b.