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nhom7_spm 1.0 Nhom7spm 

Software Project Management academic discipline - Faculty of Mathematics - Informatics - Ho Chi Minh University of Natural Sciences - 4th 2008 - Viet Nam

nhom7_spm 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of nhom7_spm 1.0, size 0 b.


vnAdvance 1.0 Vnadvance 

This is vnadvance's project, this is a test before create some projects, vnadvance is a group in Viet Nam and they has just started to set up a IT company. This company provide a lot of services for all customers in either Viet Nam or foreign contry

vnAdvance 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of vnAdvance 1.0, size 0 b.

VNT CMS 1.0 Vntcms 

VNT CMS is based on asp! VNT CMS helps website coders to make a website quickly and easily. VNT CMS is now finished by VNT TECH JSC in Viet Nam...

VNT CMS 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL); Public Domain. Freeware download of VNT CMS 1.0, size 0 b.

Telme Japan 8.0 Telme Global Network 

With Telme JAPAN you'll pay a lot less than regular phone service or other VOIP providers. You could not see anywhere else offers better than Telme!

Telme JAPAN offers more features than any other internet phone service. You'll get all you need and much more than that.. Freeware download of Telme Japan 8.0, size 4.15 Mb.

TaiHeritagePro 2.0 SIL International 

The Tai Heritage typeface is designed to reflect the traditional hand-written style of the Tai Viet script. Tai Heritage Pro is available as a Unicode-encoded font (based on the Unicode 5.2 Standard) with Graphite rendering. The Tai Dam, Tai Daeng and Tai Don people who live in northwestern Vietnam and surrounding areas have a long tradition of. Freeware download of TaiHeritagePro 2.0, size 19.40 Mb.

Viet Card 1.0 Vietcard 

Viet Card (VC) is (will be) a fully-configurable Tien Len playing card game written using the Anaxor Game Framework.

Viet Card 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Viet Card 1.0, size 0 b.

Network Widening Mod 2.0 The NAM Team 

An optional NAM component Network Widening Mod adds a series of variable width surface networks by extending the game's default Road and One-Way Road networks with special starter pieces. 44 puzzle pieces which include Wide-Radius Curves, transitions to Maxis networks and other NWM networks, and neighbor connectors for two-way dual-tile. Freeware download of Network Widening Mod 2.0, size 7.76 Mb.

Avatar Krishna playing divine flute 2.0 

Lord Krishna exhibits His transcendental from as the greatest of dancers as He entered the forest of Vrndavan, beautifying it with the marks of His footprints, He filled the holes of His flute with the nectar of His lips, and His friends sang His glories.. Freeware download of Avatar Krishna playing divine flute 2.0, size 1.32 Mb.

CMWS Model 2.8 

The CMWS Model, currently written in python, compiles model runs of the Operational GFS and NAM computer model outputs by NOAA to provide a numerical weather forecast using statistical forecasting. Model Runs at Freeware download of CMWS Model 2.8, size 102.94 Kb.

Network Simulation Creator and Animator 0.1 

The goal of this project is to be an improvement of the original Network Animator (NAM) module provided as part of the Network Simulator 2 (NS2). This tool provides topology visualization, TCL script generation, and enhanced simulation animation.. Freeware download of Network Simulation Creator and Animator 0.1, size 591.86 Kb.

zvdict 1.0 Zvdict 

zvdict is a Viet Namese - {English, French} dictionary written in GTK2. check out homepage for more information.

zvdict 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of zvdict 1.0, size 0 b.

SC4TSCT 1.3.4 Sc4tsct 

This tool is for SimCity 4 to configure the NAM Unified Traffic Simulator.

SC4TSCT 1.3.4 License - GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3). Freeware download of SC4TSCT 1.3.4, size 875.09 Kb.

Android Buddy Radar 1.0 Buddyradar 

Finde Deine Freunde und Sie Dich mit Android Buddy Radar!

Android Buddy Radar 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Android Buddy Radar 1.0, size 0 b.

WeatherStudio 2 PaulMarv Software 

WeatherStudio combines a vast array of live weather data, products, maps, and charts into a single map that the user can pan and zoom. GFS/NDFD/NAM/RAP Model Data, Placefiles, Radar Loops, Satellite, Storm Reports, Hurricane Paths, Surface Observations, Watches/Warnings, Buoys, Shapefiles, GPS support, FTP Uploading, etc. Made for Storm Chasers,. Free download of WeatherStudio 2, size 13.62 Mb.

kryptoftp 1.0 

n ftp-Klient wo eifach no VerschlsseligsFunktion d bi ht {TwoFish}, cha au als normal ftp-Klient brucht werd... Datei Nam, vo verschlsslti Datei uf m server werdet mit m richtig Nam ahzeigt. Funktioniert mit allen Servern. Freeware download of kryptoftp 1.0, size 1.25 Mb.

OTcl and TclCL rc.1.14 

OTcl, short for MIT Object Tcl, is an extension to Tcl/Tk for object-oriented programming. TclCL (Tcl with classes) is a Tcl/C++ interface used by Mash, vic, vat, rtp_play, ns, and nam. It provides a layer of C++ glue over OTcl.. Freeware download of OTcl and TclCL rc.1.14, size 325.96 Kb.

Intelliscore Ensemble WAV to MIDI Converter 7.2 Innovative Music Systems, Inc. 

IntelliScore Ensemble helps you transcribe music by converting multiple-instrument CD audio, WAV, MP3, and WMA files to multi-track MIDI (.mid) files containing the notes played broken down by instrument, chord names, and key. Then you can take those MIDI files and do things that are impossible with audio files such as viewing the notation and. Free download of Intelliscore Ensemble WAV to MIDI Converter 7.2, size 4.13 Mb.

Intelliscore Polyphonic WAV to MIDI Converter 8.0 Innovative Music Systems, Inc. 

IntelliScore Polyphonic helps you transcribe music. It listens to your single instrument CD audio, WAV, MP3, WMA, AAC, and AIFF and helps create MIDI (.mid) files containing the notes played, chord names, and key. Then you can take those MIDI files and view the notation and change individual notes. You can also compose MIDI music in real-time by. Free download of Intelliscore Polyphonic WAV to MIDI Converter 8.0, size 5.27 Mb.

LingvoSoft Basic Dictionary English <-> Viet 2.1.28 ECTACO, Inc. 

This line of LingvoSoft English Vietnamese Dictionaries for Windows brings you accurate and prompt two-way word translations, wrapped in a user-friendly interface with convenient search options. They are built on updated linguistic databases and come in four versions designed for different types of users.

LingvoSoft Dictionary Basic. Free download of LingvoSoft Basic Dictionary English <-> Viet 2.1.28, size 1.75 Mb.

IncredibleCharts Pro Vizhon Corporation 

Incredible Charts Pro is a stock market analysis and charting software. It is very helpful for all those persons who invest in the big stock markets of the world whether he is a small investor or a big player of this game. It directly connects to the stock markets data provider companies. By using this incredible software you can view the last 11. Freeware download of IncredibleCharts Pro, size 5.32 Mb.

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