Zuma New Version

Alchemy Deluxe 1 6 PopCap Games 

Alchemy Deluxe -Play an awesome new version of the magical puzzle game!Alchemy Deluxe!Here it is, hard on the heels of Bejeweled for Windows... the downloadable version of ALCHEMY! Now you can play anytime you like, offline or on! But that's not all! Alchemy for Windows is packed with exciting new features: Save your high scores and upload. Free download of Alchemy Deluxe 1 6, size 3.28 Mb.


Virtual Skipper 2 1 4 Duran,Inc. 

Welcome to Virtual Skipper 2, the new version of the acclaimed regatta simulator with real-time 3D.
High-quality graphics and realistic simulation bring you the sights and sounds of a top-level regatta, with real-time arbitration of racing rules.
You can play alone against your computer, against one opponent on a split screen or. Free download of Virtual Skipper 2 1 4, size 0 b.

Styx Reloaded 1.0 NumLock Software 

Styx Reloaded is a new version of the good old 80's game Styx.

Your mission in this game is simple: Catch the Evil Monster(TM) by claiming territory. A territory is not claimed until you are finished drawing its borders. Simple and very fun!

This new version of Styx has mainly improved graphics (3D modelled and. Freeware download of Styx Reloaded 1.0, size 0 b.

Logo3D 1.0 Jos Damico, Randall Embry 

This project presents a new version of LOGO programming language developed at MIT by Seymour Papert. This software was developed using Java and Java 3D. Logo is a computer programming language used for functional programming. It is an adaptation and dialect of the Lisp language.. Freeware download of Logo3D 1.0, size 16.88 Mb.

Lanikai 3.1b1 Mozilla 

Lanikai is a preview release for the upcoming new version of the Thunderbird e-mail client. This program is built on Gecko 1.9.2, Mozilla’s layout engine. It is not the final product.

When you run Lanikai for the first time, it will prompt you to enter the settings for an e-mail account. After entering your e-mail address,. Freeware download of Lanikai 3.1b1, size 0 b.

Vista Live pack for Windows XP 3.0 Deviantart.com 

This new version of pack brings a few changes:

- Fixed dark toolbar to normal, added Viorb 2
- Fixed title bar font problem
- Fixed classic startmenu images
- Added more live style elements:
- Scrollbars, buttons etc.

Vista Live pack for Windows XP - unique, interesting and friendly pack that helps. Free download of Vista Live pack for Windows XP 3.0, size 0 b.

AcronisDiskDirectorHome 11.0.216 Acronis 

Acronis Disk Director 11 Home is an all-new version of the most feature-rich disk management product available. If you're serious about maximizing disk use and data safety, it's never been easier to create hard disk partitions or resize, move or merge partitions without data loss. Acronis Disk Director 11 Home includes powerful new. Free download of AcronisDiskDirectorHome 11.0.216, size 190.18 Mb.

Caledos Automatic Wallpaper Changer 6. 5. 2006 CaledosLAB 

Caledos Automatic Wallpaper Changer 6 is the new version of our "classic" wallpaper changer. It is an application that allows to change Microsoft Windows desktop wallpaper periodically. It can change your desktop wallpaper at every logon, or on regular basis from each minute up to each month. It allows to select directories and file to. Freeware download of Caledos Automatic Wallpaper Changer 6. 5. 2006, size 1.41 Mb.

Map Navigator V2 XML 1 FlashComponents 

The main update for this new version is XML, so you can now load external files without needing to edit the fla file. It can load swf, jpg, gif, png. You can also change other settings via XML. Here is an example of the XML file: Those who already have the older version "map navigator v2" won't pay so much for this version.. Free download of Map Navigator V2 XML 1, size 102.40 Kb.

All Motors Net J&B Software 84 

2011 - New version 2.4 with Police hot pursuit and elicopter police. All Motors Net v2.4 is a simulator 3D of race car created from the J&B Software 84, that it allows to guide various types of Car and of motorcyle is from road that they give earth. With these means you will be able to run on many tracings is asphalt that earth. The possibility. Freeware download of All Motors Net, size 121.33 Mb.

Proof of Claim (Form B0) Software 1 Proof of Claim (Form B10) 

In October 2005, the US Bankruptcy Courts released a new version of the Proof of Claim form (Form B10). You must file this form to claim a share of the proceeds generated from the sale of a bankrupt debtors assets. Pursuant to the Bankruptcy Reform Act, several of the amendments to the Bankruptcy Code became effective immediately upon enactment.. Free download of Proof of Claim (Form B0) Software 1, size 882.69 Kb.

BeTheWinner Casino 2.60 BeTheWinner Casino 

The new version 2.60 of BeTheWinner Casino contains the following games: Blackjack, Baccarat, Pai Gow Poker, Casino War, Caribbean Stud Poker, European Rouletter. Poker games: Tens or Better, Jacks or Better, Acey Deucey, Royal Sevens, Deuces Wild and All American Poker. Each of them you can play as a dealer. Slot machines with bonus levels, free. Freeware download of BeTheWinner Casino 2.60, size 8.62 Mb.

ConsoleX 7.5 consolex.co.uk 

New Version Now released with Core.... Build your own console, NEW >> Macro system, write one line code, print results with either cs, vb, vbs and js languages, and now new live update feature. Freeware download of ConsoleX 7.5, size 956.87 Kb.

GCDB Reloaded b.1.1.6 gcdbreloaded.sourceforge.net 

A new version of GCDB, GCDB-Reloaded. This project was started due to the fact GCDB devlopment has stalled. Support for PayPal, cPanel, and custom modules for other web hosting packages and payment gateways. Freeware download of GCDB Reloaded b.1.1.6, size 67.73 Kb.

NAMC - A D Game Engine 3 namc.sourceforge.net 

NAMC - New version is based on Ogre3d, Ogrenewt & Newton game dynamics, and raknet. Slowly becoming an open mmorpg client/server. SVN Version supports PLSM2 for vast terrains and fast scene switching, and DotScene for general configuration of the scene.. Freeware download of NAMC - A D Game Engine 3, size 33.31 Mb.

openCRX - Enterprise Class CRM 1.6 opencrx.org 

NEW VERSION 2.9.1: openCRX is a professional CRM service (customer relationship management) deployable to all major platforms. openCRX is multi-entity enabled, scalable, a real enterprise-class CRM-solution that runs on Apache TomEE.. Freeware download of openCRX - Enterprise Class CRM 1.6, size 91.24 Mb.

Stuntman - STUN server and client 1.1.3 stunprotocol.org 

New version 1.1. This is the source code to STUNTMAN - an open source STUN server and client code by john selbie. Compliant with the latest RFCs including 5389, 5769, and 5780. Also includes backwards compatibility for RFC 3489. The stun server code is part of a larger personal project involving P2P file sharing and NAT traversal. Version 1.1. Freeware download of Stuntman - STUN server and client 1.1.3, size 113.08 Kb.

SZnake_SHnake 2.1.beta sznake.sf.net 

New version of Snake. There is Duel Mode, The Longest Mode, 2p Mode, and off course simple Arcade.. Freeware download of SZnake_SHnake 2.1.beta, size 46.38 Kb.

ToastTimer traffic light speech clock 13 toasttimer.sourceforge.net 

NEW VERSION - Pocket PC (Compact .Net Framework required)! Use your computer screen to tell you how long you've been giving a speech, compared to predefined limits, using a large on-screen clock, and a green/yellow/red background "stoplight" effect.. Freeware download of ToastTimer traffic light speech clock 13, size 8.71 Kb.

Transparent Cryptographic File System 0.3 tcfs4.sourceforge.net 

TCFS4 is a new version of a network filesystem that provides transparent cryptography for the end-user, and compatibility with NFS server V3. Information on the old release of the project can be found here: www.tcfs.it. Freeware download of Transparent Cryptographic File System 0.3, size 3.10 Mb.