2d Cad Freeware

LiteCAD 2.0 Kolbasoft 

LiteCAD is a 2d Cad program. The editor can be used as a multi-purpose drafting application. The main component of the package - LiteCAD DLL library is intended for software developers who build own specialized drawing applications, Cad / CAM / GIS type. This component provides vector graphics possiblilities and has a simple API for using it with . Freeware download of LiteCAD 2.0, size 8.52 Mb.


LCE-CAD 1 2 Mayank Malik 

2d Cad with support for JPEG and BMP image formats. Features include zoom, background colors selection, an area/perimeter calculator, more than 40 pattern styles, undo, grids, bezier curves, splines, and user defined curves. Program its available to free download . Freeware download of LCE-CAD 1 2, size 1.17 Mb.

Cnc Code Maker V.0RC 1 CncSimple.com 

Cnc Code Maker is a small, simple and FREE 2d Cad/CAM software. It's made in a user-friendly way to be easy to use and understand. It's not as powerful as commercial Cad/CAM programs, but used as a tool when manually creating CNC programs it will be very handy. . Freeware download of Cnc Code Maker V.0RC 1, size 887.81 Kb.

Simple2D CAD/CAM 20100107 simple2dcadcam.sourceforge.net 

A Simple 2d Cad/CAM application (currently Windows-only)Cuts simple shapes (pockets, mostly) and simplified gears. It has a geometry mode that allows geometry defined by lines and arcs. It also generates geometry from any OpenType-style font! . Freeware download of Simple2D CAD/CAM 20100107, size 4.37 Mb.

Dedalo alpha006 ettoremele.wordpress.com 

dedalo is a 2d Cad drawing software written in python3. It is licensed under the GPLv3.Dedalo features: layers, snaps (endpoint, intersection, midpoint), line, polyline, rectangle, delete, polygon, rectangle, arc, circle, points, text, spline, freehand drawing.Move, scale, rotate, offset, cut, extend, hatch, dimension, copy. English, italian . Freeware download of Dedalo alpha006, size 458.33 Kb.

SagCAD 0.9.6 sagcad.sourceforge.jp 

Linux 2d Cad/CAM . Freeware download of SagCAD 0.9.6, size 2.09 Mb.

QCad II 1.0 Qcad2 

QCad II takes the popular 2d Cad system QCad to the next level.

QCad II 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL); Other License . Freeware download of QCad II 1.0, size 0 b.

ConstructCAD 1.0 Concad 

A 2d Cad program for Linux and Windows made with C++ and the Qt library. The GUI will be similar to AutoCAD.

ConstructCAD 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of ConstructCAD 1.0, size 0 b.

LogoTag 25 3 Taglio 

Logotag Free is a free complete Cad 2d. Logotag Free offers all the functions of a commercial 2d Cad but is totally free. It has functions dedicated to modification , creation and trim of elements ( lines, arcs, circles, macro...), layers and colors management, possibility to introduce a BITMAP on the screen background, managing positioning and . Freeware download of LogoTag 25 3, size 21.98 Mb.

Bentley PowerDraft Bentley Systems, Inc. 

MicroStation PowerDraft is a professional-level application used for production 2d/3D drafting and detailing. PowerDraft provides an intuitive interface for creating, editing, and manipulating drawings and models in DGN or DWG format and is completely integrated with all Bentley solutions.
Because PowerDraft and MicroStation are based on the . Freeware download of Bentley PowerDraft, size 0 b.

SpinFire Professional 10.0 Actify Inc. 

With SpinFire Professional you can open and view almost every Cad-file, including all assembly data, calculate volume, surface, thickness, angle, communicate design data throughout the enterprise safely with the 3D format, create digital prototypes out of differently formatted Cad-files and create exploded views and animations and much more. . Freeware download of SpinFire Professional 10.0, size 124.64 Mb.

CYCAS 2 40 Verlag Frese 

CYCAS is a piece of architectural software for drafting and design in 2 + 3 dimensions. In addition to typical Cad functions, CYCAS offers special elements and techniques for architectural design. Therefore, you can easily design and draft your ideas. Developing professional 2d presentation of your design is worked out as fast as and as effective . Freeware download of CYCAS 2 40, size 0 b.


ZWCAD+ is a cost-effective, DWG file format compatible Cad solution. ZWCAD+ 2014 includes breakthrough technologies such as DWG 2013 support, Dynamic Block, built-in online storage tool and a whole new vocal annotation called SmartVoice.

Strengthening File Compatibility for Better Interaction
ZWCAD+ 2014 has strengthened its . Freeware download of ZWCAD+ 2014 SP1, size 239.16 Mb.

QCad Community Edition 2.0.5 RibbonSoft GmbH 

With QCAD Community Edition you can create technical drawings such as plans for buildings, interiors, mechanical parts or schemas and diagrams. QCAD runs on Windows, Mac OS X and many Linux and Unix Systems. The source code of the QCAD community edition is released under the GPL (Open Source). . Freeware download of QCad Community Edition 2.0.5, size 0 b.

Ledas 2D Geometric Solver 6.0 LEDAS Ltd. 

Ledas 2d Geometric Solver is a software engineered to support two-dimensional parametric sketching/drawing in Cad and computer graphics systems.Ledas 2d Geometric Solver supports creation and modification of the geometric models by means of constraints. . Freeware download of Ledas 2D Geometric Solver 6.0, size 1.53 Mb.

GstarCAD 2010 Professional Suzhou Gstarsoft Co., Ltd 

GstarCAD is the fast, powerful and DWG-compatible Cad software. It is the world-class 2d/3D Cad (Computer aided design) software platform based on IntelliCAD technology. GstarCAD's powerful functions, AutoCAD-compatible programming platform, cost-effective solution and ease-of-use operating interface ensure that your design inspiration comes true . Freeware download of GstarCAD 2010 Professional, size 78.56 Mb.

APlot - Plot/Printer 3D 2D Project 1.0 Aplot 

Plot/Printer 3D 2d Project - Cad/CAM CNC - It go convert them for a language that later will be interpreted by the machine.

APlot - Plot/Printer 3D 2d Project 1.0 License - GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2) . Freeware download of APlot - Plot/Printer 3D 2D Project 1.0, size 0 b.

GstarCAD 2012 Pro Beta 2012 Beta Suzhou Gstarsoft Co., Ltd 

GstarCAD is the fast, powerful and DWG-compatible Cad software. It is the world-class 2d/3D Cad (Computer aided design) software platform based on IntelliCAD technology. GstarCAD's powerful functions, AutoCAD-compatible programming platform, cost-effective solution and ease-of-use operating interface ensure that your design inspiration comes true . Freeware download of GstarCAD 2012 Pro Beta 2012 Beta, size 99.27 Mb.

eMachineShop 1.0 eMachineShop 

eMachineShop's totally free, professional Computer Aided Design (Cad) software allows to design in 2d and 3D. Easy uncluttered interface yet powerful. This free Cad software not only lets you design objects but you can actually have your parts made! Price and order your parts instantly via the internet. The software provides immediate expert design . Freeware download of eMachineShop 1.0, size 302.08 Kb.

Wincad 11.0 S.T.S. 

Wincad is a powerful 2d/3D Cad program that is distributed Freeware (free) from STS for professional use, complete with a library of more than 200 symbols frequently used in the architectural drawing, electric installments and in the creation of Safety projects (L. 626 and D.L. 494). . Freeware download of Wincad 11.0, size 12.46 Mb.

2d Cad Web Results

CAD Schroer GmbH

Manufacturer and vendor of the MEDUSA parametric 2D CAD system, and several application specific extensions.

Delta Cad

A 2D CAD software designed to be easy to use.

GT Detailers

Structural steel detailing for buildings, bridges, and all structures made of steel using 3D or 2D cad software.


SmartLister will extract part sizes and other necessary information from preexisting, new, 3D and 2D, CAD drawings and then quickly and easily create Bill of Materials (BOM), Cut Lists and Mill Lists.


QCad is a 2D CAD system for Linux. The developers main goals are to build a stable, fast and easy to use CAD for everyone. One doesn't need any knowledge...


SagCAD is an easy to use 2D CAD/CAM System. Features:Ellipse, Polyline, SPLINE, BSPLINE, possibility to glue external programs via shell commands, CAM Module (Generation of ISO NC-Data), Import...


A free open-source 2D CAD system for Linux.