Bouncing Ball Freeware

Baby Bunny Bouncing Ball 1.1 Lavelle Carlson 

Baby Bunny Bouncing Ball was written by Lavelle Carlson, retired speech-language pathologist. It is the first in a series of Early Developing Sounds Storybook Apps for young children. The early developing sound addressed in Baby Bunny Bouncing Ball is the /b/. Baby Bunny Bouncing Ball App can be used by teachers, parents and speech-language . Freeware download of Baby Bunny Bouncing Ball 1.1, size 68.58 Mb.


Bounce Ball Wall Solitaire 1.1 VXZ-Spectrum 

Bounce Ball Wall Solitaire is a Bouncing Ball puzzle game. It takes only seconds to download and install. Bounce Ball Wall Solitaire doesn't require installing any software or library on your machine. It does not modify Windows system files or Windows Registry. The user doesn't need to install anything else to use Bounce Ball Wall Solitaire because . Freeware download of Bounce Ball Wall Solitaire 1.1, size 621.57 Kb.

DX Ball Lite MAQ LLC 

The king of all brick breaking games, DX Ball is here. DX Ball is a fast paced addictive game that demands your complete attention.
The objective of the game is to break the bricks, concrete blocks and metal blocks, by a Bouncing Ball. Collect the power ups on your way, while breaking the blocks. Beware of the negative pills that pop out.

AccelBall 3D 1.2 Michele Vagnetti 

Play with this Bouncing Ball in a three-dimensional space

You can enjoy the "antistress mode", playing freely with your Ball or challenge your friends in a speedgame!

In Antistress mode you can play to bounce your Ball, scratching the glass of your iPhone, play with physics (gravity, air friction, etc.)

Hucklepuck Free 1.0 Ludwig Jablonski 

Discover the world of Hucklepuck, a skills-based game and guaranteed addiction!

Tap and tilt your way up past obstacles to reach the portal. Test your skills by guiding the Bouncing Ball up Hucklepuck's carnival fantasy. Advance through nine unique levels inspired by vintage fairground with loads of tricks and traps.

Share . Freeware download of Hucklepuck Free 1.0, size 43.62 Mb.

Zoodle Reveal 1.0.0 BlueLid Labs, LLC 

How many pictures you can identify in sixty seconds as the Bouncing Ball slowly reveals the image? Try to beat your personal best score, or compete against your friends and others around the world to get the all-time highest score! . Freeware download of Zoodle Reveal 1.0.0, size 4.09 Mb.

Adagio RisingJ Interactive 

Adagio is a simple visual metronome. You can keep time with the click sound off, and simply follow the Bouncing Ball as it conducts the beats, or you can play along with typical metronome sounds.

Tap a new tempo and Adagio will tell you the traditional name for the tempo. Adagio's name is itself a tempo and is Italian for 'at ease'

wiLkANoiD 1 5 Wilkanoid 

It is an Arkanoid-style Ball and paddle game with original and creative features and graphics. As in every game of this type, the object of Wilkanoid is to destroy all the bricks on the screen with the help of a small Bouncing Ball.

And since you'll only have a limited amount of balls, this would really be a problem if it . Freeware download of wiLkANoiD 1 5, size 4.25 Mb.

Blokanoid 1.0 Locomalito 

You know the rules. Break all the blocks of each room with the Bouncing Ball. Be careful not to lose the Ball. Easy and fun. . Freeware download of Blokanoid 1.0, size 1.54 Mb.

Pykanoid 0.8.5 

Pykanoid is an Arkanoid clone game developed in Python/PyGame. It consist on a Bouncing Ball that player must control with a bat and try to destroy all blocks in the screen. It has powerups to enhance Ball and bat . Freeware download of Pykanoid 0.8.5, size 4.73 Mb.

Lucky Ball-Aki Panos Karabelas 

Lucky Ball-Aki: Newton's magic 8 Ball is a game which can answer all of your questions just by shaking a Ball! What really sets it apart is that aims to reproduce the original magic 8 Ball experience in a different yet fun and refreshing way, this is done by using smooth animation, vivid colors, great graphics and sounds, and with the help of the . Freeware download of Lucky Ball-Aki, size 1.05 Mb.

Sing-Magic Karaoke Player 1 karaoke 

Sing-Magic is a freeware karaoke player. Five free songs are also included. Easy to use yet powerful. Fullscreen mode with quality, high definition graphics and animation. Adjust song speed and pitch on the fly, to match your vocal range. Guide melody to assist your singing. Fully customizable. Change the animated background, lyric's font style . Freeware download of Sing-Magic Karaoke Player 1, size 53.25 Kb.

WinKaraoke Player Francis Li 

WinKaraoke Player is a MIDI karaoke player that supports all MIDI synthesizers through the Windows MIDI Mapper.
When changing the position of the song to a different lyric, the music and words may not be synchronized in playback. This is a problem with the Windows MCI (Media Control Interface) pausing and then reporting an incorrect position . Freeware download of WinKaraoke Player, size 1.80 Mb.

BigTime Bingo 3. 2. 2001 BigTime Bingo 

Playing bingo online is fun, convenient and allows you to play bingo in the comfort of your own home. pays the highest bingo jackpots and our customers stay because they win!!! Pull up a chair and join the fun! Look for the Promo Patterns, play games with our Chat Monitors, and try to win the Bouncing Ball! . Freeware download of BigTime Bingo 3. 2. 2001, size 5.03 Mb.

HyperSonic Free 1.0 Simpa studio 

Explore the unknown at breathless speed, pushing your reflexes to their limits in this definitely exhilarating journey that's not one for the fainthearted.

A fast-paced game that will have you hooked!

Incredible race against time as you guide a spinning, Bouncing Ball along a crazy pathway through space.

Roll space . Freeware download of HyperSonic Free 1.0, size 11.22 Mb.

LDS Children's Sing-Along Lite 3.6.1 LDS Mobile Apps LLC 

Sing along to the Childrens Songbook with your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch! LDS Childrens Sing-Along Lite is a delightfully fun way for you and your family to learn the music and teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It makes an excellent Sunday activity and also serves as a great accompaniment to singing during your Family . Freeware download of LDS Children's Sing-Along Lite 3.6.1, size 55.57 Mb.

LDS Hymns Sing-Along Lite 3.6.1 LDS Mobile Apps LLC 

Sing along to the Church Hymnbook with your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch! LDS Hymns Sing-Along Lite is a delightfully fun way for you and your family to learn the music and teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It makes an excellent Sunday activity and also serves as a great accompaniment to singing during your Family Home . Freeware download of LDS Hymns Sing-Along Lite 3.6.1, size 55.68 Mb.

Star Bouncer 

STAR BOUNCERS WANTED! Relive the late 70's and early 80's arcades with this adaptation of a popular circus game; now updated for the Windows Phone.

Updated in 1.3
Fixed authentication for facebook
Fixed resuming and the stars not restarting
Made finger control default for new users or reinstalls
Fixed posting to . Freeware download of Star Bouncer, size 3.15 Mb.

Fuzz Pack for Pocket Tanks Deluxe 1.0 BlitWise Productions, LLC 

Fuzz Pack for Pocket Tanks Deluxe: The Fuzz Pack - 5 weapons:

Fuzz Ball - Bouncing energy Ball that sheds amazing magnetic 'fuzz' bombs;
Burning Rubber - Flaming molten rubber that coats the terrain;
Side Kick - Bullets fire from the sides of the playfield;
Blockade - Encase enemy tank in a hollow shell;

Bouncing Balls Battle 1.0.0 Novel Games Limited 

Our popular Bouncing Balls is addicting enough to make you stay in front of the computer, trying to ascend to the throne of the leaderboard. And now we have made it even more exciting - the multiplayer Bouncing Balls Battle is here! Invite your friends to hold a tournament, or play against a live player online, then experience the endless fun of . Freeware download of Bouncing Balls Battle 1.0.0, size 265.22 Kb.