Css Styles Software

Button CSS Styles 0.9 AutoButton 

Button Css Styles is a package of over 130 royalty-free buttons for Windows systems. Produced to match and exceed the design guidelines for Microsoft Windows systems, this collection of application bar buttons includes 48x48 pixels images with a transparent background and an actual drawing located in a central square of 26x26 pixels. All the images . Freeware download of Button CSS Styles 0.9, size 23.11 Mb.


Code-Gallery 0.5.beta2 code-gallery.berlios.de 

This program generates a gallery for your photos, providing several layouts and Css Styles, in order to let you choose a complex page if you don't need to edit it or a basic one if you are planning to use just its code. . Freeware download of Code-Gallery 0.5.beta2, size 12.12 Kb.

CSS2FLASH 1.0 Css2flash 

The goal of this project is to create an application which provide an API to map Css Styles in properties FLASH can understand

CSS2FLASH 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of CSS2FLASH 1.0, size 0 b.

CSS Navigation Menu 1.0 Apycom Software 

Create drop down menus based on Css using Vista Buttons. Make various Styles for each submenu item adjusting Css Styles. Css Navigation Menu Builder provides huge collection of 1400 web buttons, 6600 icons, 300 ready-made samples, so you'll create really nice looking menus and buttons with little or no design skills at all! Web 2.0, Mac, iPhone, . Freeware download of CSS Navigation Menu 1.0, size 10.76 Mb.

CSS Briefcase 1.5 Implied By Design LLC. 

Tired of constantly re-writing the same Css code? Frustrated with searching through old projects to copy and paste code from? Css Briefcase is a great little program that helps you organize your Css Styles and store them for use in future projects. Just add Css style code you tend to use in several projects, and from there on adding the code into . Freeware download of CSS Briefcase 1.5, size 25.60 Kb.

WordprocessingML -> HTML 1.0 docx2html.sourceforge.net 

Convertor of WordprocessingML files (Word 2007) to HTML format. WordprocessingML Styles are mapped into Css Styles. Convertor enables dividing the HTML file into more parts (files). . Freeware download of WordprocessingML -> HTML 1.0, size 91.49 Kb.

WordprocessingML -> HTML 1.0 Docx2html 

Convertor of WordprocessingML files (Word 2007) to HTML format. WordprocessingML Styles are mapped into Css Styles. Convertor enables dividing the HTML file into more parts (files).

WordprocessingML -> HTML 1.0 License - BSD License . Freeware download of WordprocessingML -> HTML 1.0, size 91.49 Kb.

Piggy Gallery Generator 1.0 piggy.rubyforge.org 

Application for building web photo albums. Features: FTP Browser, Exif viewer, Thumbnail and Image processing, HTML generation, Css Styles, slideshow (Javascript or JavaFX). Just build your gallery and upload. You won't need Ruby on the server.

HTML image gallery generation, Exif viewer, FTP Browser, Slideshow, Css Styles

VeilMod of SquirrelMail 1.1.04 Sqm-veilmod 

VeilMod is a webmail type of software, it's modification of SquirellMail. It's more user friendly because it's lighter, contains intuitive user interface and uses JavaScript, XMLHttpRequest and Css Styles.

VeilMod of SquirrelMail 1.1.04 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of VeilMod of SquirrelMail 1.1.04, size 1.55 Mb.

CSS Compare 2.0 Bert Johnson 

Css Compare is a handy and reliable utility designed to identify the differences between two Css files.

It's useful for exporting customizations and managing stylesheet versions. Unlike traditional text comparison tools, Css Compare evaluates individual Css Styles instead of pure text blocks, allowing for net comparisons regardless of . Free download of CSS Compare 2.0, size 0 b.

STFWebPen 2.0 Slavko Ilic 

STFWebPen is fast, easy-to-use, but robust HTML and script editor with representative list of tools: FTP Client, Css and DHTML Menu Wizards, Spelling checker, Image Mapper, strong tag support for HTML, WML, ColdFusion, Css, ASP.NET, JSP, PHP, preview in multiple browsers, syntax highlighting, MSWord document import, multiple find/replace, HTML/XML . Free download of STFWebPen 2.0, size 8.19 Mb.

HTML Elements 1.5 eTopping Software 

A modern web site page has a a complicated structure that is hard to reveal. Frequently, it is required to find all the pictures URLs, to extract all the links from the page or to see the attached Css style sheet.HTML Elements is a plug-in for Internet Explorer. Lets see how it works. Once the web page is completely loaded, you can load the . Free download of HTML Elements 1.5, size 921.60 Kb.

Vista Buttons 5.7 Vista-Buttons.com 

Create superior Vista/XP/Mac web buttons and dhtml drop down menus in just a few clicks! Vista Buttons generates all button images, dhtml menus, Javascript and HTML code on the fly, so you don't need any additional graphics or programming skills and will get instant results. The web menus are fully customizable, they react to mouseover and . Free download of Vista Buttons 5.7, size 10.98 Mb.

Bash HTML Editor 4.3.1 Bash Software 

Unlike most HTML editors, which are bloated and expensive yet offer little in actual features, Bash HTML Editor is designed to be completely utilitarian. Everything you need to get the most out of your webpage is readily at hand. And unlike some programs, which give you little control over your HTML code and make it unnecessarily complex and . Free download of Bash HTML Editor 4.3.1, size 3.25 Mb.

WebsitePainter 1.0.1 Ambiera e.U. 

WebsitePainter is a Web Editor for creating professional websites, without HTML knowledge and programming. With a few clicks it is possible to create webpages with elements like Web2.0 buttons, gradients, round borders, hover effects, transparencies, continuous text and more. Includes a great variety of templates and supports important Web . Free download of WebsitePainter 1.0.1, size 2.12 Mb.

JavaScript DHTML Menu 1.0 DhtmlFaq.com 

JavaScript DHTML Menu Tutorial. Find an answer how to make your website navigation fast and comfortable with Deluxe JavaScript Menu! Use Deluxe Tuner GUI to create your dhtml drop down menu. The generated menu will work correctly in al browsers even javascript is disabled as dhtml Css menu. Use a mouse to move a menu as a usual window. Also you can . Freeware download of JavaScript DHTML Menu 1.0, size 5.54 Mb.

Yugie HTML editor Bc. David Vucenovic 

Yugi HTML Editor is designed to produce web sites for beginners but also for intermediate users. Finds its application in teaching as well as HTML code. The main objective of this program is as simple as possible for routine work that about creating HTML documents constantly repeated. With this application there is no problem creating frames, . Free download of Yugie HTML editor, size 3.71 Mb.

Elerium HTML .NET Parser 1.7 Elerium Software 

Elerium HTML .NET Parser is a .NET component for parsing and manipulating HTML/XML documents and Cascading Style Sheets (Css). The HTML Parser can be used in WinForms and ASP.NET (C#, VB.NET) applications. Component is fully independent and requires only .NET Framework.

Elerium HTML .NET Parser is available in two versions: Lite and . Free download of Elerium HTML .NET Parser 1.7, size 644.10 Kb.

Namo CodeEditor SJ NAMO INC 

Namo CodeEditor is a feature-packed application that comes in handy to developers when it comes to writing the source code for their apps.

The software supports syntax highlighting, includes an auto-complete function and integrates an efficient HTML validator. In addition, users can easily upload their projects to a specified FTP server . Free download of Namo CodeEditor, size 12.51 Mb.

355 Monitor 3.0.2 355 Data Systems LLC 

355 Monitor is an automated tool for website owners or administrators to monitor the online uptime or downtime of one or more websites. When an error is detected, the user is notified by an audio alarm, visually in the status bar, by an error log file and an Email alert. Results may be automatically saved as Text, CSV Spreadsheets, XML or . Free download of 355 Monitor 3.0.2, size 1.02 Mb.