Document Writing Software

All-Business-Documents 2008 3.4 InforDesk 

The ability to write well is a critical skill for professionals in nearly every field. Good writers provide leadership, influence decisions, and advance their own careers. All-Business-Documents 2008 is the ultimate business Document-Writing tool. Including thousands of templates and samples of essential contracts, agreements, letters, forms and . Free download of All-Business-Documents 2008 3.4, size 20.30 Mb.


DocBuilder for Microsoft Word WORDADDIN STUDIO 

DocBuilder is a professional Writing tool for Microsoft Word. User can save often used snippets into library, and get them out when he want to write same kind of words in other files. It's very useful for users who often write similar documents.DocBuilder uses a doc-tree to describe the structure of Document. The final Document is generated . Free download of DocBuilder for Microsoft Word, size 2.50 Mb.

WhiteSmoke Writing Business Letter 2011.6 WhiteSmoke, Inc. 

The Writing tool you need for the ultimate success is available in one comprehensive software package. Save valuable time and rely on WhiteSmoke Writing Business Letter to help write emails, letters, reports and speeches in an eloquent and professional manner.

Our executive Writing software will aid user with its advanced business . Free download of WhiteSmoke Writing Business Letter 2011.6, size 25.17 Mb.

Repair DOC File 11.04 

Word documents can get corrupted or damaged due to various physical as well as logical reasons. User may face various familiar as well as peculiar error messages while accessing or opening the corrupted word Document. To repair doc file and get back the access to the lost data, third party recovery tools work best. Recoveryfix for Word is such a . Free download of Repair DOC File 11.04, size 2.68 Mb.

VSee VSee Labs 

VSee allows you to do work while you are concurrently on a video call or a multiparty video call. Based on human factors research, seeing body language and facial expressions help to build trust. 720P High-Definition Video capability for times when you need that absolute clarity in video or simply when you need to impress with brilliant image . Free download of VSee, size 18.06 Mb.

Document Imaging SDK / ActiveX Toolkit 12.04 Black Ice Software 

The Document Imaging Software Development Kit (SDK) is a complete and easy-to-use set of tools that allows Windows based application developers to add the capability of reading and Writing multiple file formats like TIFF, JPEG, CCITT, IBMMMR, CALS, PCX, DCX and PNG images and to perform numerous image processing tasks.

The Document . Free download of Document Imaging SDK / ActiveX Toolkit 12.04, size 0 b.

Bytescout Document SDK for .NET 1.00.88 ByteScout 

Generate Word documents (doc, docx) in ASP.NET, Visual Basic .NET and C#.
Bytescout Document SDK is 100% managed .NET (1.10, 2.00 and higher) library for Document (DOC, DOCX) Writing, reading and modification.

* Microsoft Word (or Microsoft Office) is not required;
* Made with 100% managed code for .NET. Both . Freeware download of Bytescout Document SDK for .NET 1.00.88, size 1.39 Mb.

LyX - The Document Processor 86 

LyX is a Document processor that encourages an approach to Writing based on the structure of your documents (WYSIWYM) and not simply their appearance (WYSIWYG). . Freeware download of LyX - The Document Processor 86, size 108.75 Mb.

Textomatic 1.0 4Developers LLC 

Are you tired of entering the same text over and over again when Writing e-mails, surfing the Web or authoring a new Document? Textomatic is a simple yet powerful Windows program that saves you time by allowing you to quickly insert pre-defined pieces of Text into any Windows Text Box or Text Editor. It does that using a special pop-up menu that . Free download of Textomatic 1.0, size 422.91 Kb.

myWordCount 1.03 myWriterTools 

Writers can improve their Writing by using this tool to count all words and phrases in their MS Word Document. Each occurence of the word or phrase is counted and displayed in a sortable table. You can simply click on a word and the tool will highlight all occurences of that word or phrase in the Document. It also graphs all sentence lengths to . Free download of myWordCount 1.03, size 575.45 Kb.

M6.Net WritersFocus 1.1 M6.Net Hosting 

Welcome to WritersFocus. This small piece of software was written to create a world on your Notebook just for Writing, without interruption. Without Distraction. WritersFocus blocks all Alerts from other software and instant messages. There is no fancy interface with umpteen icons in your face. Just a blank screen with only the words you are . Freeware download of M6.Net WritersFocus 1.1, size 1 b.

Sense Personal Edition 1.16.0 Silva Elm Ltd 

For both Outlining and more detailed preparations, the Sense Document Editor has two closely synchronized Browser and Edit panes for full Content and Outline editing as well as an integral ScratchPad.

Gathered material may be rapidly navigated, promoted and demoted between levels and re-arranged into expandable / collapsible Headed . Free download of Sense Personal Edition 1.16.0, size 7.02 Mb.

AsciiDoc - text based documentation 8.6.7 

AsciiDoc is a presentable text Document format for Writing articles, UNIX man pages and other small to medium sized documents. The asciidoc(1) command translates AsciiDoc files to HTML, DocBook and LinuxDoc formats. . Freeware download of AsciiDoc - text based documentation 8.6.7, size 889.11 Kb.


FicMake is a Document layout program, which works in combination with groff, gnu make and a few other programs (most of which come with your favourite Linux Distribution) to allow you to concentrate on the Writing itself. . Freeware download of FicMake, size 808.81 Kb.

PlaywrightTools 1.0 

A simple package for OpenOffice, consisting of a Document template and a set of macros intended to simplify the task of formatting stage plays, and to provide the playwright with an environment which promotes rapid Writing. . Freeware download of PlaywrightTools 1.0, size 362.94 Kb.

The Chicago Project 0.5 

This project seeks to provide a portable ANSI C library to read/write OLE 2 Compound Document Formats (libOle), and to provide a library for reading/Writing the Excel file format (libXls). . Freeware download of The Chicago Project 0.5, size 271.05 Kb.

Safet E-Sign, TSA and Workflow 1.0 Safet 

Safet is a library Writing for C/C++ that use an xml file to model any workflow describe in a relational database, It includes drawing, statistics, Document, resource and control workflow perspective.

Safet E-Sign, TSA and Workflow 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of Safet E-Sign, TSA and Workflow 1.0, size 0 b.

CmdTwain 0.03 GssEziSoft 

This is a program that allows you to run your Document scanner from the command line. This is useful if you are Writing programs that need to scan documents without the user having to choose settings and click buttons. One click in your program is all that is needed - CmdTwain does all the setting and saves the Document in a file. It should work . Free download of CmdTwain 0.03, size 398.46 Kb.

Personal Historian RootsMagic, Inc. 

Personal Historian takes the seemingly monumental task of Writing a personal history about yourself or another individual and breaks it into small, manageable pieces and then reconstructs it into a complete, publishable Document.

Personal Historian comes with an extensive library of LifeCapsules- timelines, historical events, cultural . Free download of Personal Historian, size 0 b.

WhiteSmoke Software 2011 WhiteSmoke Software 

WhiteSmoke is an all-in-one English Writing tool that provides grammar, spelling, punctuation and style checks. Integrated into WhiteSmoke are world-renowned word and text translation and Document templates. WhiteSmoke is activated in a single click from any text application and browser. It is an added-value product that ensures a higher . Free download of WhiteSmoke Software 2011, size 10.03 Mb.