File Manipulation Software

ATopSoft FileCake 2.0 ATopSoft 

FileCake is the Swiss Army Knife of file manipulation. It has many timesaving features include duplicate file remover, fast file Searcher, file shredder, file viewer and more.

Remove duplicate files Duplicate file remover: Find and remove duplicate files, save your hard disk space, clean your bloated PC machines.

FileCake . Free download of ATopSoft FileCake 2.0, size 1.78 Mb.


InFASTA 1.0 

InFASTA - cross-platform software for FASTA file manipulation . Freeware download of InFASTA 1.0, size 4.93 Mb.

Sugar : making Java sweeter 1.0.alpha 

Sugar is a simple library for making certain tasks in Java (such as file manipulation) far more palatable. My intention is to organise Sugar into multiple subprojects : FSPath(an API for filesystem interation) being the first one. . Freeware download of Sugar : making Java sweeter 1.0.alpha, size 25.36 Kb.

pyCSVDB 1.0 Pycsvdb 

This application is a Python Tkinter application designed to enable easy SQLite database file manipulation, and an easy method to run SQL styled queries on CSV files.

To run this you will need Python 2.6 or later, but preferably Python 3.0 or above as this is the environment it was made in. Python is a free code interpretter much like . Freeware download of pyCSVDB 1.0, size 34.84 Kb.

FileToolbox 1.0 Filetoolbox 

A plug-in for FileMaker products that provides low-level file manipulation routines, including, create, read, write, delete, directory listings, encoding, encrypting and message digests.

FileToolbox 1.0 License - BSD License . Freeware download of FileToolbox 1.0, size 0 b.

Split File On Column NetworkDLS 

"Split file on Column" is yet another simple console file manipulation utility. It accepts a delimited (e.g. Comma/TAB Separated Values) input file with various numbers of columns per row and produces multiple output files, each containing only one count of columns per row.

Could be useful in the data warehouse transformation . Freeware download of Split File On Column, size 31.46 Kb.

MD5 File Hasher 1.3 Digital-Tronic 

MD5 file Hasher detects any file manipulation in your system automatically. The auto scan function checks all your vulnerable files for changes or manipulations. The scans are performed in scheduled tasks, which can be adjusted with specific filtering rules. In addition, this batch file integrity tool enables you to define file exceptions and . Free download of MD5 File Hasher 1.3, size 2.40 Mb.

FTP Now 2.6.36 

FTP Now is a fast, multi-threaded Windows FTP client software with the look-and-feel of Windows Explorer. It makes moving files between the Internet and your computer as simple as local file manipulation. Features include full drag and drop FTP upload and download, transfer entire folders at once, connection wizard, upload/download multiple files . Free download of FTP Now 2.6.36, size 1.78 Mb.

Advanced Search 2.1 Dojotech Software 

This is my little file manipulation tool. It's fairly simple, but has a few advanced features.
Search - Standard Filter-Based file Search Tool
Batch Rename - Renames All Files in a Directory (and Subfolders)
Batch Move - Moves All Files from One Directory to Another Based on a Filter . Freeware download of Advanced Search 2.1, size 588.26 Kb.

Xceed Zip for .NET Compact Frameworks 2.0 Xceed Software Inc. 

Xceed Zip for .NET Compact Framework is a data compression and all-purpose file manipulation class library for creating mobile apps. It provides flexible zip, gzip and streaming data compression capabilities for compact applications created with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003. The library includes an innovative and extensible filesystem object . Free download of Xceed Zip for .NET Compact Frameworks 2.0, size 21.54 Mb.

Delphi Information Processing framework 

The Delphi Information Processing framework is a set of Delphi components for quickly assembling information processing networks from base components. These include components for reporting, file manipulation, data entry, and more. . Freeware download of Delphi Information Processing framework, size 58.87 Kb.

Gerber File Manipulation Tools 1.0 Gerbtools 

GerbTool is a set of tools for modifying gerber and excellon drill files. GerbTool can be used to tile multiple gerber files as a single job, and can be run interactively or in batch mode.

Gerber file manipulation Tools 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of Gerber File Manipulation Tools 1.0, size 0 b.

DevGuy Programmers' Canvas Toolkit Dgpctk 

Automated build system. CVS commit / watch / tag notification via email, newsgroup, and/or IRC. Console-based file manipulation tools and utilities. XML-based file copy/FTP script. IRC session logger. Synchronize web site with CVS. GPL. Tested on

DevGuy Programmers' Canvas Toolkit License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of DevGuy Programmers' Canvas Toolkit, size 24.37 Mb.

PDF-XChange Editor 7.0.324.3 Tracker Software Products Ltd 

Full Page Text Content Editing, Extended OCR options - OCR, Google Drive & Microsoft Office365 & SharePoint Support, Spellchecker, Expanded XFA forms support, Listen/add audio comments, Add/Edit/Move Bookmarks, View embedded Multimedia support, Significantly improved rendering and page load speed, New Extended Digital Signature Support, . Free download of PDF-XChange Editor 7.0.324.3, size 149.00 Mb.

Crypto4 Files 2.2 EldoS Corporation 

Crypto4 Files lets you perform both simple file operations such as pack files into ZIP archive, send files by e-mail, securely delete files and advanced security operations such as signing and encryption of files and folders. All operations are performed in a couple of clicks, e.g. you can pack files into ZIP archive, sign the archive and send it . Free download of Crypto4 Files 2.2, size 1.72 Mb.

File Piper 1.0 File-piper 

The "file Piper" is a file processing tool. It provides a set of standard file manipulation (copy, head, tail, chunk, zip, searcha€¦) in a user-friendly nice-looking Swing interface with possibility to add custom processors written in Java.

file processing, Swing user interface, Tail, chunk, Head, zip, list, serach, replace, . Freeware download of File Piper 1.0, size 0 b.

FactotumNOW Web Checking and Replication 3.42 Neu Telekommunikationstechnik 

Allocate a staging area on your network and replicate the Web files from there onto your Web servers. Operate with several Web servers by replicating one content source to several servers. Only one open port required between staging area and Web servers (TCP 5432). Detects duplicate files (even when they have different filenames) and only transmits . Free download of FactotumNOW Web Checking and Replication 3.42, size 55.05 Mb.

mergeOCR 2.01 

MERGEOCR offers an easy, repeatable, affordable utility that assembles multipage OCR text files from their single-page components. It uses an IPRO load file as a template to guide the file consolidation. MERGEOCR effectively captures best-practices with regard to OCR text file manipulation, making this otherwise tedious task simple and its outcome . Free download of mergeOCR 2.01, size 1.13 Mb.

PDF-XChange Viewer SDK 2.053 Tracker Software Products Ltd 

Free - All you will ever need to View, modify and Print Adobe PDF files, Export PDF pages and files to Image Formats, Type on PDF pages and much much more. From the same authors as the award winning PDF-XChange product line - Developer SDK available . Freeware download of PDF-XChange Viewer SDK 2.053, size 13.48 Mb.

PDF-XChange Viewer 2.5.192 Tracker Software Products Ltd 

Free - All you will ever need to View, modify and Print Adobe PDF files, Export PDF pages and files to Image Formats, Type on PDF pages and much much more. From the same authors as the award winning PDF-XChange product line - Developer SDK available . Freeware download of PDF-XChange Viewer 2.5.192, size 14.48 Mb.