Intelligent Device Management Software

AggreGate Device Management Platform for Linux 5.11.01 Tibbo Technology 

AggreGate Device Management Platform is a multi-industry M2M solution that employs modern communication technologies to control, configure and monitor different electronic devices. As the name implies, AggreGate lets enterprises collect (or "aggregate") Device data into a common database, where roled users may "slice and dice" . Free download of AggreGate Device Management Platform for Linux 5.11.01, size 179.72 Mb.


AggreGate Device Manager for Windows 5.11.01 Tibbo Technology 

AggreGate Device Management Platform is a complete Device Management solution that employs modern network technologies to control, configure and monitor different electronic devices. It also helps you to aggregate Device data into a common database, where you can "slice and dice" it according to your needs, as well as let other enterprise . Free download of AggreGate Device Manager for Windows 5.11.01, size 176.46 Mb.

AggreGate Client 4 34 TIBBO Technology Inc. 

AggreGate is a white-labeled multi-industry Device Management platform that employs modern M2M technologies to control, configure and monitor different electronic devices. It also helps you to aggregate Device data into a common database, where you can "slice and dice" it according to your needs, as well as let other enterprise . Free download of AggreGate Client 4 34, size 65.15 Mb.

IiM - Intelligent inventory Management 1.1.3 

IiM is a Modular Libraries Collection for Intelligent inventory Management and Control. Including smart sales demand forecasting, Optimized Economic Order Quantity algorithm (EOQ) for perishable products and much more... Provided API for using libraries. . Freeware download of IiM - Intelligent inventory Management 1.1.3, size 3.46 Mb.

Shooting Star 3.4.9 Foo Dog Software, Inc. 

Shooting Star is the Intelligent auction Management system. It uses a workflow system to efficiently move your auctions from start to finish. It reduces the time and effort required to manage eBay transactions, and lets you concentrate on providing good service and timely communications to your trading partners. Using a workflow model, Shooting . Free download of Shooting Star 3.4.9, size 10.32 Mb.

KMnet Admin 2.0 Kyocera 

KMnet Admin is Kyocera's unified Device Management software that uses a web-based platform to give network administrators easy and uncomplicated control over every Device in the organisation. Tasks that used to require multiple programs or walking to each printer can now be accomplished in a single, fast and modern environment. . Free download of KMnet Admin 2.0, size 31.70 Mb.

Universal and Intelligent Information 3 1 CloudCrown Studio) 

Universal and Intelligent Inform
Universal and Intelligent Information Management System
Know nothing about Database? Never mind! You can still have
your own powerful Information Management System. By means of UIIMS, you can
customize personalized Management system basing on all kinds of information or

Honeywell Remote MasterMind 4.0.9686 SOTI Inc. 

Honeywell Remote MasterMind is the industry leading Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution featuring centralized control, robust security, real time support and enhanced tracking over any network. This application is designed for enterprises in need of remote iOS Device Management and requires the configuration of a server side component to . Freeware download of Honeywell Remote MasterMind 4.0.9686, size 7.03 Mb.


With Printgroove POD Queue working for you, you’re able to optimise Device Management on your print floor for any kind of job. Printgroove POD Queue will recommend the most suitable output Device based on speed or cost, and can forward jobs automatically. In addition, jobs can be split up among separate devices for optimal speed and . Freeware download of KONICA MINOLTA Printgroove POD Queue 1 5, size 8.44 Mb.

1&1 OfficeDrive Manager 2.0.640 1&1 Internet Inc. 

The 1&1 Office Drive Manager is an Intelligent file Management system. The 1&1 Office Drive Manager facilitates the integration of your 1&1 Online Office as a drive on your PC. You can then easily move or copy files from your hard disk or external storage media to your own 1&1 Online Office. . Free download of 1&1 OfficeDrive Manager 2.0.640, size 130.02 Mb.

Gaia Wallpaper Desktop Pro 1 21 Gaia Dream Creation Inc. 

Gaia Wallpaper Desktop is a wallpaper manager that offers Intelligent desktop Management, cool wallpaper effects and user profiles with themes. It also allows you to customize your desktop wallpapers per category through a user-friendly interface with personalized advanced features. The wallpapers effects will enhance your desktop by adding life to . Free download of Gaia Wallpaper Desktop Pro 1 21, size 4.24 Mb.

vs-fs 2008.07.13 

this project aims at porting part of uclinux kernel to vs2008, such as memory Management, Device Management, file systems, etc. it's used for research only! . Freeware download of vs-fs 2008.07.13, size 8.13 Mb.

SnmpWalk 1.02 SnmpSoft Company 

SNMP is a unified protocol of network monitoring and network Device Management. All active network devices support SNMP. Besides that, SNMP is supported by major operational systems and a large number of network applications.

The SnmpWalk application was developed to be a small tool that will allow you to detect a set of variables that . Free download of SnmpWalk 1.02, size 0 b.

1Mobility MDM Agent 1.1.0 Smartsourcing Global, Inc 

1Mobility (developed by Smartsourcing Global), is an Enterprise Device Management platform. 1Mobility MDM Agent enables the end users to review their account, Device details and compliance information.

IMPORTANT: The 1Mobility MDM Agent application is for enterprises and requires back-end software setup to work. Please contact your IT . Freeware download of 1Mobility MDM Agent 1.1.0, size 1.99 Mb.

AbsoluteApps 1.4.1 Absolute Software Corporation 

AbsoluteApps is an on-Device, self-service portal enabling users to install Configuration Profiles created by IT, and to receive messages from their companies. It is a component of Absolute Manage Mobile Device Management. . Freeware download of AbsoluteApps 1.4.1, size 1.99 Mb.

CellTRAKR Business 3.03 Proximiti Communications, Inc. 

CellTRAKR Plus is a hosted mobile Device Management solution that supports the iPhone and other smart phones along with many tablets including the iPad.

***This client is only for users with current CellTRAKR accounts. Download the free CellTRAKR client today.

For the iPhone and iPad, the primary mobile Device Management . Freeware download of CellTRAKR Business 3.03, size 1.36 Mb.


Endpoint Protector Mobile Device Management provides complete iOS enterprise mobility Management for small and medium sized businesses and enterprises. It offers your IT department the ability to easily enroll iOS devices; provision them; make sure the proper security policy is established and enforced. All this works over-the-air, from the initial . Freeware download of EPP MDM, size 524.29 Kb.

Qwasi 2.0.0 Qwasi 

Businesses use the Qwasi App and Mojo Cloud Engine to provide customers with secure mobile communications, offers, and engagements. Qwasi is an omnichannel Intelligent engagement Management technology. . Freeware download of Qwasi 2.0.0, size 4.82 Mb.

AirWatch MDM Agent AirWatch, LLC 

The AirWatch MDM agent is a Device Management solution that enables you to secure, monitor, manage and support your entire fleet of smartphones, including Windows Phone 8.0.

The agent works only in conjunction with the AirWatch console. It will be used to enroll an end user into AirWatch MDM.

This enterprise solution provides . Freeware download of AirWatch MDM Agent, size 3.15 Mb.

Apple iTunes Apps How To Use don't tap on the white tile 

iTunes is a media player, media library, and mobile Device Management application developed by Apple Inc. It is used to play, download, and organize digital audio and video on personal computers running the OS X and Microsoft Windows operating systems. The iTunes Store is also available on the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad.
Through the iTunes . Free download of Apple iTunes Apps How To Use, size 1.05 Mb.