Keyboard Test Freeware

PressWhat 1.0.0 James Swineson 

PressWhat was developed as a small tool that allows all its users to Test the keys found on a computer Keyboard.

All the user has to do is press the key he wants to Test. The pressed key will be displayed in the dedicated field if it's fully functional. PressWhat will not be able to Test the Print Screen, SysRq and Pause/Break keys.


Portable Synthesia 0.8.1 Nicholas Piegdon 

Portable Synthesia is the portable version of Synthesia developed to be able to run from a USB flash drive or any other portable device.

Portable Synthesia is the new title of a game previously known as Piano Herod-deTZ until Activision told its developer it was not a good idea.

Naming anecdotes aside, Portable Synthesia is . Freeware download of Portable Synthesia 0.8.1, size 4.48 Mb.

Rational Typist 1.4 MSB LLC 

Rational Typist is designed to boost your touch-typing skills. The program's original concept is that every human language has groups of words that are typed with either left or right hands only, and also words that you start typing with left hand and finish with right hand or in opposite direction (L2R, R2L words). This concept is very productive: . Freeware download of Rational Typist 1.4, size 140.44 Kb.

Synthesia for Mac OS X 0.8.2 Nicholas Piegdon 

Synthesia is the new title of a game previously known as Piano Hero… until Activision told its developer it was not a good idea. Naming anecdotes aside, Synthesia is designed to be a fun method to learn to play the piano but honestly, I have to disagree on that. Synthesia is by no means an easy method to learn the piano: I have some very . Freeware download of Synthesia for Mac OS X 0.8.2, size 5.24 Mb.

Test NumericKeyboard 1.0 Vladimir Petrenko 

Test NumericKeyboard is a lightweight and simple tool designed to provide you with an easy to use virtual Keyboard.

The Keyboard can be integrated into your Java applications and used for writing in text fields. Since it is written in Java, the program is compatible with all the major platforms.

. Freeware download of Test NumericKeyboard 1.0, size 0 b.

Pontes Keyboard 1.0 Pontes Asociation Romania 

Pontes Keyboard is a program which allows you to Test your reaction and typing speed. The program consists of two main sections: Reaction Speed Test, shortly RST, and Typing Speed Test, shortly TST. It is an useful tool to see where the letters and signs are situated, and it's also a good way to get accustomed with the characters pronouncing . Freeware download of Pontes Keyboard 1.0, size 11.80 Mb.

BlackBerry Smartphone Simulators Research In Motion Limited 

Use BlackBerry Smartphone Simulators (8350i-Sprint) to Test and view how BlackBerry Device Software and the Keyboard, trackwheel/trackball and screen will work with your applications. With this BlackBerry Simulator, you can debug and run applications as if they were on an BlackBerry phone. . Freeware download of BlackBerry Smartphone Simulators, size 45.19 Mb.

Ping Test Tool 2008 AutoBAUP 

PingTester is a visual network Test tools, it can stores a list of IP addresses / URL and network Test commands to increase the working efficiency, perform ping Test by 1 click, 'ping sweep' subnets or interval ping all the hosts on a list continuously, save the individual ping records to a txt or CSV file, generate statistics report which group by . Freeware download of Ping Test Tool 2008, size 850.00 Kb.

Zeta Test zeta software GmbH 

Zeta Test is an integrated Test management environment that enables you to perform black-box tests, white-box tests, regression tests or change management tests of software applications.Zeta Test helps you to plan, perform, log, monitor and document the tests, and then to evaluate the Test results.

Create and manage your Test cases and . Freeware download of Zeta Test, size 64.11 Mb.

Keyboard LEDs 2.0 KARPOLAN 

Lots of notebooks, netbooks and cordless keyboards have no indicators for Caps Lock, and Num Lock. Scroll Lock's bulb disappeared almost from any hardware for now. Keyboard Leds software solves this problem. The program lets you know the current state of Keyboard locks. You can see the status either on a small icon in the system tray or on a . Freeware download of Keyboard LEDs 2.0, size 501.44 Kb.

Urduayub Urdu Keyboard Perspro Freeware 

Among various Urdu language phonetic keyboards around, Urduayub is another useful addition to the list, compiled with some added characters to make it more identical with QWERTY layout within the Urdu language charset for the convenience of Urdu language phonetic Keyboard users for their daily personal needs. To setup swiftly, please follow . Freeware download of Urduayub Urdu Keyboard, size 190.00 Kb.

FREE driving test Qs,hazard clips-2010 3.0 Oasis Business Services Int Ltd 

UK - Driving theory Test exam preparation softwareDownload trial version of pass-Test UK driving theory Test software to get latest DSA questions and hazard perception demo clips, hazard perception Test. A unique resource for Driving Standard Agency (DSA) official theory Test exam preparation for both cars and motorcycles.FREE access to DSA . Freeware download of FREE driving test Qs,hazard clips-2010 3.0, size 322 b.

Keyboard Indicator Roi Dayan 

Indicator for the Caps Lock, Num Lock, Scroll Lock and Insert keys. This utility is especially useful for those who do not have a Keyboard or laptop with led indicators.Requires: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0. . Freeware download of Keyboard Indicator, size 38.57 Kb.

Free Virtual Keyboard 2.7 Comfort Software Group 

Free Virtual Keyboard is software that simulates the hardware Keyboard on the computer screen and adds some elegant features.
You can change size and transparency of virtual Keyboard with one click at any time.
The autorepeat function means that all relevant keys would auto-repeat when pressed continuously.
Free Virtual Keyboard is . Freeware download of Free Virtual Keyboard 2.7, size 209.74 Kb.

Test Controller v1.7 

Test Controller is a free, hosted Test management tool offering Test management support via Internet Explorer, Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It allows you to record and execute your tests, link them to requirements and track your execution results release-by-release. User access is controlled via a range of privileges. Extensive reporting and . Freeware download of Test Controller v1.7, size 1.02 Kb.

Online logic test 1.0 IQ test forum 

Logic Test. It is difficult enough. A Test group of 2000 members gave on average 3.04 right answers (from 10 available). This Test doesn measure intelligence quotient itself, as this quotient still is not uniformly defined. It shows you difficult logic problems instead and counts the number of your right answers, so after taking the Test you can . Freeware download of Online logic test 1.0, size 163.84 Kb.

Free Mouse and Keyboard Recorder RobotSoft 

Free Mouse and Keyboard Recorder is an easy-to-use tool that can record all your mouse and Keyboard actions, and then repeat all the actions accurately. It is very usefull and can save you a lot of time and effort.

Key features:
Record all mouse and Keyboard actions and repeat accurately.
Support setting repeat times . Freeware download of Free Mouse and Keyboard Recorder, size 617.47 Kb.

Swift Keyboard 3.5 kslabs 

Swift Keyboard is the most convinient tool for creating Keyboard shortcuts so called 'hot keys' not available in standard operating system. This software enables you to create personal combinations of Keyboard keys associated with desired action in operating system. Swift Keyboard combines simple and original user interface with realibility. You . Freeware download of Swift Keyboard 3.5, size 1.12 Mb.

Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard 0.4 VMPK 

Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard is a MIDI events generator and receiver.You can use the computer's Keyboard to play MIDI notes, and also the mouse. You can use the Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard to display the played MIDI notes from another instrument or MIDI file player. . Freeware download of Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard 0.4, size 4.97 Mb.

Zamora Personality Test 1 3 Antonio Zamora 

Zamora Personality Test is a personality Test with two testing modes. The first Test will study us as individuals, and the second one is aimed to Test our characteristics in relation to the other people. Both tests display many statements (163 and 171 in total, respectively) with three possible answers for us to decide if we strongly agree with the . Freeware download of Zamora Personality Test 1 3, size 1.57 Mb.

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