Main Function Software

PDF Signer Server 1.0 SC Secure Soft SRL 

The Main Function of PDF Signer Server is to sign PDF documents using X.509 digital certificates. Using this product you can quickly sign multiple PDF files (bulk sign) by selecting input and output directory. This is ideal for bulk signing of large number of corporate documents rather than signing each one individually.

PDF Signer . Free download of PDF Signer Server 1.0, size 2.90 Mb.


Chronograph Lite 4.1 AltrixSoft 

Chronograph Lite is a simple freeware utility which Main Function is to synchronize your local PC time using the Internet. For that purpose it uses the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Atomic Clock servers. It will reference an atomic clock server to get the current time with the greatest accuracy available and update your PC's . Freeware download of Chronograph Lite 4.1, size 1.52 Mb.

Visual Comparer (personal) 1.01 

The Main Function of Visual Comparer l comparison and merge of the diffrences in text files. In contrast to other comparison utilities Visual Comparer has more possibilities and is very easy to use. It is easy to tune for every user. High speed of comparison, full-Function text editor with support of syntax highlight make Visual Comparer one of the . Free download of Visual Comparer (personal) 1.01, size 0 b.

AcuHerb TreatSoft German 2.5 SoftTcm 

Main Function of system: 1.treatment of commonly clinical diseases including prescriptions of acupoints, earpoints and herbs. differentiating system. 3.method to select points, including midday-midnight point selection, etc., inquirment, statistics, backup and recovery of patient cases., printing of invoice. . Free download of AcuHerb TreatSoft German 2.5, size 24.15 Mb.

PlotCalc (add-in CorelDRAW) 4.3.5 

Program for cutter PlotCalc (one license)PlotCalc is intended for the designers under the outdoor advertising working in environment CorelDRAW:- Compact packing of graphic figures on a sheet (on a film)The Main Function of the program PlotCalc is automatic accommodation of figures on a film, sheet. The given task usually takes away even in the . Free download of PlotCalc (add-in CorelDRAW) 4.3.5, size 774.14 Kb.

Ferro - Digital Video FERRO Software 

Thanks to Ferro the happy PC and and TV Card owner does not need to worry about buying a conventional Video or wait for almost half a night for his favourite movie, because the Main Function of the software is motion picture capture into AVI format and audio-video playback of captured or any motion/non-motion files.
The FERRO offers abilities . Free download of Ferro - Digital Video, size 1.17 Mb.

Web Site Maestro 8 64 Tonbrand Software 

The Main Function offered by Web Site Maestro is optimizing web pages and JPEG/PNG images. That is, it cuts down image size considerably and it saves space on your web pages by removing unnecessary characters and tags. Most HTML Editors add such things for their own purposes and to make the code easier for the user to read. On your website, such . Free download of Web Site Maestro 8 64, size 7.50 Mb.

Audio WAV MP3 Joiner 1 12 

Audio WAV MP3 Joiner is a small and practical software application whose Main Function is to take two or more source WAV or MP3 audio files and join them together into one larger file, which can then be saved in any of the two formats supported. It also allows you to configure the most important output parameters specific to each format.

Email-Lens 2in1-B 11.206 Sun Soft Resource Co., Ltd. 

Main Function: Email Cyclone(Collect)+Email Diagnostician(Verifier) Email Cyclone(Collect) Email Diagnostician(Verifier) Match suitable Function, obtain the biggest benefits. Help in the competition of Internet vehemence, you create numerous customers. The customer traded to the net to say, is a very strong assistant! English, Arabic, Armenian, . Free download of Email-Lens 2in1-B 11.206, size 10.24 Kb.

Pipe Cutting System 4.7 Aslike studio 

The Main Function of the aslike pipe cutting system, cutting products to optimize the layout to fully enhance the utilization of materials, reduce the artificial nesting workload and improve work efficiency and saving material costs. Aslike pipe cutting system interface is refreshing, simple operation, easy to use. Features: Project management . Free download of Pipe Cutting System 4.7, size 1.35 Mb.

VirutKiller Kaspersky Labs 

Main Function of Virus.Win32.Virut.ce, q is a botnet client which is used by the virus to transmit data from an infected PC. Here you can read more about botnets and their usage. To disinfect a system infected with malware Virus.Win32.Virut.ce, q use the tool VirutKiller.exe. . Freeware download of VirutKiller, size 115.71 Kb.

Marx Explorer 1.0 

Marx Explorer project is a web file manager developed in Java, which Main Function is to help manage static files of an intranet or website and to integrate with other systems to help the end user to select, preview and modify an picture for a news system . Freeware download of Marx Explorer 1.0, size 1.54 Mb.

PDFSignDll SDK 1.0 SC Secure Soft SRL 

The Main Function of PDFSignDll SDK is to sign and encrypt PDF documents using X.509 certificates. Using this library you can quickly sign and encrypt PDF files using a fully configurable appearance. The positioning of the signature appearance is configurable, plus on which pages of the document it should appear (first page, last page or all . Free download of PDFSignDll SDK 1.0, size 2.63 Mb.

Soft Organizer 3.0 ChemTable Software 

The Main Function of Soft Organizer is the complete removing of programs from your computer.

Soft Organizer monitors all changes made to the system during the setup process of a certain application. You can easily learn what file or registry entries were modified during the installation. Using these data, Soft Organizer completely . Free download of Soft Organizer 3.0, size 0 b.

picafan 2.1 Digital picafan 

The Main purpose of picafan is to help you to browse and edit and process your image.Main Function:1.Picafan is a product to browse and edit and process your picture. 2.The product supports about 10 formats up to now.3.Big picture is supported also. 4.Layers are supported, including transparency of one layer.5.Raster image layer and vector graphics . Free download of picafan 2.1, size 7.56 Mb.

Yaldex RainbowHTML 2.0 

This is a program that creates the html code and a color preview of rainbow colored text. The Main Function of the program is a Function called HSBtoLNG which takes a color in hue, saturation and brightness terms and returns a web-ready hex triplet.When the hue is incremented in small steps a rainbow effect is produced. . Freeware download of Yaldex RainbowHTML 2.0, size 1.87 Mb.

4Videosoft MKV Video Convertisseur 3. 3. 2012 4Videosoft Studio 

4Videosoft MKV Video Converter's Main Function is convert MKV to AVI, MPEG, MP4, etc for any portable players. It can convert MKV, MPG, WMV, MP4, AVI to MP4, AVI, 3GP, FLV, MOV, VOB and HD videos etc and and extract audio files from MKV video to AAC, AC3, AIFF, AMR, AU, FLAC, MP3, M4A, MP2, OGG, WAV, WMA. With a wide range of editing Function, . Free download of 4Videosoft MKV Video Convertisseur 3. 3. 2012, size 9.84 Mb.

WinSCP 3.7.6 Martin Prikryl 

Freeware SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) and SCP (Secure CoPy) client for Windows using SSH (Secure SHell). Its Main Function is safe copying of files between a local and a remote computer. Beyond this basic Function, WinSCP manages some other actions with files. . Freeware download of WinSCP 3.7.6, size 1.68 Mb.

Duplicates Killer 1.0.7 Mzk Software 

It's a powerful tool for music lovers, which won't let to get lost in audio collection.PC-WORLD magazine recognized this tool as the best audio software, because of it's Main Function - finding and removal of duplicate audio files. Because of it's unique search engine you have ability to search for duplicates using read-only source (like CD) or use . Free download of Duplicates Killer 1.0.7, size 1.10 Mb.

AudioMagician 1.62 AltrixSoft 

AudioMagician is a simple, user-friendly and extremely fast audio CD ripper and MP3 encoder. Its Main Function is to grab audio CD tracks directly into MP3 or WAV without temporary files. AudioMagician has an easy-to-use, nice-looking interface. It also offers many useful features which make audio grabbing process fast and easy. Multiple CD-drives . Free download of AudioMagician 1.62, size 1.70 Mb.

Main Function Web Results

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