Mandelbrot Set Software

Mandelbrot_Explorer 1 5 James Oakley 

Mandelbrot Explorer is Freeware software, allowing the exploration of the Mandelbrot Set and the Julia Sets. With it, you can magnify selected areas of any of these fractal images – up to a massive magnification of 10 13 (that’s 10,000,000,000,000)! You can colour the resulting pictures in any way you choose, save the images to . Freeware download of Mandelbrot_Explorer 1 5, size 0 b.


Mandelbrot Set Viewer 1 2 Responsive Software Limited 

Mandelbrot Set Viewer is a program that displays images from the Mandelbrot Set. This Set has become popular outside mathematics for its aesthetic appeal. It is one of the best known examples of mathematical visualizations: the points form a 2D fractal shape. This program allows you to view a grayscale image of any part of this shape, zooming in to . Freeware download of Mandelbrot Set Viewer 1 2, size 3.57 Mb.

Angela the Mandelbrot Set Explorer 1.6 

Angela is a Mandelbrot Set explorer written in Java with Multi-Agent programming paradigm. Supports multithreading, logic core number detection, interesting point saving/loading, color editing and image saving. . Freeware download of Angela the Mandelbrot Set Explorer 1.6, size 50.37 Kb.

JFractalView 1.0 Ruediger Knoerig 

JFractalView was developed as a lightweight and threaded Mandelbrot Set viewer. The program uses XML for storing and loading the fractal settings.

The application was built using the Java programming language and can run on all the major operating platforms.

. Free download of JFractalView 1.0, size 0 b.

Mandelbroth 1 5 Brian Friesen 

Mandelbrot is a program that allows you to view and zoom in and out of the Mandelbrot Set. The Mandelbrot Set is a mathematic representation of a subset of the complex plane. Put simply, the Mandelbrot Set is a picture generated by a math formula. It was discovered in the 1970s by Benoit Mandelbrot. The Mandelbrot Set itself is not a fractal, but . Freeware download of Mandelbroth 1 5, size 906.24 Kb.


Open Source Code to Show Mandelbrot Set generator and to zoom in and out using OpenGL and C++ . Freeware download of MANDELBROT SETS 1.1, size 3.45 Mb.

Qt Mandelbrot Browser 0.7 

Interactive, user friendly, Mandelbrot Set browser. . Freeware download of Qt Mandelbrot Browser 0.7, size 138.44 Kb.

Mandelbrot Viewer 1.0 Mandelbrotviewe 

A simple Java application to view the Mandelbrot Set at almost any zoom and resolution and save images of it to a file.

-high precision for deep zooms
-background threads to prevent GUI freezing
-adjustable color scheme
-easy point-and-zoom fractal browsing . Freeware download of Mandelbrot Viewer 1.0, size 435.84 Kb.

Buddhabrot 0.0.1 Voetsjoeba 

Buddhabrot is a simple Java application that can automatically generate interesting figures based on the oriiginal Mandelbrot Set equation.

With this tool, you will be able to observe how the figure is generated, step by step. Just choose the axis position and watch how the figure expands.

. Free download of Buddhabrot 0.0.1, size 0 b.

Mandelbrot Zoom Jwayela Mobile 

Draws the well known Mandelbrot Set. Each time you tap on the screen, the app zooms into that portion of the Set. Keep zooming as far as it goes. . Freeware download of Mandelbrot Zoom, size 1.05 Mb.

Island Mandel 0.19 

A quick and simple puzzle game taking place on the Mandelbrot-Set or other fractal images. . Freeware download of Island Mandel 0.19, size 110.05 Kb.

MandelZoom 1.0 

MandelZoom is a Mandelbrot Set displayer that applies polinomial results of the author 'Theory of continuous composition' to show soft color changes in the fractal field. . Freeware download of MandelZoom 1.0, size 1.00 Mb.

Mandelbrot3D 1.0 Mandelbrot3d 

The programme for generation of the Mandelbrot Set (the Set defined by mathematical equation z=z^2+c; z,c are complex numbers) employing 3D visualisation in addition to the popular 2D spectral-colour one.

Mandelbrot3D 1.0 License - BSD License . Freeware download of Mandelbrot3D 1.0, size 6.13 Mb.

JMandelbrot 1.0 Jmandelbrot 

Mandelbrot Set image generator for really deep zoom levels. The generator supports both online and batch processing and can be used to zoom step by step into the Mandelbrot Set.

JMandelbrot 1.0 License - GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3) . Freeware download of JMandelbrot 1.0, size 0 b.

mdbrot 1.0 Mdbrot 

This software is just another simple explorer of the Mandelbrot Set. It comes with three different flavors of user interface: a command-line program, a Qt4 application and a Gtkmm application.

mdbrot 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of mdbrot 1.0, size 0 b.

jalada Fractual 1.5.2 jalada GmbH 

With jalada Fractual, you will be introduced to the mysterious world of fractal geometry. Fractal geometry is one of the most exciting
areas of math. Its images are stunning in their beauty and complexity, yet they are made from simple rules. They display a universality and resemblance to nature that will shake even the most fervent of math . Free download of jalada Fractual 1.5.2, size 36.60 Mb.

Fractal eXtreme 1.902 Cygnus Software 

Fractal eXtreme is a fast, easy to use fractal exploration program for Windows,
especially Windows XP. Fractal eXtreme features real-time interactive zooming on the
Mandelbrot Set and many other fractals, an innovative palette editor, multi-level undo,
anti-aliased fractal images, and effortless creation of stunning zoom . Free download of Fractal eXtreme 1.902, size 3.10 Mb.

Mandelbeep Martin Bastable 

Mandelbeep is a handy and reliable utility designed to enable users to generate fractals.

It can help you generate a Mandelbrot Set, tweak around with it, then generate music based on it.

. Free download of Mandelbeep, size 0 b.

HS Fractal Draw beta 0.6 Haitham Shatti 

HS Fractal Draw is a free software used to draw famous fractals such as Mandelbrot Set Julia and many many others in high res and different color renders


* Easy to navegate zoom in/out through the drawing
* Quickly save or restore fractal rendering parameters and position
* Export to . Free download of HS Fractal Draw beta 0.6, size 367.00 Kb.

Visual Fractal 1.2 GraphNow 

Visual Fractal is an interesting grapher to create a graph of fractal. With this tool, you can use Newton's method to solve a complex equation and show the fractal graph in the plot area. Mandelbrot Set and Julia Set can also be plotted. Graphs created can be saved as bmp files. Visual Fractal is an interesting grapher to create a graph of fractal. . Free download of Visual Fractal 1.2, size 1.35 Mb.