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Ezy Loan Calculator 3.2 Ezy Loan Calculator 

Download very user friendly Loan Amortizer. It has the following features `extra payments, skipped payments, late payments, lump sum payments, graphs, interest rate change, country compounding, and much more`.

Version 3.2 highlights:
3 comparative loan amortization columns.
Supports different countries, compounding methods. . Free download of Ezy Loan Calculator 3.2, size 4.92 Mb.


Mortgage Calculator 1.0 The Mortgage Broker 

A Quick and Easy mortgage calculator to Calculate your mortgage Repayments. One of the most important factors in deciding which house to buy is obviously what you can afford– and a mortgage calculator can be a useful tool in determing this. . Freeware download of Mortgage Calculator 1.0, size 422 b.

Mortgage Refinancing Wizard Pro 2.0 Mortgage Refinancing Wizard Pro 

mortgage calculator designed for new&refinancing mortgages to help you plan your budget. Additionally recommends immediate steps you can take to lower your mortgage costs NOW. Includes links to valuable resources that you may not know about. FREEWARE. A tool you can't live without. Guaranteed free of spyware, malware, and viruses. . Freeware download of Mortgage Refinancing Wizard Pro 2.0, size 720.00 Kb.

LoanMortgage Calculator 1.2 

LoanMortgage calculator. You can calculate your loan plan using this tool. Just type your loan amount, loan length, annual interest and pay periodicity and you will get the detail of your loan payment. . Freeware download of LoanMortgage Calculator 1.2, size 494.59 Kb.

Loan Calculator 1.0 Loan Calculator .ms 

Loan calculator provides an easy-to-use solution for webmasters wanting to give their site visitors an opportunity to calculate mortgage payments and funding options for home purchases or refinancing. This free program is available for download and can be used on the desktop or on servers for greater usage flexibility thanks to its use of Microsoft . Freeware download of Loan Calculator 1.0, size 447.49 Kb.

Mortgage Calculator for websites 2.0 Mortgage Calculator .ms 

An attractive and efficient mortgage calculator for your web-site. Draw new visitors and keep them loyal by offering a unique Silverlight application experience - an irresistible blend of efficiency, convenience, and looks. The calculator is a perfect tool to let your customer visualize her payment schedule way before she receives the . Free download of Mortgage Calculator for websites 2.0, size 330.75 Kb.

Dental Costs Calculator 

Free Dental costs calculator. Think your paying to much for your current dental insurance? Calculate your current dental insurance costs to see if you're get best value for dental care costs with our dental cost analyzer.. . Freeware download of Dental Costs Calculator, size 632.83 Kb.

Free Mortgage Calculator Tool 1.0 Mortgage Calculator 

Free downloadable desktop mortgage calculator which given other variables calculates monthly payment amount, number of payments, loan size, or interest rates. Software also offers a printer friendly mortgage ammoritization table. calculator can be downloaded and ran as an .exe file, or donwloaded as a zip file and installed on your computer. Since . Freeware download of Free Mortgage Calculator Tool 1.0, size 236.54 Kb.

Early Payoff Calculator 1.0 Early Payoff Calculator 

Here is a very handy and informative mortgage early payoff calculator that will show how much money you can save by paying a small amount extra on your monthly mortgage payment each month! The savings could be astounding! You could possible save $100's of thousands of dollars! But you have to know how much to add for a given savings to be realized. . Freeware download of Early Payoff Calculator 1.0, size 427.01 Kb.

Best Mortgage Deals 2.0 Best Mortgage Deals 

Best mortgage Deals | Fixed Rate mortgage Deals | mortgage Rates Today --- Looking for the best mortgage deals today. See how easy it is to find the best mortgage rates from the best mortgage lenders on the market.We are here to help with all your lending needs. . Freeware download of Best Mortgage Deals 2.0, size 97.28 Kb.

MMC Concrete Calculator 01 

I developed the MMC Concrete Quantity & Cost calculator after looking around online and noticing that the free concrete calculators available definitely could be improved upon.

The advantages of the MMC calculator are: with one click on the above link, it can be freely, instantly and securely downloaded to your desktop for your use . Freeware download of MMC Concrete Calculator 01, size 61.44 Kb.

MoneyToys Rent or Buy Calculator 2.0 Wheatworks Software, LLC 

MoneyToys Rent or Buy calculator is designed to give webmasters a simple way to add a rent or buy to a web site offering visitors a financial calculator which helps consider their housing options. Easily added with a few lines of HTML and MoneyToys.

MoneyToys web site calculators make it easy for you to install financial calculators on . Free download of MoneyToys Rent or Buy Calculator 2.0, size 18.43 Kb.

Margill 3.3.110221.3 Jurismedia 

The Margill software product line is simple to use, offers complete flexibility and the highest accuracy for:
-Regular and complex payment schedules and amortization for loans, mortgages and ARMs, leases, lines of credit, collection and investments
- Interest calculation at fixed or variable interest rates
- Simple or compound . Free download of Margill 3.3.110221.3, size 53.68 Mb.

Mortcare Calculator 2 3 Consulting Plus, Inc. 

Mortcare calculator is a free mortgage Loan calculator that
calculate payments, print amortization schedules, and much more.
Main features:
- Amortization Schedules
- Various Payment Calculators
- Days between dates (360 and 365 calendar)
- Should we fund this loan tool
- APR calculator . Freeware download of Mortcare Calculator 2 3, size 4.10 Mb.

HJSplit PRO Beta 0.3 

HJSplit PRO is freeware software that allows the split of any file in parts of a specific size, and join the parts together again. With this software you also can generate a checksum of files or groups of split files. The files came in a compress folder; its executable can be run directly without the necessity of an installer.

The . Freeware download of HJSplit PRO Beta 0.3, size 17.67 Mb.

Ultra WinCleaner 2000 Business Logic Corporation 

Every day, your hard drive gets littered with file fragments and debris you can't see. Unwanted files from old programs and Internet usage can build up over time and put your system through the wringer!Ultra WinCleaner 2000 is formulated for 'clean up' and 'boost' performance. . Free download of Ultra WinCleaner 2000, size 0 b.

A Free Mortgage Calculator 1.0 eMortgage Calculator 

A Free mortgage calculator from is a desktop application to help you budget and calculate your mortgage payments.
See the effect that changing the term on your mortgage can have on your interest payments. Shows the total amount of interest you will pay over the term of your mortgage as well as giving you an . Freeware download of A Free Mortgage Calculator 1.0, size 65.38 Mb.

Free Mortgage APR Calculator 4. 5. 2010 Wheatworks Software 

Free mortgage APR calculator is a free calculator that lets us know the exact amount of a mortgage APR (annual percentage rate). We can use this utility to compare the various offers that we may receive from banks or other financial institutions. This calculator can help us know which loan suits our financial situation better.

The . Freeware download of Free Mortgage APR Calculator 4. 5. 2010, size 0 b.

Mortgage Loan Calculator Plus 2.0 

This is a free program featuring a collection of mortgage and general mathematics calculators. With this program you can create a customizable amortization schedule for your home mortgage loan and much more. mortgage Loan calculator Plus works on Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP. . Freeware download of Mortgage Loan Calculator Plus 2.0, size 35.33 Mb.

iMortgage Calculator 1 Mortgage Calculator for iPhone 

Easy-To-Use mortgage calculator for the iPhone with PMI calculations . Free download of iMortgage Calculator 1, size 128.00 Kb.