Nonlinear Programming Software

Visual Optim For Academic 2.1 GraphNow 

Visual Optim is a math program for one dimension searching, linear Programming, unconstrained Nonlinear Programming and constrained Nonlinear Programming.Use Visual Optim to implement one dimension searching, linear Programming, unconstrained Nonlinear Programming and constrained Nonlinear Programming.Use Visual Optim to implement one dimension . Free download of Visual Optim For Academic 2.1, size 1.90 Mb.


EASY-OPT Express 2.0 Klaus Schittkowski 

The software system allows to solve constrained Nonlinear Programming problems by an efficient sequential quadratic Programming (SQP) method. A Nonlinear objective function is to be minimized subject to Nonlinear equality or inequality constraints. The mathematical method represents the scientific state-of-the-art.
Model functions are defined . Freeware download of EASY-OPT Express 2.0, size 61.71 Mb.

Visual Optim 2.0 GraphNow Software 

Visual Optim is a math program for one dimension searching, linear Programming, unconstrained Nonlinear Programming and constrained Nonlinear Programming

Main features:
-Implement one dimension searching.
-Linear Programming.
-Unconstrained Nonlinear Programming.
-Constrained Nonlinear Programming. . Free download of Visual Optim 2.0, size 1.50 Mb.

APMonitor Modeling Language 0.5.6 APMonitor 

The APMonitor Modeling Language is optimization software for differential and algebraic equations. It is coupled with large-scale Nonlinear Programming solvers for data reconciliation, real-time optimization, dynamic simulation, and Nonlinear predictive control. It is available as a free web service or for commercial licensing. Try Example . Freeware download of APMonitor Modeling Language 0.5.6, size 230.40 Kb.

GPOPS for Windows 4.1 Alpha GPOPS Team 

GPOPS (which stands for d-deDUGeneral Pseudospectral OPtimal Control Softwared-deDt) is an open-source MATLAB optimal control software than implements the Gauss and Radau hp-adaptive pseudospectral methods. These methods approximate the state using a basis of Lagrange polynomials and collocate the dynamics at the Legendre-Gauss-Radau points. These . Free download of GPOPS for Windows 4.1 Alpha, size 2.79 Mb.

hoDGePodgeS 1.0.beta4 

Distributed Genetic Programming SRVM(Simple Risc Virtual Machine)Distributed function approximator of Nonlinear functions with automatic induction of machine code. . Freeware download of hoDGePodgeS 1.0.beta4, size 50.17 Kb.

ODEcalc 6.10 Optimal Designs Enterprise 

ODEcalc for Windows: An Ordinary Differential Equation (ODE) Calculator! State your equation and boundary or initial value conditions and it solves your problem. Plots solution y and derivative ydot versus x.

Solves most Boundary Value Problems (BVP) and Initial Value Problems (IVP) for Nth order ODE. ODE may be Nonlinear, . Freeware download of ODEcalc 6.10, size 4.00 Mb.

GIPALS32 - Linear Programming Library 1.2 Optimalon Software 

GIPALS32 is a linear Programming library that incorporates the power of linear Programming solver and simplicity of integration to any software tools like Ms Visual C++, Ms Visual C# .Net, Ms Visual Basic, Borland Delphi and other that support a DLL import. The maximum number of constraints and variables is unlimited.The linear program solver is . Free download of GIPALS32 - Linear Programming Library 1.2, size 461.82 Kb.

Limnor Codeless Programming System 3.3 Longflow Enterprises Ltd 

It is the first generic-purpose codeless visual Programming system in the world. It can be used to create computer software without using computer languages. Because developers can add their desired features to the Limnor system via Limnor SDK, virtually there is not a limit to what this system can do. Limnor supports fundamental Programming . Free download of Limnor Codeless Programming System 3.3, size 8.60 Mb.

GIPALS - Linear Programming Environment 1.2.1 Optimalon Software 

GIPALS is linear Programming environment that incorporates large-scale linear programs solver and easy, intuitive graphical user interface to direct specify or import and solve any type of constrained optimization problems arising in various industrial, financial and educational areas.Constrained optimization problems are stated as linear programs . Free download of GIPALS - Linear Programming Environment 1.2.1, size 1.01 Mb.

Network Programming Gear 2.6 upRedSun 

Using Network Programming Gear, easily and automatically build tcp-based or udp-based network protocol source code for client/server sides. pure platform independent c source code to make sure highly performance and windows,linux and unix platform are all protocol struct diagram to help protocol design.platform independent c source . Free download of Network Programming Gear 2.6, size 1.64 Mb.

Super AJAX Programming Seed 1.0 Implied By Design LLC. 

Super AJAX Programming Seed is a tight little program that illustrates a simple implementation of AJAX technology using HTML and PHP, and offers suggestions for how to use the technology to make super-dynamic web applications from scratch. It's a lot of fun, and after seeing how simple it is you'll never stop coming up with new ways to use it. . Freeware download of Super AJAX Programming Seed 1.0, size 2.05 Kb.

Gentee Programming Language 3. 6. 2003 Gentee, Inc. 

The Gentee Programming language can be classified as a procedure-oriented language with some features typical of object-oriented Programming. It has no complicated constructions and is easy to use, but at the same time it is a powerful tool for solving all kinds of tasks. The syntax of the language is based on the syntax of the C Programming . Freeware download of Gentee Programming Language 3. 6. 2003, size 2.71 Mb.

Lava Programming Environment 0.9.2 Beta Klaus D. G+-nther 

Lava Programming Environment provides you with an intuitive IDE for the Lava Programming language.

Lava Programming Environment uses structure editors instead of text editors, which means that only constants, new identifiers and comments can be entered as text. The declarations are displayed in tree-view and object properties can be . Freeware download of Lava Programming Environment 0.9.2 Beta, size 0 b.

Flash Programming Utilities 4.10 Silicon Laboratories Inc. 

Flash Programming Utilities is a handy package that includes several tools that are meant to help developers get the needed code for specific devices.

The application is also of great help when it comes to performing a variety of memory operations without having to install the whole Silicon Laboratories Integrated Development . Free download of Flash Programming Utilities 4.10, size 0 b.

C= Parallel C/C++ Programming Language Extension New HOOPOE ProGroup 

C= Parallel C/C++ Programming Language Extension includes a collection of Programming paradigms connected with C / C++.

The principles and constructs of C= including flexible task-thread semantics, parallel visibility scopes, object-free synchronization, and wake-wait task interaction paradigm are conceived to be easily adopted by other . Free download of C= Parallel C/C++ Programming Language Extension New, size 0 b.

PICAXE Programming Editor 5.5.1 PICAXE 

PICAXE Programming Editor allows you to develop applications written in the PICAXE BASIC language.

Syntax highlighting, auto indentation, debugging options and a syntax checker are just some of the features that this application brings you. Some tools for application testing are also available, such as the analogue calibration wizard. . Free download of PICAXE Programming Editor 5.5.1, size 0 b.

Limnor Studio - Codeless Programming 5.0 Longflow Enterprises Ltd 

A visual codeless Programming system with built in support for databases, 2D drawings, web services, kiosk, ActiveX, etc. All kinds of software can be developed without learning and using textural computer languages. Visual representations of Programming are saved in XML files. The compiler compiles the XML files and generates C# source code. It . Free download of Limnor Studio - Codeless Programming 5.0, size 9.43 Mb.

Technology - PBasic computer programming 1.0.0006 Image Intelligence Software Ltd. 

Designed as an interactive software, Technology - PBasic computer Programming can teach you more about PBasic Programming.

Technology - PBasic computer Programming comes included with multiple choice questions that can be used to test your current knowledge.

Technology - PBasic computer Programming is developed using the Java . Free download of Technology - PBasic computer programming 1.0.0006, size 0 b.

Scripting Modules 2 Spriteworks Developments 

Create and customize over 70 scripts with no Programming. Real-time previews, image/font/texture libraries and much more. . Free download of Scripting Modules 2, size 968.70 Kb.