Solver Software

eCalc Scientific Calculator 1.5.2 eCalc 

eCalc is an easy to use scientific calculator with many advanced features including unit conversion, complex number math, equation solving, and even support for both algebraic and RPN operating modes. The calculator has an attractive user interface with large buttons, an easy to read multiline display, and support for six color themes.eCalc . Free download of eCalc Scientific Calculator 1.5.2, size 1.61 Mb.



The program PEEI calculates numerical solutions of systems of partial differential equations that have number of equations equal or greater of the number of unknown functions. This version has the following improvements over the previous ones. Have been improved the GUI, the management of the execution and the execution itself. Was . Freeware download of PEEI, size 384.00 Kb.

Word Solver 1.5 Dojotech Software 

Word solver was designed with the US game show Lingo in mind. Basically you have five or six letter words that you have to guess. You'll get the first letter given to you, but you have to take turns guessing letters. Word solver works by picking up the keys you type into other applications or into the Word solver window. You can add spaces between . Freeware download of Word Solver 1.5, size 28.67 Kb.

eta/VPG 3 4 ETA 

Using VPG, engineers all over the world are reducing product development costs and improving product quality and safety. Using VPG, they are able to do this at a fraction of the cost of competitive products. VPG delivers an extremely advanced and unique set of tools which allow engineers to create and visualize advanced simulations for vehicle . Free download of eta/VPG 3 4, size 0 b.

FEMAP 10. 2. 2001 Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc. 

Femap is an advanced engineering simulation software program that creates finite element analysis models of complex engineering products and systems, and displays solution results. Femap can virtually model components, assemblies or systems and determine the behavioral response for a given operating environment.

The latest release of . Free download of FEMAP 10. 2. 2001, size 257.70 Mb.

SadMan Software: Sudoku SadMan Software 

SadMan Software: Sudoku is a program that will solve any Sudoku puzzle.

This program is intended to give you the right numbers that you must place into each box. You can enter a sudoku puzzle, and order the program to solve it. Doing this, you will spoil the fun of playing the game, but that will be very useful if your work is to . Free download of SadMan Software: Sudoku, size 1.75 Mb.

WordFind Scousesoft 

WordFind is a very comprehensive word puzzle solver that allows you to solve word lists, anagrams and palindromes in a snap. The program enables you to perform searches using different types of wildcards which represent unknown or missing letters. You can also specify the words length (from 1 to 15 letters) as well as the sort order (alphabetic, . Free download of WordFind, size 3.22 Mb.

ScrabBot 6.0.4 Fabrice ADNOT 

ScrabBot is a Scrabble aide that can find all possible words, using the letters on the rack and the letters already on the board.
ScrabBot searches for words in SOWPODS or TWL dictionaries containing all 2 to 15-letters words.
ScrabBot can also find the definition of words with an online dictionary. . Free download of ScrabBot 6.0.4, size 11.52 Mb.

IntoSudoku 1.0 Henk Westhuis 

IntoSudoku is a nice Sudoku game that allows you to generate Sudoku games of (9x9) with different difficulty levels and styles. In case you don't know the game, the objective is to fill the empty spaces with numbers, in a way that all columns and rows contain the numbers from 1-9. The program includes three types of hints to help you in case . Free download of IntoSudoku 1.0, size 1.38 Mb.

SudokuGuru 1. 2. 2001 mysudokuguru 

SudokuGuru is program which not only enables you to play Sudoku on your PC but will also explain how to solve each Sudoku if you get stuck!

Main features:

- A virtually unlimited supply of Sudoku puzzles.
- 6 levels of difficulty.
- Use pencil marks to help solve the more difficult Sudokus.
- Enter your . Free download of SudokuGuru 1. 2. 2001, size 1.15 Mb.

FastModel 2 32 FastFieldSolvers 

FastModel, a powerful editor with 3D visualization capability developed by FastFieldSolvers that will help you prepare your input files for FastHenry / FastCap with much more ease!
Moreover, we have gathered for you many other utilities to help you build and simulate 3D models, detailed informations useful for both students and professionals . Freeware download of FastModel 2 32, size 6.39 Mb.

ZONAIRDemo 4.0 ZONA Technology, Inc. 

ZONAIR is engineering software used to compute steady aerodynamics of a flight vehicle. ZONAIR employs a high-order panel-based methodology for computation of aircraft flight loads that can include aeroelasticity and aerothermoelasticity effects
A unified high order subsonic / supersonic / hypersonic panel methodology as the underlying . Free download of ZONAIRDemo 4.0, size 21.34 Mb.

Ledas 2D Geometric Solver 6.0 LEDAS Ltd. 

Ledas 2D Geometric solver is a software engineered to support two-dimensional parametric sketching/drawing in CAD and computer graphics systems.Ledas 2D Geometric solver supports creation and modification of the geometric models by means of constraints. . Freeware download of Ledas 2D Geometric Solver 6.0, size 1.53 Mb.

LEDAS 3D Geometric Solver 5.0 LEDAS Ltd. 

It is commonly used as parametric engine for direct modeling of 3D geometry, assembly design, motion analysis, and other 3D geometric modeling applications. LGS 3D is a cross-platform software packages running on 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, *BSD, AIX, HP-UX, Sun Solaris, and other OSes. Coded in C , LGS 3D has a C-style API . Free download of LEDAS 3D Geometric Solver 5.0, size 33.34 Mb.

TimeTable Manager 2 1 Jack Valmadre 

The timetable manager calculates the best possible timetable you can choose each semester in school.There's also a swish drag-drop interface for making manual adjustments.It helps you organize your time more efficiently , so you don't miss your classes. . Freeware download of TimeTable Manager 2 1, size 37.46 Mb.

MineSweeper Solver 1 6 joriswit 

This program tries to solve the game of minesweeper. It will never guess, I have never seen it make a mistake (if it happens with you, make sure you didn't move the mouse in the minesweeper window while solving).

The program is not perfect, there are many more advanced situations where it doesn't know how to continue, in . Freeware download of MineSweeper Solver 1 6, size 1.31 Mb.

Frontline Systems Solver Platform SDK 10.0 Frontline Systems, Inc. 

solver Platform SDK is a powerful, comprehensive Software Development Kit that enables you to develop and deploy custom applications using optimization and Monte Carlo simulation, with today's most popular platforms and languages: Microsoft COM and .NET, Java and MATLAB, as well as C/C , Visual Basic and other languages. It's available . Free download of Frontline Systems Solver Platform SDK 10.0, size 13.53 Mb.

Yacas 1. 3. 2001 Ayal Zwi Pinkus 

YACAS is an easy to use, general purpose Computer Algebra System, a program for symbolic manipulation of mathematical expressions. It uses its own programming language designed for symbolic as well as arbitrary-precision numerical computations.
The system has a library of scripts that implement many of the symbolic algebra operations; new . Freeware download of Yacas 1. 3. 2001, size 1.32 Mb.

Universal Math Solver MathePhysics Courseware Ltd 

Universal Math solver is a software package which, until now, students could only dream of. Universal Math solver is a mathematical software which was designed to help you solve all the math problems. Universal Math solver solves any math given problem, either one taken from a textbook or just invented on the spot. Moreover, UMS explains each step . Free download of Universal Math Solver, size 14.05 Mb.

Color Sudoku 3 1 Petr Lastovicka 

Sudoku puzzle games - Killer, Greater Than, Consecutive, Odd/Even, Diagonal, Double, Triple, Butterfly, Flower, Windmill, Samurai. You can choose letters or colors instead of digits. Board size can be from 4 to 20 (default size is 9). Every puzzle has unique solution. The right mouse button is used to draw pencil marks. This program also contains . Freeware download of Color Sudoku 3 1, size 75.78 Kb.