Square To Round Software

10-in-1 Arcade BA.net 10.0 Jaime Garcia Ghirelli 

Arcade collection BA.net

Including Shooter, Square Shooter, Round Volley, Easy Bird, Alone Platform, Space Shooter, Darts and more.

Small app size. Full featured games with sound. . Freeware download of 10-in-1 Arcade BA.net 10.0, size 9.96 Mb.


Smash Frenzy and Clash BostonHiTech.com 

Clash is a new Arkanoid-style game with lots of unique features. Hit the ball with a pad To keep it within the level and destroy all bricks. The bricks vary in shape and have different characteristics. They may be Square or Round, fixed or floating, fragile or durable. Unlike other Arkanoid clones, Smash Frenzy prides itself with professional 3D . Free download of Smash Frenzy and Clash, size 969.73 Kb.

Sheet Lightning Pro 6.21D Revcad Ltd 

Sheet Lightning is a specialised engineering 2D/3D CAD System for creating and unfolding sheet metal designs for fabrication or manufacture. It handles everything from simple cylinders, cones, rectangular ducts and ovals, To adapters, adapting any of these section types, interections between any of these types and multi-intersections of any of . Free download of Sheet Lightning Pro 6.21D, size 7.78 Mb.

LITIO - 3D Sheet metal unfolding software 1.3 LITIO 

LITIO is a sheet metal program that calculates flat (unfolded) sheet development of ducts, rectangle To Round transitions, cylinders, cones, pipe intersections, connections, bifurcations, elbows, etc.For HVAC, hoppers, cyclones, dust extraction, ducts, conveying systems, silos, piping, etc.To draw your sheet metal developments directly in AutoCAD . Free download of LITIO - 3D Sheet metal unfolding software 1.3, size 531.46 Kb.

LITIO2 - 3D Sheet metal unfolding soft 2.0.5 LITIO 

LITIO is a sheet metal program that calculates flat (unfolded) sheet development of ducts, rectangle To Round transitions, cylinders, cones, pipe intersections, connections, bifurcations, elbows, etc. For HVAC, hoppers, cyclones, dust extraction, ducts, conveying systems, silos, piping, etc. To draw your sheet metal developments directly in AutoCAD . Free download of LITIO2 - 3D Sheet metal unfolding soft 2.0.5, size 814.08 Kb.

Duct Guardian 1.0.5. Tangenta Ltd. 

'Duct Guardian' is a sheet metal program that calculates 3D To 2D flat (unfolded) sheet development of ducts, rectangle To Round transitions, cylinders, cones, elbows, etc. It is easy To install and use program with no additional costs. Support metric and imperial measurement systems. Database storage support with basic and custom reports. . Freeware download of Duct Guardian 1.0.5., size 7.12 Mb.

Granite Kitchen Worktops 2.0 Rock and Co 

Granite kitchen worktops are an absolute luxury, but believe it or not, the price for them is so reasonable, you won't believe it! If you have seen these worktops in books or designer magazines, you may have thought that they were only for the stars and out of your budget. If you did, you couldn't have been more wrong. If you have been thinking . Freeware download of Granite Kitchen Worktops 2.0, size 2.48 Mb.

Plate 'n' Sheet Professional 4. 9. 2015 R & L CAD Services Pty Ltd 

Plate 'n' Sheet Professional is an unfolding software for commonly used shapes used in the Metals, Plastics and Insulation Industries.
Stand-alone program. Does not require additional software.

Plate‘n’Sheet Professional requires a system capable of running Microsoft Windows (Windows 98SE, NT4, . Free download of Plate 'n' Sheet Professional 4. 9. 2015, size 19.44 Mb.

ShapeCAD 2.0 Mirkwood Services Inc. 

ShapeCAD is a highly graphical tool for assembling, and calculating section properties for, built up structural shapes. Sections are created using a built in section database for all common structural shape types, and tools for defining custom shapes using plate, Square and Round bar sections. Any combination of sections, plates and bars can be . Free download of ShapeCAD 2.0, size 2.37 Mb.

ConeT 1 3 Ty Harness Consulting 

CONET makes the design of sheet metal conical work very easy and the pattern draughting of a cone surface flattened onto a 2D plane is reduced To entering a few key dimensions. CONET can handle right and oblique, full or frustum cones. Like with all Ty Harness Sheet Metal applications you control the design via parameter inputs. Cones are often . Free download of ConeT 1 3, size 4.75 Mb.

Hay Price Calc 1.1 Regents of the University of Minnesota 

Buy hay the smart way! Many horse owners and hobby farmers purchase hay by the bale. However, the more economical way To purchase and compare different hay types is To calculate the price per ton. The aim of the Hay Price App is To aid hay buyers in calculating price per ton and To provide cost comparisons of small Square, large Round, and large . Free download of Hay Price Calc 1.1, size 15.52 Mb.

Hard way Samsonenko Mickael 

“Hard way” – is an intellectual entertainment, promotes logical and spatial development of your intellection. For kids this game is useful in development logical thinking and for grownups who likes To play puzzles and logical games it will bring huge amount of pleasure and let them spent free time with interest.

Main . Freeware download of Hard way, size 1.05 Mb.

DDD Round Square 1.2 DigitalDreamDesign 

DDD Round Square is a truetype font that will allow you To change the regular appearance of your written documents. All you have To do is install the font onto your PC then use it when writing your texts To see how it will give them a new aspect.

To install it, you can simply right-click the file and click Install. Alternately, you can . Free download of DDD Round Square 1.2, size 0 b.

Square Peg FusionWare Integration Corp. 

Thumb-eye coordination, speed and nerves of steel will get you through this speed puzzle. Put the Square Pegs in the Round holes and you will quickly find yourself in time trouble.

Plug as many shaped holes as you can as fast as you can To become a master carpenter! . Freeware download of Square Peg, size 4.19 Mb.

Chess Quarto 3D 2013.8.9 Gaowen Tan 

Quarto is played on a 4x4 board. There are 16 pieces, each of which has four attributes:
Tall or Short
Round or Square
Dark or Light
Flat or Hollow

Players take turns selecting any of the available pieces. Once a piece is selected, the player gives the piece To his/her opponent who plays it in any of the available . Free download of Chess Quarto 3D 2013.8.9, size 22.12 Mb.

HeavenEarth 1.0 Jie Wang 


An old Chinese saying:The Round sky incurs movements, while the Square earth incurs convergence and quiescence? The sky and the earth mean the actual world?The roundness of the sky and the squareness of the earth speak out the way people living in the society of the traditional Chinese culture?

Please click circle before it . Freeware download of HeavenEarth 1.0, size 28.21 Mb.

I ate colors 1.1 Aexol 

Don't let Mr Shade eat all the colors!
How many colors can you save?

Rules are simple:
- Tap and the color Square will jump.
- Each color can jump only once each Round!

Sounds easy? We will see...
. Freeware download of I ate colors 1.1, size 12.69 Mb.

FastFirst. Tobit.Software 

Here's To the crazy ones.
The misfits.
The rebels.
The troublemakers.
The Round pegs in the Square holes.
The ones who see things differently.
They're not fond of rules.
And they have no respect for the status quo.
You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them.
About the only thing you . Freeware download of FastFirst., size 4.19 Mb.

Making My Own Space Digi-Media-Apps 

From his early childhood, Paul Burton, now a prolific film and television writer, producer, director and historian, always felt different, as though he were a Square peg trying To fit into a Round hole, and he was labelled a ‘no-hoper'. However, this made him more determined To prove everybody wrong, pursue his ambitions against all the odds . Free download of Making My Own Space, size 1.05 Mb.

Round Clock 2005 3.0 Proxima Software 

Atomic alarm clock with digital or Round interface. As event reminder it lets you conveniently manage your important dates and times. Supports user-selected skin clock skins in BMP, GIF, JPG, WMF formats, sends e-mail notifications and plays sounds.

Includes features:
Desktop Clock
- Classic-style floating and resizable . Free download of Round Clock 2005 3.0, size 614.40 Kb.