Ssl Encryption Software

Giganews Accelerator Giganews 

The Giganews Accelerator is a software-based news proxy which will allow you to compress headers and enable 256-bit Ssl Encryption, regardless of whether or not Ssl is supported natively by your news client. All authentication and commands are also encrypted, whether or not you have a Giganews Ssl-enabled account. Encrypted authentication and . Freeware download of Giganews Accelerator, size 10.01 Mb.


stunnel 4 46 Michael Trojnara 

The stunnel program is designed to work as an Ssl Encryption wrapper between remote client and local (inetd-startable) or remote server.

It can be used to add Ssl functionality to commonly used inetd daemons like POP2, POP3, and IMAP servers without any changes in the programs' code.

Stunnel uses OpenSSL libraries . Freeware download of stunnel 4 46, size 706.56 Kb.

P2P Posse for Linux 2.0 P2P Posse 

P2P done right! P2P Posse is the only file sharing network that has all of this: Private Full Ssl Encryption Windows, Mac & Linux Compatible Simple, Intermediate and Advanced User Authentication P2PBot Automatic Downloading Easy Setup Chat P2P Posse is the complete solution for file sharing. It is best described as friend to friend sharing. One . Free download of P2P Posse for Linux 2.0, size 2.73 Mb.

P2P Posse for Mac 2.0 P2P Posse 

P2P done right! P2P Posse is the only file sharing network that has all of this: Private Full Ssl Encryption Windows, Mac & Linux Compatible Simple, Intermediate and Advanced User Authentication P2PBot Automatic Downloading Easy Setup Chat P2P Posse is the complete solution for file sharing. It is best described as friend to friend sharing. One . Free download of P2P Posse for Mac 2.0, size 5.24 Mb.

Trebuchet Tk 1.075 

Trebuchet is a 100% TCL cross-platform GUI MUD client, designed to be powerful and extensible, yet easy to use. This client also has support for advanced features, such as Ssl Encryption, and allowing the server to request custom GUI dialogs. . Freeware download of Trebuchet Tk 1.075, size 339.20 Kb.

Hgdc-X 0.5.4 Tristan Linnell 

Hgdc-X is compact application that allows you to connect to HGD (Hackathon Gunther Daemon) server that runs on your network. The program features a complete GUI and includes the option to use Ssl Encryption or administrative commands.

In order to view the media files and the album art stored on the server you have an account and to . Free download of Hgdc-X 0.5.4, size 0 b.

Insistsoft SSL VPN Server 1.4 Insistsoft 

Insistsoft Ssl VPN Server is Secure Sockets Layer (Ssl) VPN software solution for Windows. It builds a Virtual Private Network on Internet in minutes. No client hardware or software needs to be installed. With Insistsoft Ssl VPN Server software installed, users can access corporate Intranet from anywhere, anytime and securely. Also Insistsoft Ssl . Free download of Insistsoft SSL VPN Server 1.4, size 3.06 Mb.

PHP girder 0.1 

phpgirder, a set of PHP classes used to add user authentication, Access Control Levels, and Encryption to PHP applications or frameworks. The ACL structure uses multiple database users and permissions and Ssl Encryption for enhanced application security. . Freeware download of PHP girder 0.1, size 29.89 Kb.

Luxms Connection Plug-In for Outlook 2.02 Luxms 

Luxms Connection Plug-In for Outlook is an email forward agent:
Securely forwards your incoming Outlook emails/calendar reminders to Luxms wireless mailbox over Ssl-encrypted connection
Client-side white list: you can specify a limited list of contacts from whom you want to forward emails to your mobile
Exports selected Outlook . Free download of Luxms Connection Plug-In for Outlook 2.02, size 859.83 Kb.

Backup4all Portable Backup 4.0 Softland 

Backup4all Portable is a portable backup solution for Windows. Using Backup4all Portable you can easily backup to any local or network drive, backup to FTP (with support for Ssl Encryption, proxy server, passive mode), backup to CD / DVD, or back up to USB drives.Backup4all Portable can be configured to automatically run a backup job when the USB . Free download of Backup4all Portable Backup 4.0, size 5.04 Mb.

2X LoadBalancer 8.1 2X Software Ltd 

Load balancing, increased security and redundancy for your Terminal ServicesSince Microsoft Terminal Services Servers support many users, it's important to ensure that each Terminal Server is fully redundant and that the load is distributed between servers ensuring optimal service quality for users.

2X LoadBalancer for Terminal Services . Freeware download of 2X LoadBalancer 8.1, size 42.42 Mb.

Secure Protocol Extension for AnyFileBackup AAR Innovations 

This is a small AnyFileBackup extension that allows you to use secure protocols. After the extension is installed the Security mode box in the FTP Account Manager can be set to one of the available values and all data transfer will be performed with the specified Encryption. To use a general FTP without security support select NONE in the Security . Freeware download of Secure Protocol Extension for AnyFileBackup, size 964.61 Kb.

IDrive for Mac 1. 3. 2009 Pro Softnet Corporation 

IDrive is a user-friendly, secure and reliable application that performs automated online backup of your files and folders.
The application safeguards your critical data. The graphical interface is coupled with powerful scheduling and logging features.
Incremental backups - only modified portion of the files are backed . Freeware download of IDrive for Mac 1. 3. 2009, size 4.72 Mb.

buySAFE Shopping Advisor 3.0.0 buySAFE, Inc. 

Shopping online just got MUCH safer with the buySAFE Shopping Advisor. Let's face it; there are several risks with online shopping. Is your personal information going to be safe and secure? Are you going to get what you pay for exactly as promised? Fortunately, Shopping Advisor eliminates virtually all of the risks of buying online by providing two . Freeware download of buySAFE Shopping Advisor 3.0.0, size 854.02 Kb.

Backup4all Professional 4.8.286 Softland 

Backup4all is an award-winning backup program for Windows. Backup4all protects your valuable data from partial or total loss by automating backup tasks, password protecting and compressing it to save storage space. Using Backup4all you can backup to any local or network drive, backup to SFTP/FTP (with support for Ssl Encryption, proxy server, . Free download of Backup4all Professional 4.8.286, size 24.19 Mb.

IRCXpro Messenger 1.2 IRCXpro 

IRCXpro Messenger supports all common IRC client functionality from full color support to DCC Send/Resume and DCC Chat. IRCXpro Messenger comes complicate with its own Contacts list where you can add your buddy’s and see when they are online / offline and Channel Operators can take advantage of the Operator Panel for quick and convenient . Freeware download of IRCXpro Messenger 1.2, size 6.82 Mb.

ProvideSupport: Live Chat for Website 3.2.4 Provide Support, LLC 

ProvideSupport is an online service that allows you to chat with your website visitors, enabling you to give instant online customer support and proactively sell your product. This web-hosted system means you don't have to worry about server capacity, bandwidth usage, system upgrades and other issues. An optional browser-based operator console . Free download of ProvideSupport: Live Chat for Website 3.2.4, size 1.60 Mb.

PipeBoost 2.2.226 BPVN Technologies 

PipeBoost™ is an HTTP compression software that runs on Internet Information Services 4.0, 5.x, 6.0. It compresses static/dynamic content that is downloaded by a browser running on a customer or end user’s computer. Flexible File Compression Management – Allows Site Managers to specify a custom compression strategy. Allows . Free download of PipeBoost 2.2.226, size 6.23 Mb.

IBackup for Windows 6.0.0 

IBackup for windows is a backup application that can perform scheduled backups of your critical files to your online backup account from Windows Desktops, Laptops and Servers. It has the look and feel of the native Microsoft Windows Explorer combined with some really powerful scheduling and logging features. By default it compresses data during . Free download of IBackup for Windows 6.0.0, size 8.17 Mb.

Qnext- Unified Communication&Sharing 3.0.6 Qnext Corp 

Qnext unifies communication, broadcasting, and digital media sharing for business and consumers. Qnext’s advanced communication capabilities include: All contacts in one place, 8-way VoIP, 4-way video conferencing and a multi-protocol Universal IM that supports Yahoo!-AIM-ICQ-Jabber-Google Talk-IRC-and MSN, group chat, drag and drop file . Freeware download of Qnext- Unified Communication&Sharing 3.0.6, size 45.53 Mb.