Test Editor Software

AeternaGUI 0.1 aeternagui.sourceforge.net 

A powerful Test Editor for aeterna.ru online testing site. . Freeware download of AeternaGUI 0.1, size 23.14 Kb.


Testing Anywhere 9.3 Automation Anywhere, Inc. 

Testing Anywhere is powerful, no-programming-required software that lets you record, edit, and run Test cases-no matter how complex-in record time, enabling your team to focus on more thorough, comprehensive testing.

Using Testing Anywhere's GUI-based recording capabilities and scriptless automation technology, IT and QA teams are able . Free download of Testing Anywhere 9.3, size 156.98 Mb.

Testcheck 2.1.0 T-Alex Software 

Testcheck is the complex system for creating tests and testing any kind of knowledges with great functionality. For compiling Test you can use 7 different types of questions which will be more appropriate in your case.

Rich text Editor will make the process of creating tests very simple and at the same time will bring the wide . Free download of Testcheck 2.1.0, size 1.44 Mb.

Question Tools EditorSuite 3 Question Tools 

Question Tools EditorSuite is a fully-functional, free, integrated suite of e-learning tools used in 121 countries. Programming, scripting and HTML skills are not required. Comprising the Editor, SimpleSet and Exam applications, EditorSuite allows you to create exciting, interactive e-learning lessons, exercises and tests for delivery using the . Freeware download of Question Tools EditorSuite 3, size 5.63 Mb.

Testing Anywhere LOAD 9.0 Automation Anywhere, Inc. 

Testing Anywhere LOAD allows IT Quality Assurance organizations to confidently Test load scenarios in real time user environments with powerful load testing software. As part of the easy-to-learn and use Testing Anywhere software suite, Testing Anywhere LOAD integrates SMART Automation(r) object-based recording technology to manage load testing, . Free download of Testing Anywhere LOAD 9.0, size 104.05 Mb.

eUniversity learning management system 2.1 E-university Inc 

eUniversity allows you to organize all phases of the educational process and create a virtual training organization under the key. eUniversity is equipped: Student Module allows creating personal training student cabinets and organizing educating process on the Internet. Tutors Module allows to create and store professors' personal records, and . Free download of eUniversity learning management system 2.1, size 0 b.

Test Script Editor 1.2.0 RC 2 Timothy Wall 

Test Script Editor is a software built in order to help you Test your Java UI.

Comprised from Abbot, which lets you programmatically drive UI components, and Costello which allows you to easily launch, you will be able to explore and control an application. The framework may be used with both scripts and compiled code.

. Freeware download of Test Script Editor 1.2.0 RC 2, size 0 b.

Regular Expression Editor 1 4 WaterProof SARL 

The regular expression Editor is a module allowing you to Test your PCRE with PHP in a very efficient way.

It wraps preg_match, preg_match_all, preg_replace and preg_quote functions, and offer a visual GUI where you can tweak your regular expression easily. . Freeware download of Regular Expression Editor 1 4, size 2.64 Mb.

Javascript Editor for SharePoint 2.0.1 Beta tstojecki 

Javascript Editor for SharePoint is was designed to edit and Test custom JavaScript code. The aim of Javascript Editor for SharePoint is to provide a simple, alternative approach to commonly used CEWP or SPD when applying JavaScript code against SharePoint pages.

Once installed, the Editor can be launched from the ribbon on the . Free download of Javascript Editor for SharePoint 2.0.1 Beta, size 0 b.

CAM Editor 2.3 XML eBusiness 

The CAM Editor is the leading open source toolkit for building and deploying XML exchanges. The OASIS CAM is a public open standard. CAM can import, analyze and refactor existing exchange XML Schema for better compatibility and use in middleware, including generating model compliant XML Schema consistent with enterprise integration patterns. Now . Freeware download of CAM Editor 2.3, size 102.40 Mb.

Test Scenario Generator 0.9.101802 tsguwm.sourceforge.net 

Test Scenario Generator(TSG) is a graph Editor, providing a software tester with GUI to model the behavior of software and generate Test scenarios based on the model. TSG is managed by Software Evaluation and Test Lab at the University of WI-Milwaukee . Freeware download of Test Scenario Generator 0.9.101802, size 311.38 Kb.

Java 3D editor for Engineers 1.0 Jengine3d 

Java 3D Editor for Engineers allows to Test and develope algorithms of 3D model building for non standard tasks.

Java 3D Editor for Engineers 1.0 License - Academic Free License (AFL); GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of Java 3D editor for Engineers 1.0, size 0 b.

QRegExp-Editor 0.2.1 Mohammad Mehdi Salem Naraghi, Luis Pereira 

This is a simple and easy-to-use application created in order to Test QRegExps. It shows you the captured strings and their respective substrings.

The QRegExp-Editor application is based on the popular Qt framework and is cross-platform.

. Freeware download of QRegExp-Editor 0.2.1, size 0 b.

TsiLang Files Editor SiComponents 

SIL Editor provides you the wizard that will allow to generate pseudo translations for your items in order to be able to Test the appearance of your applications for different languages with non-English letters and umlauts, like French, German, East European and others.

Delete form from SIB file - it is possible to delete forms directly . Freeware download of TsiLang Files Editor, size 2.17 Mb.

HTML Editor for iPhone 1.0 LockeTech 

Type and Test HTML Code right from your device!
This app has the tools for you to Test HTML code anywhere, no internet connection required!

Don't know HTML? No problem! HTML Editor for iPhone has your back with several detailed, comprehensive lessons on basic HTML structure, usage, and how to write code.

Why learn HTML? . Free download of HTML Editor for iPhone 1.0, size 419.43 Kb.

Rapid PHP Editor 2006 7 Blumentals Software 

Rapid PHP Editor is fully featured, quick and sophisticated PHP Editor that extends far beyond the essentials of regular PHP editing environments. Convenient features enable you to instantly create, edit and Test not only PHP, but also HTML, XHTML, CSS and JavaScript code, while integrated tools allow you to easily validate, reuse, navigate and . Free download of Rapid PHP Editor 2006 7, size 4.41 Mb.

PHP Expert Editor 4.3 Ankord Development Group 

PHP Expert Editor is an easy-to-use IDE for Windows with UTF-8 support. This Editor supports Perl, Python, Ruby, Tcl, Java Script and other languages too. This Editor specially designed for PHP-masters and has a nice features for beginners and professional programmers. PHP Expert Editor has internal HTTP-server and Debugger to run, Test and debug . Free download of PHP Expert Editor 4.3, size 3.35 Mb.

DzSoft Perl Editor DzSoft Ltd 

DzSoft Perl Editor is a tool for writing, editing, and debugging Perl/CGI scripts. It has a comfortable and intuitive interface both for beginners and advanced programmers. DzSoft Perl Editor is deceptively simple, but it is really a very powerful tool. Features Code Explorer, very comfortable Editor with syntax highlighting, syntax check, easy . Free download of DzSoft Perl Editor, size 2.73 Mb.

EngInSite Perl Editor Professional Luckasoft 

EngInSite Perl Editor is a complete integrated development environment (IDE)for creating, testing and debugging Perl scripts, which runs on Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP or later. By bringing together the editing, testing and debugging instruments into a single, user-oriented environment, EngInSite Perl Editor makes it easy to develop sophisticated Perl . Free download of EngInSite Perl Editor Professional, size 4.24 Mb.

ASHE - A Scripted Hex Editor 2 Grand River Software, LLC 

ASHE - A Scripted Hex Editor is a hex Editor with a built-in scripting language. Through the user interface you can view basic data types in hex, binary or decimal. From an 8 byte viewport, data is sliced into 8 single characters, four 16 bit integers (signed and unsigned are displayed), two 32 bit integers (signed and unsigned), two single . Free download of ASHE - A Scripted Hex Editor 2, size 4.98 Mb.