Usb Control Software

-SmartLogon Personal Edition 3.9 Info Industries Group 

Hardware and software complex used to monitor and Control access to information resources based on two-factor authentication. The system supports hardware tools for access Control and information protection: tokens, proximity cards, Usb drive, ibutton etc. Easy to install and easy to use. Remote administration utility. . Free download of -SmartLogon Personal Edition 3.9, size 12.66 Mb.


USB Monitor Device Monitoring Studio HHD Software 

Software Usb port sniffer, monitor tool with protocol analyzer and data logger. This Universal Serial Bus monitoring utility can spy, capture, view, log, analyze, test Usb device activity performing connection traffic analysis with data acquisition and Control. You can use this Usb aquisition system as connection testing and diagnostic tool, modem . Free download of USB Monitor Device Monitoring Studio, size 4.53 Mb.

DEKSI USB Security 2.8.1 DEK Software International 

DEKSI Usb Security allows you to block unauthorized Usb devices from any PC or your entire network. DEKSI Usb Security will prevent unauthorized Usb devices from being connected to your computer. DEKSI Usb Security blocks unauthorized Usb devices such as memory card readers and Usb flash drives, removable storage and Usb hard disks while allowing . Free download of DEKSI USB Security 2.8.1, size 8.16 Mb.

Ashampoo HDD Control 2 2.06 ashampoo GmbH & Co. KG 

Ashampoo HDD Control 2 monitors, maintains and defragments hard drives. The software supports not only all common IDE and serial ATA hard drives, but also provides improved support for external Usb hard drives and solid state drives (SSDs). The extended user interface gives an overview of the status of your hard drives’ health, performance . Free download of Ashampoo HDD Control 2 2.06, size 20.73 Mb.

USBSE Pro 1.8 Begonia Software Inc 

USBSE Pro is a tool that block untrusted Usb Memory Stick. It can help protect you against data theft. USBSE Pro is the best software that helps you Control Usb stroage devices. For each Usb storage device, you can set three Modes: Disabled, ReadOnly or Read/Write. You can protect your confidential data from being copied by others or Prevent your . Free download of USBSE Pro 1.8, size 9.55 Mb.

USB Monitor Protocol Analyzer HHD Software 

Software Usb port sniffer, Usb protocol analyzer and data logger. This Universal Serial Bus monitoring utility can spy, capture, view, log, analyze, test Usb device activity performing connection traffic analysis. Software Usb monitoring tool. You can use this Usb aquisition system as connection testing and diagnostic tool, modem data transfer . Free download of USB Monitor Protocol Analyzer, size 5.47 Mb.

World Wide PC Remote ( wwpcremote ) 1 Rob Latour (wwPCRemote) 

wwPCRemote lets you remotely Control your PC using your iPhone. Things you can Control include:

- Devantech Usb relays, which let you turn on and off lights in your house, open / close your garage door, etc.,

- Hardware and software that react to UDP messaging,

- the restarting and shut downing of your PC . Freeware download of World Wide PC Remote ( wwpcremote ) 1, size 1.83 Mb.

USB Guardian 4.3.0 USB Guardian 

Usb Guardian is a special software application that prevents your computer from getting infected with nasty viruses an worms like Conficker (aka Downandup, Downadup and Kido!)

The software allows you to safely enjoy file sharing using just an Usb thumb drive for copying the files . Movies, mp3s, documents and pictures can be copied . Freeware download of USB Guardian 4.3.0, size 883.71 Kb.

AutoRunnerX 1.2.6 Bernhard Fomm 

Autostart of any files and portable software, once a Usb flash drive or hard disk to the computer will connected. In addition, will a shortcut to drive on the desktop created. The autostart extension will be in the system Control configured and working after the setup completely in the background. For security reasons, the software works with the . Freeware download of AutoRunnerX 1.2.6, size 222.21 Kb.

Dictation Buddy High Criteria, Inc. 

Plays pre-recorded audio files and allows you to listen and Control the playback, while at the same time, transcribing the audio into another PC application like Word. You can install on Usb an optional foot pedal to Control the playback.
Also includes the ability to record audio from a microphone on the PC's mic input jack or with a Usb . Free download of Dictation Buddy, size 2.32 Mb.

motion dive console Roland 

Motion dive console is a a dedicated Control console that connects via Usb.Edirol’s “motion dive .tokyo performance package” consists of the renowned visual software “motion dive .tokyo” bundled with Edirol’s MD-P1.Together, this package takes visual performances to the next level using . Freeware download of motion dive console, size 41.67 Mb.

Remote Graphics Receiver 5. 4. 2005 Hewlett-Packard 

Using HP RGS, you can collaborate with colleagues across geographies, in real-time, using content-rich interactive applications or connect a local Usb device and have it virtually attach to a remote system with local access and Control.

A core element of the HP Virtual Client Essentials software portfolio, HP RGS is an advanced . Free download of Remote Graphics Receiver 5. 4. 2005, size 214.30 Mb.

Sophos Anti-Virus 9. 7. 2006 Sophos Plc 

With Sophos Anti-Virus:
- Award-winning anti-virus with spyware and adware removal
- Control applications like instant messaging and games
- Easily encrypt emails and attachments
- Protect files saved to Usb drives and other removable storage
- Protect your computers from infected websites
- Live 24/7 support . Free download of Sophos Anti-Virus 9. 7. 2006, size 142.61 Mb.

USB Security Enterprise 1 9 Everstrike Software 

Usb Security runs completely in background, invisible and undetectable to PC users. No pop-up windows and warning messages unless explicitly configured. Running unnoticed, Usb Security logs all attempts to connect authorized and disallowed Usb devices, allowing system administrators to perform comprehensive audits of Usb security at any time.
. Free download of USB Security Enterprise 1 9, size 8.48 Mb.

inDefend Internet Security 3. 5. 2000 Dataresolve Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 

inDefend Internet Security is a program for online security, parental Control, Usb & CD-DVD Control & monitoring, website monitoring and file-folder encryption.
With inDefend Internet Security you can:
- Control and monitor removable media devices such as Usb, CD, DVD etc
- Monitor website and application activities
. Free download of inDefend Internet Security 3. 5. 2000, size 6.11 Mb.

ADC Instruments USB Driver 2 4 ADC 

Installing and Uninstalling the ADC Instruments Usb Driver. This Software is a device driver that is used to Control test and measurement instruments, which are made by ADC Corp., from a PC through a Usb interface. This driver provides functions, which can be used in ADC's instruments, in the form of DLL by using "WinDriver", the . Freeware download of ADC Instruments USB Driver 2 4, size 1.80 Mb.

Win NMD 1. 3. 2571 Christian Klukas 

Win NMD - make extra easy recordings from NetMD to PC
Record sound using your soundcard, automatic synchronization and Control of your NetMD player via Usb results in a greatly improved user experience!
Pricing in Euro or USD depends on your localization and is determined automatically from within the application at the time of . Freeware download of Win NMD 1. 3. 2571, size 97.74 Mb.

DAB Bar Alistair MacDonald 

DAB Bar is an application that is designed to Control the former Psion WaveFinder, the Modular Technology PCI Card and now functions with the Trinloc Usb receaver and some compatible development devices. All you need is a compatible digital receiver and a Windows PC.
DAB Bar is a replacement to the software supplied with your device that has . Freeware download of DAB Bar , size 72.25 Mb.

AMI Terminal 3 4 Alcorn McBride Inc 

Control Alcorn McBride products using Ethernet, Usb or Serial.
You can select what product to configure from a long list.
Configure your log to show communication details or time stamps and also you can view a brief explanation of the error messages you may recieve. . Freeware download of AMI Terminal 3 4, size 11.24 Mb.

PlaceAccess - Trial 1.0.0 logic4me 

The PlaceAccess® Home Control System supports Z-Wave appliances and uses the Aeon Labs Z-Wave Usb stick as the Master Control transmitter and receiver unit.

PlaceAccess® is the logic4me Home Control System that:

- combines comfort, alarm, and energy saving features for your home in a single solution
. Free download of PlaceAccess - Trial 1.0.0, size 6.71 Mb.