Web-Based Help D Software

eBLVD Support Center and HelpDesk 7.5 eBLVD.com 

eBLVD is an easy, fast, and secure cloud-based Help desk and remote support system. Support professionals can resolve technical issues online with our easy-to-use trouble ticket system, remote diagnostics, remote screen sharing and remote control solution. Designed for single or multi-agent support organizations, eBLVD offers advanced . Free download of eBLVD Support Center and HelpDesk 7.5, size 332.80 Kb.


Django-driven web-based content-manager 1.0 ddwbbacsm.sourceforge.net 

The Django-driven web-based book-authoring content-management-system (ddwbbacms) is a program that allows authors to work on their books, articles, or topics without having to have their hard drives nearby. Access to the web is all that is required. . Freeware download of Django-driven web-based content-manager 1.0, size 252.57 Kb.

Eridu - Web based Groupware 0.9.1 eridu.sourceforge.net 

Eridu is a web based groupware package written in PHP that aims to provide all the functionality expected of a professional groupware package such as MS Outlook+Exchange or Lotus Notes+Domino. . Freeware download of Eridu - Web based Groupware 0.9.1, size 257.85 Kb.

General - Web based administration tool 0.6.1 linuxnetworks.de 

General is a web based administration tool written in php. It provides a tree based view of your ldap server and you are able to add, delete and modify objects located there. Furthermore General is highly extensible by using additional modules. . Freeware download of General - Web based administration tool 0.6.1, size 109.22 Kb.

GloryLands Web-Based MMORPG 0.5 glorylands.gr 

GloryLands is a web-based, Massive Multiplayer Online RPG/Strategy game written entirely in PHP/MySQL. It aims to be endless and always interesting, using the constant contribution of the Game community. . Freeware download of GloryLands Web-Based MMORPG 0.5, size 17.76 Mb.

Knowledge Env for Web-based Learning 1.1.0 kewl.uwc.ac.za 

The Knowledge Environment for web-based Learning (KEWL) is a full online courseware system with all the tools needed to follow a constructivist approach to online learning. It includes gazillions of features, yet it takes only a few minutes to set up a co . Freeware download of Knowledge Env for Web-based Learning 1.1.0, size 48.43 Mb.

qdPM - Web-Based Project Management Tool 7.0 qdpm.net 

qdPM is a free web-based project management tool suitable for a small team working on multiple projects. It is fully configurable. You can easy manage Projects, Tasks and People. Customers interact using a Ticket System that is integrated into Tasks . Freeware download of qdPM - Web-Based Project Management Tool 7.0, size 7.58 Mb.

SimManTools - Web based management tools 1.5 simmantools.sourceforge.net 

Simple Management Tools is a set of web based, simple, commonly used management tools. It includes; A Simple TimeSheet (ASTS) for recording the time spent on tasks. A Simple Project Tracker (ASPT) for tracking progress on projects against estimates. . Freeware download of SimManTools - Web based management tools 1.5, size 34.67 Kb.

Smoot: Web-based diagram and GIS tool 0.7.1 smoot.sourceforge.net 

web-based AJAX tool for creating diagrams of icons and links between them. Features include Google Maps & Google Earth integration, configurable tool palettes, and automated palette generation from a Google Local query. . Freeware download of Smoot: Web-based diagram and GIS tool 0.7.1, size 269.65 Kb.

twiggi web-based groupware 1.10.16 twiggi.org 

Twiggi is a web-based groupware solution for Linux. It includes the ability to securely share information with co-workers either individually or via assigned groups. Twiggi features the following modules: IMAP webmail, calendar, todo list and more... . Freeware download of twiggi web-based groupware 1.10.16, size 2.05 Mb.

web based multiplayer strategy game 0.1.0 juegonline.sourceforge.net 

Web based application to host multiplayer strategy/role playing game. The administrator can create multiple games/worlds in an only server and the users can choose which games to play (once registered). . Freeware download of web based multiplayer strategy game 0.1.0, size 143.66 Kb.

Web based OS 0.2.beta4 ppking.sourceforge.net 

A web based operating system. Webxos privides a unified way to access your documents, address book, email, instant messenger and more. For developers, Webxos introduces a new programing platform for developing web based rich interface applications. . Freeware download of Web based OS 0.2.beta4, size 19.17 Mb.

web based system developer 1.0.0 websys-dev.sourceforge.net 

Make easier repetitive tasks developing a web-based system. DBMS --- [websys-dev] ---> PHP / JS / SQL / I18N. . Freeware download of web based system developer 1.0.0, size 14.27 Kb.

Web-based Business Accounting and ERP 4.0.2 web-erp.org 

web-based Business Accounting and ERP solution incorporating Accounts Payable and Receivable, Purchase and Sales ordering, Inventory Control, Material Resource Planning, Fixed Asset Register and Petty cash. . Freeware download of Web-based Business Accounting and ERP 4.0.2, size 17.32 Mb.

Web-based CueCat barcode scanner 20001001 webqcat.sourceforge.net 

A completely web-based program for scanning barcodes using the CueCat barcode scanner . Freeware download of Web-based CueCat barcode scanner 20001001, size 16.37 Kb.

Web-based Firewall Log Analyzer 0.94 webfwlog.sourceforge.net 

Flexible web-based firewall log analyzer, supporting netfilter and ipfilter, ipfw, ipchains and Windows XP system logs, and mysql or postgresql ulogd database logs using the iptables ULOG target of netfilter.For Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris, OSX,etc. . Freeware download of Web-based Firewall Log Analyzer 0.94, size 288.14 Kb.

Web-based Mp3 player front-end 1.2 stplayer.sourceforge.net 

STPLAYER is a web-based front-end for command-line MP3 players. It is designed specifically for Soundtrack and Classical listeners. No databases are involved, searches are by filename only. NOTE: The webserver must be within earshot of the browser. . Freeware download of Web-based Mp3 player front-end 1.2, size 81.92 Kb.

Web-based SQuirreL SQL Client 1.0 websquirrelsql.sourceforge.net 

web-based Squirrel SQL client. it allow you to view database structure, import/export and manage your databases, including create database, table, store procedure, view,trigger and user. it support oracle, db2, mysql, MS SQL server, FireBird,Postgres . Freeware download of Web-based SQuirreL SQL Client 1.0, size 14.81 Mb.

webEd - Web Based Editing Environment 0.0.3.alpha webed-ide.sourceforge.net 

A multi-user web based file editor with file locking to eliminate overwriting file modifications, cvs support for revisioning and personalized color schemes. . Freeware download of webEd - Web Based Editing Environment 0.0.3.alpha, size 13.06 Kb.

WHURLE - web-based XML/XSLT learning env 1.1.0 whurle.sourceforge.net 

WHURLE - web-based Hierarchical Universal Reactive Learning Environment is an attempt to address the failings of current static, ill conceived learning environments with one that is pedagogically effective, adaptive to learner needs suiting all subjects . Freeware download of WHURLE - web-based XML/XSLT learning env 1.1.0, size 125.71 Kb.