Web Calendar Server Software

iCal 3.1 Brown Bear Software 

iCal is a Web Calendar Server. Anyone with a Web browsers can access the calendars on their local Intranet or Internet. Any number of calendars can be created and accessed by any number of users. Security controls who can make Calendar entries. Features include rolling up subordinate calendars into a master Calendar. The ability to define the . Free download of iCal 3.1, size 2.19 Mb.


UsingIT PHP Web Calendar 1 USINGIT.COM 

UsingIT PHP Web Calendar is a PHP Web application used to maintain a Calendar for a single user or an intranet group of users. It can also be configured as an event Calendar. It supports multi-user and groups. The Calendar can be displayed by days, weeks, months or years. Multiple user's Calendar can be viewed at the same time, one or more user's . Free download of UsingIT PHP Web Calendar 1, size 1.75 Mb.

iPlanet Web Proxy Server 4.0.14 Oracle 

iPlanet Web Proxy Server solves the problems of network congestion and slow response time and provides control over network resources without burdening end users or network administrators.

Fine grained control is provided over the use of network resources by blocking access to specific sites by user or by document.

. Free download of iPlanet Web Proxy Server 4.0.14, size 18.12 Mb.

Flash Web Calendar by StivaSoft 5.1 StivaSoft Ltd 

Flash Web Calendar is a Flash/PHP Calendar script that can be easily integrated into any webpage. With Flash Web Calendar you can highlight events, enter in tasks and meetings, manage recurring events, add daily, weekly or monthly recurring events to your Calendar. The script has a user friendly administration area that lets you customize your . Free download of Flash Web Calendar by StivaSoft 5.1, size 99.33 Kb.

Bob's Web Calendar Robert Styma Consulting 

Bob's Web Calendar Program is designed to generate static Web pages that look like monthly calendars. The generated files can be uploaded to a Web site. You can put text or images or other Web content in each date. You can also put content above and below each Calendar. It is designed to be simple to use and provide the basic functionality needed . Freeware download of Bob's Web Calendar, size 859.14 Kb.

BarTender Web Print Server 9.4 SR3 Seagull Scientific, Inc. 

BarTender Web Print Server is a useful application that allows you to select and to print BarTender label formats. You can use it on any operating system or platform that can run a Web browser.

Users of browsers on regular PCs, non-Windows computers, and even handheld PDAs can easily browse and select label formats and submit them for . Free download of BarTender Web Print Server 9.4 SR3, size 0 b.

PrimaSoft Web dB Server 1.1 PrimaSoft PC 

PrimaSoft Web DATABASE Server enables you to quickly create, manage and share your databases with friends, clients, and coworkers over the Internet or Intranet. It is a fast and easy Web tool for organizing your personal or company data online. 1) Organize and manage virtually any kind of data online: Set up a contact database for your business, a . Free download of PrimaSoft Web dB Server 1.1, size 7.68 Mb.

Web-Developer Server Suite 2.0 DeveloperSide.NET 

The Web-Developer Server Suite is an open-source/non-proprietary, WAMP-based [Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP] Web-Server distribution for Windows that is fully configured and ready to run. Suitable for both beginners and professionals, a complete turnkey solution is provided that is capable of creating and deploying a personal Website for the average . Freeware download of Web-Developer Server Suite 2.0, size 32.32 Mb.

The HTTP Web Server Alpha jlgager 

The HTTP Web Server is a handy and reliable Web hosting Server written in C#. It has a built-in Install/Uninstall menu and is console based.

Ability to define the Server Root Path, Document Root Path, Listening Port, Admin Email Address, and the Directory Index Filenames.

. Free download of The HTTP Web Server Alpha, size 0 b.

Web SMS Server 1.1 Wireless Messaging Sdn Bhd 

Web SMS Server is a complete Bulk SMS Solution for a small, medium or large company. The Web application able to handle multilevel user accounts and provide user friendly interface to send Normal text SMS and Unicode SMS (Arabic, Chinese, Thai …) . Free download of Web SMS Server 1.1, size 4.98 Mb.

NetObjects Web Calendar 1.0 Website Pros Inc. 

Create great looking calendars for your website with NetObjects Web Calendar. Easy-to-use interface and familiar Calendar application tools, you can create your first Calendar in minutes. Easily add events and recurring details and display them by week, month or year. Integrate your Calendar into your website by modifying the colors and size to . Free download of NetObjects Web Calendar 1.0, size 6.96 Mb.

MYCP:HTTP and C++ Web Application Server 1.0.8 code.google.com 

MYCP is a Boost based, open-source, cross-platform HTTP and C++ Web application Server. MYCP make C++ and Web development more simple,make development efficiency increases 20 times, code decreases 80%. CSP+ include CSP,CDBC,C++ Servlet,C++ APP,RCA... . Freeware download of MYCP:HTTP and C++ Web Application Server 1.0.8, size 17.04 Mb.

Poupine Web Application Server rc porcupineserver.sourceforge.net 

Porcupine is an open-source Python based Web application Server that provides front-end and back-end revolutionary technologies for building modern data-centric Web 2.0 applications. . Freeware download of Poupine Web Application Server rc, size 545.08 Kb.

Whitebeam Web Application Server 1.3.7 whitebeam.org 

Whitebeam is a complete rapid development Web application Server integrating Apache, Posgres, Mozilla's SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine with it's own powerful XML/XPath based secure application framework. . Freeware download of Whitebeam Web Application Server 1.3.7, size 2.30 Mb.

XSLT Web Application Server 0.801 xslroot.com 

XslRoot is a Web application Server completely sourced in XSLT using Saxon and Apache Tomcat. Coming soon: An XML database using MySQL features fast transaction processing, indexing and mutable documents along with an XML editor and user manager. . Freeware download of XSLT Web Application Server 0.801, size 1.03 Mb.

Porcupine Web Application Server rc Porcupineserver 

Porcupine is an open-source Python based Web application Server that provides front-end and back-end revolutionary technologies for building modern data-centric Web 2.0 applications.

Porcupine Web Application Server rc License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL) . Freeware download of Porcupine Web Application Server rc, size 545.08 Kb.

Durian Web Application Server rc Durian 

DURIAN is a Free Delphi Web Application Server for make interactive dynamic Web documents in the Pascal Server-side html-embedded scripting language for Windows (Delphi) and Linux (Kylix).

Durian Web Application Server rc License - Mozilla Public License 1.1 (MPL 1.1) . Freeware download of Durian Web Application Server rc, size 840.02 Kb.

Web Application Server for PHP 1.0 Was4p 

It is a VM (Virtual Machine) containing a standard installation for PHP development, titled "Web Application Server for PHP".

Ubuntu Server LTS - 12.04.1, Zend Server CE, PHPQaTools, Git, Subversion, Jenkins

Web Application Server for PHP 1.0 License - Public Domain . Freeware download of Web Application Server for PHP 1.0, size 0 b.

Gefest Web Home Server 1.4 ivi2501 

Gefest Web Home Server (Windows 32 without Java Runtime Enviroment) Simple Web Server with Graphical User interface.
Server can be used without special knowledge.
Any user can install and share folders in internet or local network.
For sample you can share media files (music,video) with home, office pc and mobile device like . Free download of Gefest Web Home Server 1.4, size 28.62 Mb.

Basic Web Server 1.0 bit4free.com 

The Basic Web Server is a software that allows you to turn your PC into a basic internet Web hosting Server, fast, free and easy! With this program you can set the Server to start or stop running, get the local IP, get the local PC name, set the front page that will displayed to the surfers and much more.. . Freeware download of Basic Web Server 1.0, size 398.34 Kb.