Products of ADInstruments

ADInstruments Cardiac Axis 1 2 ADInstruments 


Cardiac Axis is a LabChart extension that automates the calculation of frontal plane ECGs and vectorcardiograms. It also shows an animated display of the instantaneous cardiac vector. It is a helpful program for doctors to calculate the ECG. It is very easy to use.. Freeware download of ADInstruments Cardiac Axis 1 2, size 46.76 Mb.


ADInstruments Dose Response 1.2.400 ADInstruments 


ADInstruments Dose Response allows for the calculation of dose response type data from LabChart recordings. Analysis can be performed automatically or manually and either in real time or offline. Previously recorded LabChart data can be converted for use in the Dose Response Module. The Dose Response Module identifies response markers. Free download of ADInstruments Dose Response 1.2.400, size 10.01 Mb.

ADInstruments Peak Analysis 1.2.1400 ADInstruments 


The MLS380/7 Peak Analysis Module for Windows provides automatic detection and analysis of multiple, non- overlapping, signal peaks in acquired waveforms. The module can be used either offline, to analyze peaks in existing recordings, or online, to analyze peaks as they are being recorded. An entire channel or any selection within a channel can be. Free download of ADInstruments Peak Analysis 1.2.1400, size 5.19 Mb.

LabChart Reader 7.2.1400 ADInstruments 


LabChart Reader is a free application program that allows you, your colleagues and students to view and conduct limited analysis of LabChart data files. LabChart Reader allows you to open and view LabChart data files as well as other formats, share data with colleagues around the world for comment and discussion on the results and analysis,. Freeware download of LabChart Reader 7.2.1400, size 22.86 Mb.

ADInstruments Translate EDF 1 4 ADInstruments 


Translate EDF is a software extension for LabChart for Windows that allows LabChart to save data as an EDF file, and to read EDF files. Translate EDF does not support the EDF format. European Data Format (EDF) is an open format initially designed in 1992 for the interchange of data obtained in clinical neurophysiology. EDF is a development of the. Freeware download of ADInstruments Translate EDF 1 4, size 808.96 Kb.

ADInstruments Cardiac Output 1.2.400 ADInstruments 


The MLS340/7 Cardiac Output Module for Windows provides the user with an analysis tool to easily extract and calculate cardiac output from small animals, using the thermodilution technique and recorded in LabChart. Cardiac output is inversely proportional to the area under the thermodilution curve. The prolongation of the decay curve. Free download of ADInstruments Cardiac Output 1.2.400, size 43.88 Mb.

ADInstruments Circadian Analysis 1.1.400 ADInstruments 


The MLS395/7 Circadian Analysis Module for Windows analyzes data with a daily pattern, and generates graphical and tabular views of the daily and averaged circadian data. This module is useful for analyzing data with a daily pattern. The Circadian Analysis Module should be used with the latest version of LabChart.. Free download of ADInstruments Circadian Analysis 1.1.400, size 5.60 Mb.