Products of Dipl.-Ing. J.Schreckenberg

DXF LASER CUTTING FONTS 4.0 Dipl.-Ing. J.Schreckenberg 

Multimedia \ Drawing and CAD

DXF LASER CUTTING FONTS is a CAD Tool for programming of letterings, signs and stencils for laser-, plasma- and waterjet cutting systems. The program converts Windows fonts in optimized DXF files. "Smooth" and "corner-free" curve contours, different text shapes, variable font sizes, easy to create stencil letters, input. Free download of DXF LASER CUTTING FONTS 4.0, size 9.71 Mb.


DXF CNC Graphic Optimizer 2.41 Dipl.-Ing. J.Schreckenberg 

Multimedia \ Graphic Converters

DXF CNC Graphic Optimizer optimize polyline graphics, logos, clip art graphics and other 2D-DXF graphics for CNC - machines. The program eliminates errors, improves the appearance and reduces the processing time. Graphics which consist of thousands of very small lines are transformed into arcs or longer lines. Graphics can be become much smaller.. Free download of DXF CNC Graphic Optimizer 2.41, size 5.46 Mb.