Products of Ebbon-Dacs Ltd.

Enquiry Builder Stats 1.1 Ebbon-Dacs Ltd. 

Mobile \ Utilities

Enquiry Builder Mobile Stats powered by Ebbon-Dacs is a KPI and management reporting tool, delivered as a mobile and tablet application which leverages the power of existing Enquiry Builder application data. EB stats delivers a real time overview of Sales Enquiries and Next Action Follow Up Activities ensuring mangers and sales controllers are able. Freeware download of Enquiry Builder Stats 1.1, size 2.31 Mb.


Ebbon Dacs - Appraisal Builder 1.0 Ebbon-Dacs Ltd. 

Mobile \ Utilities

Appraisal Builder powered by Ebbon-Dacs will revolutionise the way the automotive industry appraise, value and prospect vehicles. Appraisal Builder facilitates rapid digital appraisals to be conducted in an efficient and objective manner. The Appraisal Builder records the overall condition of the vehicle, in a digital format, allowing. Freeware download of Ebbon Dacs - Appraisal Builder 1.0, size 7.24 Mb.