3D space combat simulation game 2002

csphere.sourceforge.net in Games \ Simulations

Coronasphere is an open-source multiplayer 3D space combat simulation game with strategic elements, running both under Win32 and Linux.Major 3D features include hardware-accelerated multitexturing, particle effects, bump maps and t&l.

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Field is a 3D space-combat game, inspired by Asteroids. Players control their ship in space and use its weaponry to destroy asteroids/enemies. Focused on a single-player campaign, but multiplayer is planned. Reminiscent of the Descent series. Field (Game) 1.0 License - GNU General Public...

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3D Space Dogfighting at Its Finest!Strap into one of six unique starfighters and get ready for the best space combat action to be found in this solar system: Void War. Simple, easy-to-learn controls let you focus on flying and fighting through awesome 3D battlefields. Void War is a unique blend...

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