99Taxis - Taxicab on smartphone 3.3.1

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99Taxis - Taxicab on smartphone Download

Call the nearest cab using the convenience of the GPS in your smartphone.

6 Million rides and more than 50,000 taxis all over Brazil!
You can pay the ride using PayPal!

Order a taxi in Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro from your cellular. Our App uses your mobile phone built-in GPS to find your location and find the nearest taxi. From the home screen you can see your current location and taxis available around. All you need to do is launch 99Taxis and select the "Call Taxi" option. You can track the taxi while it makes its way towards you, and you will know which vehicle will be arriving (driver's name, car model and plate) and receive information in order to contact him directly.

About the permissions: - PRECISE LOCATION (GPS): The objective is to show the taxi driver exactly where you are. Rest assured: If you change the starting point, the driver receives the location you set rather than the exact point of the GPS. - APPROXIMATE LOCATION (BASED NETWORK): If the GPS is unavailable, the application tries to guess its position through triangulation of cellular antennas. - READ and RECEIVE SMS: To increase security for both the taxi driver and the passenger, we authenticate each mobile number, by sending an SMS verification. In order to receive this authentication SMS, and in order to prevent fraud, you must enter your correct mobile phone number. Security is improved when the user doesn't need to input the cel number manually, for this the 99Taxis application needs authorization to intercept the SMS automatically. For this reason and only for this purpose, it is necessary that permission. - COMMUNICATION NETWORK and INTERNET ACCESS: All communication between the passenger's and the driver's application is made through the internet.

SIMPLE - Call the nearest taxi with only 2 clicks. TIMELY - See the taxi driver arriving in real time. SECURITY - Meet the taxi driver (with photo) even before he arrives.

The application is very simple to use. After installing and signing-up, we will verify your mobile number (for security reasons) and your Facebook account. After that, the system already knows where you are and shows you the nearest taxi. With two taps you can call a taxi.

Taxi drivers are all registered, with photo and documents (Taxi Driver Permit). You can call and speak directly with the taxi driver that accepted the run.

NO DELAYS: See the driver arriving in real time. If he is late, you can call him directly. When ordering a taxi with 99Taxis, you can follow the route until the taxi arrives where you are. Stop getting anguished for not knowing where is the taxi you called by radio-taxi.

PAYMENTS: Pay the value of the taximeter and nothing more. With 99Taxis, passenger and taxi drivers are benefited, and you pay nothing extra for it.

SAFER: Know the taxi and driver details before the pick-up By accepting a run, the driver informs the passenger with all the data needed to identify it, including the car model and registration plate, the driver's photo and contact information if a problem occurs. Likewise, the passenger data is supplied to the driver so that he recognizes the passenger when arriving for pick-up.


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